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BinaDroid Review – A Software Asset to Gain Profits!


What is BinaDroid?


BinaDroid is the latest software on board for binary options trading. Similar to other trading software, even this is free and available for users on the internet. It has been developed using a different algorithm and is a web-based application which automates the trading in binary options. They also follow very sound principles of operation, which makes them a huge favorite amongst internet-based trading customers. They report a success rate of 80-90%.  

3 reasons that will assure the customers into BinaDroid trading:

  1. Unlike many other internet-based trade operators that usually don’t have a very bright customer support system, this software’s company has proved that their service and support team is highly responsive and amazingly active.

  2. All the other binary options software is available only few parts of the world like in Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and a few other countries. But with the BinaDroid software, there is no blocking of any country in the world. Anyone can use this software from any corner of the world.

  3. They work with legally regulated and cutting-edge brokerage firms across the globe in the trading industry. They are associated with top brokers like Banc de Binary, Option FM, Cherry Trade, BinaryTilt, BinaryBook, Big Option, WMOption etc.


The BinaDroid website opens to a user demonstration video. It has a simple and user-friendly interface. It doesn’t require any expertise or any previous knowledge of binary options trading. It is an android-based application. It helps the investor to analyze the fundamental and technical factors in the trading market. It offers three different expiry options – they are the 1 minute, 3 minutes and 5 minutes options.

Minimum investing amount: Many brokerage firms insist that the investors trade with $25 as the minimum amount. This becomes the biggest plus point for BinaDroid as it offers the least minimum trade amount. It can be as less as $5 and the investment can double up as the software has an 80-90% win rate.

Amazing customer service: What the traders love about BinaDroid is its active and instant replies to their queries. The customer is never put on hold for long time frames and they are available 24 x 7 for any kind of support. They seem to be a very transparent and an honest firm and they do not hesitate to answer any type of questions.

No downloads: The software essentially works on the cloud. Therefore, there is nothing to be downloaded or other similar hassles. All the customer has to do is create an account, login and start trading.

BinaDroid trading methods: BinaDroid uses three different trading methods all at once. It can be considered as features since no other software implements them. BinaDroid has a sturdy explanation on how they work. This transparency makes it 100% trustable by the investors.

To read more about trading methods click here.

  • Technical Analysis Method: The old saying “History repeats itself” holds good for trade in binary options using the BinaDroid software. The price action of any asset in the financial markets tends to move to one of the three price trends. In addition to this, the market also offers discounts on all investable assets. Hence, the trades turn out to be profitable irrespective of the market trends.

  • Fundamental Analysis Method: Once a press release is conducted regarding the value of an asset, it gives the traders an idea about how the direction of trade will be. This program gives a clue to the investors about the price value of a particular asset from the past, present, and the near future possibilities. Thus, profit or loss regarding a specific asset at a particular time can be fundamentally analyzed.

  • Sentiment Analysis: An overview of the present value of a certain asset as viewed by many binary options experts is analyzed in these types of analysis. Similar types of assets and their value is analyzed in future with respect to the market trends.

These three methods are combined and used by the software to solve issues and challenges, which the investors might have experienced with other software. 

Copy Buffett software to Quirk Up Binary Option Trades


Jeremy Fin, the owner of the software honestly opens up about the uniqueness and his trading strategies using the software. Warren Buffett is a big name in the trading market and is highly regarded for his extraordinary strategic success in the stock market trading and business. The software is nowhere related to Warren Buffett, but it carries his name since he is the most inspirational and successful in the stock market trade. Jeremy Fin claims that the software works with strategies similar to how Warren Buffett’s mind works while trading with stocks and options.

Why use Copy buffett software?


  • It guarantees 100% winning trade and is Risk Free.

  • Profit pays: As the saying goes, Good things never come for free, it stands true for trading with this software. The program offers free operations for the first 30 days of registration. After that, 95% of the profit earned from every successful trade is reimbursed to the customer and 5% of the profit is paid to the broker as brokerage charges. The minimum trading amount is $250

  • 24 x 7 customer support: The program offers excellent customer service. For them, customer is first priority and they take every step to satisfy them. They offer timely responses to the investors by attending calls at any time of the day, live chats, etc.

  • Availability: The signals are available almost everywhere in the world except in few countries like India, Nigeria, and Uganda. Efforts and discussions are happening to include even these countries under the availability list. All it requires is a place with Internet connection and it can be accessed from any corner of the world.

  • Sure-shot profits: There is surety of winning and benefiting as a binary options trader. Even as a beginner there are chances of succeeding. It assures at least 80% success rates.

  • Licensed brokers: The app conducts its trades only via CySEC regulated brokers. This assures no scams. Non-regulated brokers do not follow a proper set of guidelines and at any point of time they can shut down and all the invested money is lost. Hence, operating under licensed brokers saves the customer the fear of getting cheated and losing funds.

Is Copy buffett a scam?

The software operates under highly regulated brokers and licensed firms. Therefore, it can be assured that the rules and regulations applicable to binary option trading will be strictly followed. Therefore, there are no worries abouisitascamt losing money, as it is sure that the investment will be recovered. The app can be used for free for 30 days, without accepting any commission from the traders. Keeping all these points in mind, it can be concluded beyond doubt that the program is not a scam or fraud.