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I don’t know how to start now it’s like
ah okay so we are here with Mackenzie from Trail Estate Winery in Prince
Edward County and we want to talk about this wine pet nat so tell us about pet
nat so pet that is short for petit anse natural so don’t shake it around too
much like you’re doing it means that at the end of fermentation I try and settle
it a little bit but not too much okay you want to keep some meat in your in
your fermenting juice and then I put it in bottle and it finishes the ferment in
bottle so there’s nothing added it’s just grapes and then you sell it with
all the leaves everything in it so it’s quite a alive wine so it’s a it’s an
it’s naturally bottle conditioned live sparkling it’s under a crown cap no
filtering nothing so I’m gonna ask a very specific question because I’m
reading the label and it says eight days skin contact so that’s not all pets
pet Naturals have skin contact I just chose to use some skin contact in the
wine I do I like using skins in a lot of them aromatic white so that I mean just
a little bit it gives it a little bit more at all so it’s not just flavour but
its structure and mouthfeel yeah okay so you can go ahead and open that thing so
very important take-home message is always make sure your pet nats are cold
and they foam over so I will it just stops the the foaming from being so
aggressive just like a beer it keeps the carbonation yeah these are normally we
keep them in the fridge but this has been
this has been transported today and I’ve been kept in a cooler and of course Glen
was shaking it I was shaking it so he warned me she tried I know but this
is what I do I just let it foam over a bit I usually just put it in a sink and
you can actually see there’s a you can see the floating around yeah so it does
the like once you pop the top it mixes up all those lees as well so it does
get a little M it’s like a bit chewier they’re kind of like sour beers or
siders and if you open it and you let it sit for a few hours in your fridge then
it will clarify as well yeah slow slow game that’s the best way to win yes so you
can actually see the lees coming down the side which is kind of cool and then
it’s a very creamy color – yeah so that’s your that’s your eats right
and that’s why they’re like pretty funky on the nose just because you don’t have
any control over those yeast once they go in the bottle is this it’s naturally
fermented then as well right so it’s treated you can use a commercial yeast
strain I just like to pour it quickly so don’t lose them as much I’d say this is
the smell it like it’s more of a casual line luckily we’re outside right off the top
anyone who likes sour beers would love this yeah I can smell that it’s got that
same sort of and it’s actually like it’s it’s definitely not clear but it’s not
it’s not chunky which is good that’s very refreshing mm-hmm yeah so how much
of this do you make not a lot everything we do at trailer state is very small
batch okay so this is about about 75 pieces not very much yeah only available
at the winery we sell a little bit in Quebec and then a handful of restaurants
but no our distribution is mainly at the winery can we make so many small batches
we we have a really dynamic list and we change things all the time that was very
exciting for you yeah it’s the best as a winemaker I’m allowed to experiment a
lot we make a lot of classic varieties as well like Pinot Noir and Chardonnay
and Cabernet Franc and I really love Riesling but I have I do a lot like I
said on the skins and orange wine pet nut so we can kind of make fun stuff
every year and yeah so you make an orange one as well we do how long does
that stay on the skin I just made so this is the first pet night I’ve made
and that’s the first orange rind I’ve made it was on the skins first 350
Wow so that and a lot of that went to Quebec as well they’re very into natural
natural lines right now do you have any about here today
I don’t sold out are you yeah and combative what a great problem to have
that you can sell everything SK you bottles in my cellar so this is we
really needed it this is worth coming to picked in for me
oh well thank you thank you for sure even jeers or if you’re here she really
is good like that

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