Корейский десерт Каштановое Варенье рецепт Korean Chestnut Dessert Marrons Glaces Recipe 밤조림 만들기

Korean Chestnut Dessert Marrons Glaces Recipe. Let’s call it Chestnut confiture ^^ In my opinion, the closest analogy ))) There is a chestnut edible and inedible! Both of these trees are called Chestnuts for the appearance of the nut. But do not worry in the store inedible chestnut will not sell ^^ I’ll set aside half the chestnuts for the candy recipe in the next video. Do not miss!!! Check out the ingredients and proportions. For 500g of chestnuts:
sugar 250 g
baking soda 2 tbsp
soy sauce 2 tbsp
red wine or rum 3 tbsp
water Pour boiling water over the chestnuts. Leave the chestnuts in the water until it cools completely. Remove the chestnuts from the water for cleaning. It’s best to clean the chestnut starting from a light spot. This is the place of attachment of the seed to the partition of the nut. You are breaking through the hardest part. The rest of the shell follows and easily peels off. Be careful! Do not cut yourself! It is not so easy and requires effort. The remaining shell can be removed by hand. We do not remove the husks under the shell! Let’s see it again. We do not remove the husks under the shell! We clean all the chestnuts. Prepare warm water. Baking soda 2 tbsp Pour baking soda into warm water. Dissolve baking soda in water. Put chestnuts in this water. Leave the chestnuts in this water overnight. Water turns red. This means that bitterness has come out of chestnuts. In the this water (do not drain), cook chestnuts for 30 minutes. Water should cover the chestnuts. Cook chestnuts without a lid and over high heat. Foam will appear. Water will turn a brown-red color. It is not necessary to remove the foam. Just drain this water and rinse the chestnuts in cold water. Wash the pot. Pour clean water (without baking soda). Lay chestnuts. I do this with chopsticks while rinsing chestnuts. So fewer particles will fall into new water. If before that you have not noticed spoiled chestnuts, then after boilling you will definitely see them ^^ Cook chestnuts for another 30 minutes without a lid. Foam will appear again and the water will be red (but lighter). Do not remove the foam and drain the water. Rinse the chestnuts in cold water. Wash the pan, pour new water. Lay chestnuts. Cook chestnuts again for 30 minutes without a lid. Foam will appear again and the water will be red (but lighter). Do not remove the foam and drain the water. Rinse the chestnuts in cold water. In total, we cooked chestnuts 3 times! Take a toothpick. You can use another item but it’s most convenient! Some chestnuts may already be completely clean. It is important to remove the thread on one side of the chestnut. Pick it up with a toothpick. Then take off. Nuts should not be completely clean. But they should not be very dirty (in the husk). Remove the darkened husk. Bad (spoiled) chestnuts can be detected at any stage ^^ Do not use. Throw away. Make a clean pan, water, and sugar. For 500 g of chestnuts, 250 g of sugar. Pour sugar onto chestnuts. Use good and clean water. Pour water. Water should cover the chestnuts. Cook on low heat without a lid. When the chestnuts are half visible from the water, add: Soy sauce 2 tbsp
Red wine or Rum 3 tbsp.
Everything is optional !!! You can skip this all! Cook to the consistency of liquid syrup. Then cool completely. Set aside for testing ^^ Prepare a sterilized container (jar). Lay out the chestnuts. A good opportunity to practice using chopsticks ^^ I studied on beans! Chestnuts are slippery and it’s not that simple. But very comfortable! Like your fingers have grown ^^ Chestnuts are caramelized. Pour the chestnuts with syrup, pouring them. If laziness then pour all at once ^^ Looks appetizing! Beautiful and fragrant! Let’s try! Chestnuts look solid as before. But in fact they have become very soft. Chestnuts are very easily pierced with a fork. And literally melt in your mouth ^^ Very tasty, sweet and fragrant! Store under the lid in the refrigerator. You can eat right now or wait 2-3 months to taste perfectly. Bon Appetit!


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