Омар Хайям Афоризмы про Вино TOP 10

Omar Khayyam. Ten aphorisms about wine. In addition to wine and love,
everything in this bustling world empty chatter
and a waste of time. Wine –
this is a magical drink, which turns our
gray life in a colorful holiday. Empty bowl –
it’s just a piece burnt clay.
Bowl, filled with wine, –
this is the cup of life. When mind and will
give the opportunity to observe measure,
wine and merry feast make a living
more beautiful. But if a man
can not keep himself from excess,
then the wine will destroy it. Wine for a short time
returns the old man youth. Him Do not thank for it
the vine? Who who owns it?
I wine
or wine by me? Which difference!
Can to tell,
that we are in a friendly and love embraces. Wine removes all masks,
which people try put on,
to look before others people
not what it is actually. Smash a cup of meditation and sadness
and take in your hand a bowl of wine, Believe,
with this cup live easier. After all there is no difference,
from which it is necessary to die. So it’s better to die of wine. The man is cooking only grape juice.
Drunk wine it is made by the Creator.
How after that
Do not drink all wine? This divine drink!
If you know other aphorisms
Omar Khayyam about wine write them in the comments.
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