#2 Spagyric, essential oils, most wines are the Garbage lower levels of an art called Alchemy

how’s it going guys let me catch my
breath and grab my water and wood I need four for my teaching stuff I’m Bertha he’s good huh I’m gonna be doing a huge
fast this uh this summer to correct my imbalances
I’ll be going over what I think one needs to do say hi tourists say peace be
with you but fasting is so important and it’s
definitely a part of reclaiming your right to health and to be a human and to
actually gaining enlightenment but I’ll be doing what the with the great masters
of the past tell us is that it takes one day of fasting to clear up every year of
parasite growth inside your body from unawareness to the laws of life so
I’m on April 15th I’ve turned 35 and so I feel I feel I’m gonna be doing a good
forty day fast this summer it’s gonna be epic out in the wilderness I’m gonna
invite a lot of people to participate with me to go as many days as they would
like but of course we’ll be digesting a bunch of old Scripture I’m here long
before that detailing all the cool details of that my son speaking of
living food only eats living human what he’s eating right now is sprouted Chia
ah usually that looks like chia these are spreaded sesame seeds actually can
you uh I don’t know the benefits of sprouted sesame and you can you name
some great source of calcium you want to come and explain that real quick
all right so that’s really good to know tape just on living food the fact that
most food has a protection mechanism and when you sprout it that protect that
protection mechanism or chemical that the plant produces is is bypassed so a
lot of people have to say that you have to cook things to to bypass these plant
toxins but in fact sprouting and then and it’s a it’s a sad excuse
anyways I don’t I haven’t seen the research from it but I know they did a
study on whether on digestion of potatoes and cooked versus raw and the
raw potato digested much times so to be clear the what what Shelby was bringing
up about the living food which is the only thing that our son is eaten since
the day of his birth how many months old is he right now 23
months old and this is rhubarb by the way on rhubarb and has a toxic chemical
in its and it’s its leaves and in its skin yeah
the Redskin and so you want to peel that off and not eat the leaves and it’s it’s
awesomeness it’s a great Oh like cardamom and cumin so to recap that
rebar is a digestive herb you need to not eat this part of it the big fatty
leaf and also the the Redskin or all the skin you might just peel it off and this
is lamb deer which is like nature’s band-aid tiny bit of fuzz along it and
I’m using it right now to wipe my son’s face is a green loss out here that that is a
that we use in the Native Americans used for it’s got antibacterial properties
and you can use it as a wipe to wipe up different things and it’s naturally
antibiotic it’s pretty luxurious it’s different than paper it’s more like
wiping like a sponge hybrid and speaking of of toilet paper and hey Lachey
speaking of toilet paper or paper and there’s something else out here that’s
uh that people refer refer to and slang as Indian tepee that’s a pretty great wipe as well so
moving on to uh to alchemy and which is actually the first subject oh okay so
okay well we’ll finish this subject up first sesame seeds which is what he’s
eating is a spread of sesame what are the benefits of sprouted sesame the
first thing she’ll be brought up was the fact that it’s got high ink its high in
calcium and the other thing she brought up is that sprouting a lot of stuff gets
rid of the chemicals in it that could be bad for you I actually made a chocolate
combo on my page and then explains this but when you sprout when you feed a lot
of plants have I already said this no I can’t remember specific names it’s like
no one’s I just excited to get on so alchemy so what we’re doing with eating the
rhubarb let’s just put this on on a basic level it’s we have two mic-n we
have to mechanically digest it there’s a portion of this plant which by the way
this is a smaller piece of it I don’t know if you can see this I mean I’m sure
you can I’m gonna make you see it but the way this plant grows it’s like it
grew it’s it’s all bunched up and then it Springs out and you can see though
like the webbing and the the springiness india in the background as it as it uh
as its unfolding it I haven’t seen this in a lot of plants um but I don’t know
if you can you can make that out but it’s it’s like literally unfolding it’s
it’s pretty cool you don’t see that a lot of plants via the folding you just
see them growing outwards but this has like literal folds in it this is rhubarb
but so when we remember Mike we’re more when we’re Mike mechanically digesting
only the the rhubarb we are we’re eating this part and we’re getting rid of this
part and then we’re getting rid of the skin okay and it’s not wasteful there’s
things that you can do with it you can compost in the whole nine but we end up
eating this part which is living food which is great right but then we have to
eat it then we have to digest it and it’s a messy process if instead you take
the entire plant which I don’t have an entire plant right now because we’ve
eaten it all okay you take the entire plant and you put it in a bottle but one
that has a well you can put a cap on this you could even do something this
smell okay so let me show you you take the whole rhubarb and you put it in
something like this and what you want to do is you want to collect you know a ton
of this stuff um you want to do probably five
five gallon drums at one time glass preferably but you are distilling it so
technically the plastics that get into the the product will will end up being
taken out at someone but if you’re not familiar with making alcohol you can
look into it but briefly you want to create an anaerobic state for for your
for your plant material so you collect a hundred pounds collect it’s just saved
this much and you put water in it and then you put a lid on it and you have a
hose come out of the top of it into a glass into another glass vessel filled
with water so that when the air comes out of here it bubbles into the mmm yeah
everything it’s not it’s not me it’s what you’re supposed to do yeah I
supposed to just take the fruit take the whole plant because you’re not capturing
just the fruits essence cancer in the entire plants essence capturing the
entire plants the entire plant spirit the entire plant soul and then the
entire plants body and more importantly the green leaf is where all your yeast
is gonna be see most people like Shelby to tell me a little earlier about whyme
whyme the wine process has you boil a lot of stuff you end up you end up
killing the natural yeast that’s in it and then so it becomes necessary to add
yeast if you’re if you take the entire thing okay you’re number one you’re
respecting and using the entire plant and you’re capturing what you need to
capture the entire essence and so I explain this a little earlier if you’re
not blowing this just to check out the other video the first video when we’re
done here but the purpose of creating a tincture a
true a true tincture which is actually called an elixir tincture is like a low
form okay and elixirs is the higher end form the living form the tincture is
dead material typically and it’s only a piece of it so alcohol I’ll just get on
there real quick this is gonna bubble out and you create an anaerobic state
with this hose and it bubbles and it’s gonna create alcohol because there’s
yeast the white stuff that’s on everything the the white powdery stuff
that you find on everything especially things like grapes or plums
that’s the that’s the yeast on it okay so you put it all in there you put water
in there up to about here or make sure it’s all it’s all in there that
everything in there is covered with water and then you let it bubble until
it stops bubbling and then your your your your spirit has left the plant
material and entered the water material now why have we created an anaerobic
state where air can’t leave but our air can leave but air can’t get in and the
yeast need that environment to to live but I think something that’s more
important to note here is that when things die the essence and spirit
typically dissipate into the environment and so when you create a closed
environment you capture all of that into a space so that you can then transfer it
or and keep in mind alchemy his laboratory work is ancient laboratory
work forever an alchemist the the word laboratory meant labor and pray laboratory labor labor labora and
oratory labor and pray labora a Torah she’s the word go so so the reason it was a work and prey
thing is because you’re living here you’re working with living material and
you’re it’s a it is a prayer to to contain its essence and to collect it
and that’s it’s a it’s a special process so you’ve created the alcohol now you’ve
got this thing that’s filled with with alcohol now at this point I’m gonna
notice I’m gonna note the difference between spider X and alchemy on this
higher form of tincture making an herbal making basically tinctures are are are
just the oil and so hmm I kind of lost where I was going with that but I’ll
keep talking and I’ll pick it back up so the oh that’s what it is like Rick
Simpson Rick Simpson oil as an example is is just the oil if any of you know
how to make essential oil it’s the essential oil of marijuana and so if you
the way that they extract that oil is they use they use typically like a grain
alcohol and the grain alcohol is typically derived of of not the same
plant something that you buy from the store and so you’re using the spirit of
one plant of the animal kingdom to unlock the soul
of another plant in the same Kingdom it’s doable that’s how that’s that’s how
it’s done typically but that’s the lazy man’s version if you want to do it the
right way you make your own alcohol from the substance that’s where you start so
that the alcohol that you’re using to create your to extract your oil is from
the from the same plant that that you’re going to make the oil from because it
unlocks a deeper version of the plants soul of the essential oil okay and if
you’re following this the the No thank you son the oil the essential oil is hey
Tony nice to see you girl the essential oil
is is is considered the the soul of the plant because it’s it’s compare it to
the spirit the spirit is is is a clear liquid and the the oil is a thicker
liquid containing more physicality and so you’ve got so you’ve got more
physical denseness involved in the soul whereas the spirit is more thick and
less hindered by by physicality and so that’s why that’s why central oils are
considered these spirit and or I’m sorry essential oils are considered the soul
of a plant and the alcohol considered the the spirit I’m gonna try my hardest
to use that word to lose that word own so we go we go back to and us not that
much better but this is this is the the moss that we’re referring to earlier
green moss that’s antibacterial on the Native
Americans used to actually use this in the bedding for their children and it
makes a great um second wipe so you use the Indian
tepee first which is the soft stuff I’ll show you another time and then you use
this there at the end and make sure you’re nice and clean mm-hmm I’m talking
number two and but and always water water is always great – thank you son they borrowed it and I made a gelatinous
substance and during winter months caribou live so caribou are these
beautiful animals that we call reindeer and they live off of this black moss so
you might be looking at these two mosses and you might think dead moss living
loss but the reality is is that they’re but they’re just two different kinds of
mosses here and this moss is used as a food source
the Native Americans wood and some pioneers who had to survive would boil
it and create a gelatinous substance from it and then and then make a pour it
like on a wax paper or something like that and make a you know like a fruit
roll-up kind of deal from it I’m sure they would probably maybe flavor it
somehow that would definitely be considered oh they would flavor it with
canvas apparently and canvases is what again so so chemist chemist is like a
potato so they would they would it’s a wild potato so so the Indians would
flavor this gelatinous substance so okay so it’s a root like a potato and it’s
kind of similar to it but it’s not a potato because it has no starch so in
this this Moss is the antibacterial one that they used for cleaning and stuff
like that so that’s cool just a neat little tidbit there for you
and an alchemical concoction can be made from anything that’s that is the the
beautiful part anyway any plant example bluebells right so again this
conversation if you’re if you’re catching this from from earlier the this
conversation is stemming from a talk a conversation that I was having with a
man excuse yourself a conversation with a man in Greece where he was telling me
that he was trying to avoid what where he was trying to avoid food in general
and I was telling him that that’s that’s actually the practice of alchemy where
you process food into into elixirs versus eating them directly and so
people who who ate this way and grew children this way see what we don’t
realize is that cherubs were actually children born to parents that that
understood all this stuff and what you actually see when you start to study all
this is depictions of adult cherubs that that that is men and women that have
that have grown up living this way and and they retain their suppleness and
their youthfulness into the into their adulthood and if you understand the
reality of death death is a process of dehydration we start out at 90% water
and and we end up somewhere down near 70% at our death so when you see these
these these adults that look like cherub and what we’re seeing is very subtle
human beings that have retained a lot of their moisture that are gonna live
longer than the normal people but there is also an unhealthy plumpness that that
we see now currently in America which is quite the opposite trend but we’ll get
into that another time so the alcohol ends up being made it stops bubbling and
now you’ve got your alcohol so pick up a distiller next that
real simple you can find anything that you need on on on Craigslist easy enough
I found a nice copper distiller that used to reside on on a mountain that
that old that old moonshiners used to use for for making alcohol I got it for
like I think 100 bucks and so great deal there they’re not totally expensive and
if you make the effort to talk to whoever selling it if you don’t have the
money a lot of times they’ll give it to you you know so don’t let money be an
issue ever especially when it comes to to following these these steps towards
towards uh accessing health because money is not ever going to be a
hindrance in those steps the universe will always make way for for for the the
money to be provided to you somehow you just have to you just have to want it
and keep pushing for it so the you get your distiller and the way a distiller
works is it heats from the bottom and it creates steam that rises up right and
the steam is caught and that water then drips someplace else and that that that
water that’s collected the first water to come out of it stilled like if this
was filled with water that had alcohol in it
the first substance to distill over into the the the other vessel would be the
alcohol now most people don’t understand that that distillation needs to be at a
certain temperature I do believe it’s under a hundred degrees that you have to
maintain and then you have a rectified spirit when it comes over so instead of
a dead alcohol you have a living alcohol now why is living alcohol important as
compared to dead alcohol well dead stuff doesn’t move and is not very active
living alcohol is very active has a bunch of living things in it now imagine
what we get with Rick Simpson oil which is not using the spirit portion of the
plant which is not using the rectified body portion of the plant is just using
the the low quality soul of the plant because because they’re not doing it at
the correct temperature so they’re getting a dead product and even still
the Rick Simpson oil can can kill cancer okay so imagine if you used a living
alcohol that was made and the alcohol was marijuana alcohol so you so you have
to look at this as as keys to doorways okay and if you’re gonna open the key to
the marijuana doorway you have to you have to access it with the alcohol
created from the plant to get the correct key now the way it works though
is that you can use any plant you can use the spirit from from from any plant
in the plant kingdom to unlock the soul or yeah the soul of another plant but if
you use the same spirit to unlock the same type of soul you get something
that’s way better quality and I know this all sounds a little far-fetched
but when you compare this to to modern science what you understand is that is
modern science is saying all the same stuff they’re just using much more
technical terms and so it’s really hard for you for us to understand so when when you distill your your your
alcohol number one most people when they distilled the the alcohol they would
they would get rid of the the plant material that throw it away okay and an
alchemist alchemical processes you save stuff on for future use and in this case
the plant material is used to to create a rectified body okay that is you
capture the salts the essential salts and you you you then crystallize it
which is called deliquescent and and then recombine it with stuff and so but
you save the plant material and and you just you just distill the liquid and you
do it at a hundred degrees so it’s it’s gonna be it’s gonna be a lot slower than
typical dips distillation none but what you get is a living quality alcohol and
then what’s left at the bottom of this is gonna be oh you’re gonna start to
have water come over instead of alcohol okay when the water starts coming over
in the out date the the when when the water starts coming over and the the the
out the alcohol has stopped you can you can taste it and if you have a little
you can buy a little deal that that gives you a way to approve the alcohol I
don’t know a natural way to do that as of yet I’m quite sure that there is a
way to do that though and as soon as you’re as soon as the alcohol stops
coming over you start collecting the water that’s coming over and that’s
called the phlegm the phlegm can be used for different things and we can discuss
that in the future but what’s left after you get rid of the phlegm that is
leftover water that doesn’t have the alcohol in it you end up with the
essential oil this thick honey like substance at the bottom of of the your
distillation thing if you collect that now you have the
plant soul so we’ve just discussed how to create the plant spirit not create
okay mind you God is the only one that creates anything and when I say God what
I mean is that we live inside of a being and we are all the result of its growth
the same way that that we are cells that are cells inside of our body are the
result of our growth and can think of us as God okay so it’s it’s it’s the
Heavenly Father’s spirit that is in all things and there is a science by which
we can separate the spirit the soul and the body okay and so we’ve just
discussed how to separate the spirit and how to separate the soul how to collect
them and now we’ll discuss what to do with the body other than needed I need a
DJ to play some music right I invite any of you who want to come and live this
lifestyle with us to please do so especially if your family my god get
your ass up here and get the help but if you’re not direct family know that I
feel like you’re a direct family you’re part of the human race and we got to
help each other any of you that are interested in and being a part of what
we’re doing get your butt up here and we’ll take
care of you we’ll teach you how to eat teach you how to grow your own food and
how to build your own houses and it live a life that’s that’s that’s a lot more
worthwhile than what’s happening in the cities
but and thank you for supporting our project and sharing our stuff and and
it’s super I’m super grateful to be of service to those that that that
understand what it is that I’m talking about and apparently a lot of you do um
okay so the body what do you do with the body
the body has to be Cal signed okay so you’ve got that leftover material from
creating your um your from separating your spirit right that we’ve saved you
put it right over here remember I dumped it out and put it right over here okay
we’re gonna take that and we’re gonna take an equal amount of material of the
same plant and we’re gonna put together just like so and then we’re gonna put it
on top of something ever gonna burn it up okay and it’s gonna burn up because
it’s got a it’s got a high alcohol content in it and the the high alcohol
content in it that’s left over will help it will help it help it burn and you
burn you burn this material until you have an ash and what’s left over is the
minerals or the salts or the what’s essential of the body what wasn’t needed
of the body was burned away and what’s left is the ashes I’m all of this while
you’re doing all of this stuff you’re supposed to be thinking of doing it to
yourself so that you’re putting yourself to these trans more transformative
things where you’re where you’re you know you’re burning away bad things that
have happened to you in the past you imagine those things as your as your Cal
signing the the the plant material what’s interesting for me is I’m
learning all this stuff after having come in contact on the other side with
with a goddess who burned me alive three different times you know and I’m like
that’s what I mean I already knew I already figured out it
was again it was a good thing what happened but but to understand that
there is a physical process of alchemy on this earth that involves cows cow
signing something and an evolving that material and and that’s what I thought
happened to me I thought through this cow signing that I had been involves
evolved somehow and and it makes perfect sense to me that that call them to gods
if you will but the but the people on the higher end of things can can put us
through alchemical processes and and I think that that’s what some of the great
masters of the past actually actually endured so so when I when I haven’t had
an opportunity to do this yet this is part of what I want to do with the
property is is is create a laboratory a place to labor and pray and create food
and and tinctures high-quality medicine for those that that live with us and and
to send to people and stuff like that yeah so so tons of fun it’s supposed to
be a very sacred space another another aspect of what you’re gonna find high
mountain medicine on the land is something that I’m calling an oratory
and oratory is someplace that you that you meditate out loud or or pray out
loud and so our oratories an oratory is going
to be a giant green house with wheat grass growing in it we’re where we where
people can vocal meditate and pray out loud and come during the winter months
and have an awesome place to to meditate and and do things of this nature
concentrate and so forth and still have grass that they can that they can step
on and stuff like that so yeah so the body you cal sign it and you you
end up with this white ash and what you want to do is you want to then cal sign
it further at this point let me also let me also mention that the process of
creating or separating the spirit we’re collecting the spirit can also be done
multiple times to create a higher quality more evolved spirit so every
time you run it through that slow distillation process it creates a more
evolved spirit and there’s ways that you can do this distillation setup it’s
called do you remember what it’s called honey when when you uh you just use
basically like a wine bottle and unload temperatures and it just it circulates
is it called circulation haha circulation that’s what it’s called so
there’s like twenty different processes in in alchemy and one of them is is
called circulation and circulation is where you take a wine bottle and you
under low temperatures and it creates a a dew on the inside at the top of the
vessel and the Duke collects and the rolls back down and so you you do you
you put if you put a spirit under circulation for like a month
you end up with a very very strong rectified spirit so that’s that’s that’s
alchemy actually for you is is instead of getting something done like that you
spend a year doing it and you have something that is is so potent people
like Priscilla Priscilla as’ I’m probably not even pronouncing it
correctly who is a philosopher of the past said
that that this type of method would produce for every ounce that you
reduced it would be 200 it would be worth 200 ounces of dry material okay so
every ounce of liquid produced by what I’m explaining to you it’s worth 200
ounces of the plant material so cremation of the body is the correct way
out no I would say creation of the body at the cremation of the body is not the
correct way out we can discuss exit methods if I mean personally me I I want
I’m seeking eternal life I’m seeking the deathless path which is spoken about by
the great masters were passed including Jesus including Enoch including Moses
but the information has been hidden these like Enoch was said to have been
taken off the earth okay the guy didn’t die here and
apparently that happened to a lot of folks there are people on this earth
living to 160 with no degenerative diseases and they don’t take any kind of
medicines they’re not doing any kind of alchemy um they’re just living a natural
life they’re indigenous peoples I think that our life is being you know since
the beginning of time the game has been to SAP us of our life and not not let us
live look what God wants us to do which is our full potential and when I say God
you know I know a lot of people are super offended by the word God and but
God is like a catch-all phrase I understand the Heavenly Father being the
being that we live in and I understand the Living God being the the the thing
that arrived here on a spacecraft like back in Pandora if you’ve seen the movie
Avatar you know back in those times showed up and it’s like he’s like here’s
some of my DNA I’m gonna make something cool and then here we are you know so so
the Living God is somebody who interacted here on the earth the
Heavenly Father somebody who cannot interact on the earth and is the being
that we all live in so people get all that confused and then they get upset
about God and angry about it because they can’t understand it and that’s the
reality and and you know a lot of people they don’t want to mix up
um plant medicines and talking about God and they don’t want to live up mix up
wilderness living and talking about God or or health and talking about God but
my god these people are heavily involved in all of those discussions I mean what
the heck cut your head off if you want don’t take the best advice that the
world has to offer you because you’re afraid of God I mean what the what
anyways so so the body you you cal sign it and you want to do this a couple
times just like we talked about with with the spirit you wanna you wanna burn
it into a white fine ash and burn it to a white fine ash and and and take your
time you know this could be a day loan process and you’re gonna end up with a
very white very white substance and so now you have the the the soul you have
the spirit and now we have what’s left of the body the purified body okay with
none of the encumbrances of of the flesh it’s all gone anything on this physical
reality has been wiped away because it wasn’t needed it was dirty so to speak
the plant no longer needed it and so we helped get rid of it now what you do
with this with this white ash material as you set it out overnight and it
deliquescent which is it captures the ash captures do and it becomes
crystallized so it creates salt crystals so now you have a rectified body okay a
pure crystalline body see how cool is that right people hear about this stuff
all the time when when when we’re talking about high-end spirituality
about how you know we’re gonna have these light bodies be crystalline
structures and all this bullshit but what they’re selling you on is death
is that is that somehow death-process this is gonna be your fate
but that’s not how you get there but talk about that another time so now you have the three materials now
you have a rectified body you have a rectified spirit and rectified oil and
what you do is you combine these these three things and you have a living
tincture how cool is that not a living tincture an elixir a living elixir
instead of a dead tincture or a dead spirit and trust me when you drink a
rectified wine or a rectified spirit or alcohol versus a dead alcohol you’ll
you’ll understand the difference right away it’s it feels the same way as the
difference between eating dead food and eating living food when you eat dead
food all you get is is a feeling like you want to go to sleep you know you go
down but when eating living food after you after you have a meal you feel
unburdened you feel happy joyful and there’s not a slowdown at all um so let’s see here I think that’s about as
much as I want to cover on on eating energetic food for the moment but what
what you would do definitely if you were interested in this stuff there’s a book
that I mentioned I’ll get to mentioning it in the comments here at another time
or later on but it’s a book written by a robber Bartlett and that’s I think it’s
called practical alchemy or real alchemy or real practical alchemy first-of-its-kind book I commend the
gentleman because while with a lot of great information and I definitely am
kind of new at this stuff so it’s not like I know it all perfectly so I
definitely could have missed something but I don’t think so yeah see I’m gonna
read my description here and make sure that there’s nothing else I want to talk
about if any of you have a question about any of these processes or about
anything about it let me know and I’ll read your question here and answer it
before I move on thank you mr. Ross I rose I just like calling you Ross can I
just call you Ross can we just change your name to Ross what do you what’d he
say come on be my real friend from skinning oh my what is up with the old
my Tony you rock I love I love the love thank
you so much thank you so much you okay so I’m gonna go ahead and start
a discussion on on living food since there are three or four of us here I’m
not going to typically what I do is I’ve restart the session so that goes live
again so that we get more attention cuz you
know I’m an attention whore I’m just kidding I don’t mean to dis grade women
or myself but we need some we need some attention for our cause and what it is
that we are doing we have been just us out in the wild for for a number of
years and while we have done great we are ready to include more people you
know what I fit right now I want to say mr. rose actually is planning to visit
us in a week or so the guy here in the chat room
Steven Rose is planning to to visit here within a week and is considering the
purchase of the entire property for this project which is really really
considerate of him and and Steven you’ve been great to to converse with thus far
and you’re a super poignant and-and-and smart guy so it’s it’s it’s super cool
to have you onboard and even if you do not end up buying the property I know
that you are destined to be a teacher on this property with us and definitely a
part of what we’re doing in the future so thank you thank you thank you thank
you for being the first person to publicly support buying that land your
your your godsend and I commend you for getting over your fear super freaking
cool coming live there going going your tribe
are you talking about Tony what are you talking about don’t trip me out you
would not come live here would you come live here would you be family that would
come live here my god I would so take responsibility for you I would so make
sure that you’re taken care of I’m so good at everything business I
mean I’m really good at business you know so I’ll make sure that you’re set
up for the future find you a good man eventually you know not some jerk-off honestly Tony if you’re considering if
you’re honestly considering coming here I’m honored that’s that would be
spectacular I would love I would love love love love love love love love love
love love love love love love to have family I’m blood a blood relative out
here with me that’d be so super cool I’ve been I’ve been so much of my life
without without blood relatives um so much so debt to this point I’m I’m uh
I’m dead set on creating a huge family people that are not related so ha ha ha
ha shut up shut up you don’t want to live out in the wild it’s a lot of hard
work have you see have you seen that have you seen my videos and stuff you’re
kidding I would so I would so take you on you know what I’m kind of hurt by
that comment mr. rose that you need a good man I mean
what’s the deal had you not found a good man huh I gotta suck my gut in for you I
mean what’s the deal I’d you you got it you get a bang you’re
good man I mean because you’re not getting none of that for me but I will
help you find a good woman though that’s right okay hey Tom say hi to everybody
everybody this is Tom coolest guy ever he’s uh he’s donated an acre here for us
to uh to build a cabin on and to build a greenhouse and stuff like that
superb human being great guy to be around what’s the premise of the
intentional community the premise of the intentional community is is first we
want to take things very seriously and at the same time we’re gonna take things
not so seriously but the premise of the intentional community that we’re
building the premise of high mountain medicine is that we have a god-given
right that we inherited from our forefathers to inhabit the wilds and the
Garden of Eden it has been it is my belief that it has ever been the the
army of darkness and deaths ploy to trick man out of his grand inheritance
and that’s the Garden of Eden and so let me tell you what Tom Tom is a devout
Catholic and he is so gracious and such a good guy I have I’ve I’ve been into so
many arguments with with so many people that are divided devout Bible believers
and they just get so angry at me and tom has been so patient and wonderful and in
conversation and I’ve learned a lot from him so it’s it’s it’s really cool to be
able to communicate with somebody older and not be hated on you know I
definitely that’s one thing that I want to see in my tribe of people that come
together is I wanna see awesome older people on that we can rely
on to uh to not to not to not just you know buy into our fantasy full ideas but
to give us grounding and real backing at the same time you know I’m excited about
having healthy older people around me you know to help my children grow up and
to into healthy adults you know so to get back to get back the Garden of Eden
so so let’s let’s recap here the Garden of Eden has been stolen from us and this
mechanism of guilt has infiltrated humanity which makes us all feel that
there’s too many of us you know depopulation is a good thing blah blah
blah blah blah and it’s not okay and depopulation is not an issue we inhabit
40% of the livable world sixty percent of this place is jam-packed with wilds
that that that are growing all kinds of nutrient nutrient dense foods that we
could be feeding ourselves with and what the army of darkness has done is they
stolen that from us by saying hey you’ve done a great sin and your daddy is very
mad at you you’re not allowed in your daddy’s garden anymore
you’ve been banished and therefore you must die man bullshit I say bullshit the
Garden of Eden has never been gone it’s always been here and the big trick is to
take it from us because we don’t want it you get it it’s
right there it’s right there in front of us and we’re just letting it all die we
just we’re just sitting around going I’m hungry I’m hungry the world is starving
and meanwhile all this food around us is is just dying and going to waste what
the fuck excuse my language so the the premise the premise of the
school and the premise of the intentional community is how can we come
together as a community and as as a community of enlightened individuals or
people that are seeking enlightenment and actually provide others with an
opportunity to to live a better life how can we provide ourselves an opportunity
to avoid the natural disasters that we all know are coming okay if unless
you’re a fucking morte unless you’re a goofball okay you cannot
see the fact that that tsunamis are happening and that tsunamis have never
happened you know in recorded history you can see that that clearly the the
the the Ring of Fire is is clearly activated and is popping off a little
bit by little so so there’s gonna be a large series of eruptions eventually you
know and and anybody anybody with half a brain who cares about their own life in
the life of the children and and people around them have gone to NASA and other
bid agencies and said hey guys how do you feel about the underworld what do
you know about geoengineering and you know what they’ll say do you know what a
smart person will find they’ll find that Admiral Byrd during operation Highjump
was ascertaining what happened in Antarctica and they figured out that
these end-of-the-world scenarios were actual that had something to do with
with with the world heating up too much because of some solar climax and what
happens is is the we go through a pole shift and all the volcanoes explode and
then we’re all without Sun for X amount of years and shit sucks okay and so what
do what is our government what are the world governments decide they’re gonna
do well they come up with a plan called geoengineering they say let’s spray nana
particulates and and reflect all this heat energy back into the atmosphere and
that will help us at least slow all this down okay so number one those of you
that don’t believe in geoengineering or chemtrails they’re teaching it to
children in schools and their telling adults that it doesn’t exist
there’s a big MINDEF happening okay anybody that pays attention to the sky
can see something isn’t right okay but you can look into a documentary called
what in the world are they spraying and then a couple years later they released
another documentary another documentary called
why in the world are they spraying now they did cover back then when they were
figuring this out then a lot of people were gonna die a lot of things were
gonna die from the inhalation of all the stuff that they were gonna spray but
think about think about what they were weighing a whole world dying at once
because of a mass calamity or whole world dying a little bit by a little bit
what they chose until maybe they even avoid that the actual max climax and and
and get through that but in the meantime they’ve built over 500 deep underground
military bases all over the the the US to to make sure they have a place to to
house the individuals that they’re concerned about just in case their their
plan doesn’t come through and again most people are so filled with fear that
they’re that they’re unwilling to tackle any of these topics and what they don’t
find is the solutions okay tell me why would people who were spraying things oh
if you look this up and go well I did this ten years ago nowadays you’re not
gonna find this stuff they changed all okay but when I looked up our chem chem
trails and and what the government had to say about it
I found writings from the USDA where they were talking amongst themselves
government scientists were talking amongst themselves and saying they did
understand what was happening but when they saw it happening they were telling
their their their families and children that they needed to go inside and shower
so they’re not releasing this information in the public they’re
talking about this stuff ten years ago okay so that so that put an alarm bell
in my ear that there’s something serious happening that that we’re not getting
that this control stuff was was actual that there’s something big going on so
so the point is is that these people they’re smart people why would they
spray stuff in the air that was gonna that was gonna toxified their food and
kill their children okay the answer is that there’s technology to get their
asses out of it and anybody with half a brain can look at can look it up and
find it but if you don’t believe in in in in jus engineering and you’d think
it’s all hoopla you’re not gonna find the thousand-dollar air filter that that
uses nanoparticle technology that is built from a technology that that that
has been used in hospital surgery rooms to create clean rooms for the last
thirty years has been built upon to clean homes now and and uses nano nano
particle technology lasers 2d molecular eyes individual air power molecules
accreting scrubbing bubble air molecules okay that’s why these fucker that’s why
these people are not worried about about the spraying or about anything that’s
going on is because they just have the technology to avoid it all all they do
is tell their people hey there’s poisons in the nut and in
the in the in the genetically modified food there’s poisons in the non-organic
food there’s poisons and anything that’s
that’s got plastic that’s housed in plastic there’s poisons and anything
that uh that uh that has preservatives there’s poisons than anything that has
dyes and colors as because these are all things that there are ways to hide
toxins and poisons and they tell their own people hey this is how it is avoid
it and you won’t die like the assholes that we’re trying to kill
okay it’s it’s it’s depopulation through ignorance and what they say is that
we’re choosing to be ignorant and therefore they have the right to murder
us I say no I say I never chose that I never agreed to that
and I disavow it I choose life I choose health whoa my head’s on fire let’s take
a commercial break where I gather my damn thoughts see but what are we gonna
listen to you I say John Lennon’s hero uh he was trying to say in the song the
guy was trying to give everybody the answers of how they could fix everything
really quick all you gotta do is keep repeating what I’m saying just follow me
and everything will be all right and people just didn’t get it they just
clapped their hands and like we’re song good job they don’t realize that John
Lennon broke away from the Beatles cuz he realized that he was in part of the
satanic weird shit and he was actually trying to help people so here that is
working-class hero by John Lennon and the plastic you know man as soon as you’re born they make you
feel small by giving you no time instead asleep big asleep I’m upside down till
the pain is so big you feel nothing at all a working class hero is something to
me working class hero is something to be they put you at home they hate you if
you’re clever and they despise a fool till you’re so fucking crazy you can’t
follow that rule a working class hero is something to be a working class hero is
something to be when the tortured and scared into 20 odd
years when you can’t really function you so full of fear a working class hero is
something to be regretful water applies and then I’ll get the answering any
questions that are there on TV this room at the top they are telling
you still if you want to be like the folks on the hill if you want to be if
you want to be heroic just follow me as soon as your phone they make you feel
small by giving you no time instead of it all until the pain is so big you feel
nothing at all they hate you if you’re clever I let this fool tell you so
fucking crazy you can’t follow that rule a working class hero is something to be working class hero is something to be when the tortured and scared for 20 odd
years when you can’t really function yourself full of fear a working class
hero is something to be a working class hero is something to be keep you doped
with religion sex and TV and you think you’re so clever and classless and free but you still fucking peasants as far as
I can see a working class hero is something at the top they are telling
you still all right so we’ll get back to
discussion at hand here and I think you think what I’ll do
so let me let me uh let me cover some of the things that have been asked here I have to admit in my role of creation of
chemtrails that’s interesting mr. rose you’ll have to tell us about that though
it seems like you’re making a joke and if that’s the case that really don’t
appreciate it see here more gallons more gallons is is
a huge issue a lot of people don’t understand more gallons is the reason
that you know that more gallons is true is because the trees are suffering from
the same things and they’re the first things to die from it what I found out
was ten years ago was that they were seeing trees dying all over on the US
and in other countries from the chemtrail stuff and they could tell they
could tell it was the chemtrails stuff because the trees were ejecting this all
this nano part of technology metals out of the out of the
bark and running a portion in the bark allowing then bark needles to get into
the tree and kill the tree and so this problem that we’re seeing with bark
beetles is actually a problem with geoengineering and and people are not
realizing that when when we’ve we were we’ve been living out in the wild for
four four three different years now and each time we’ve been found by several
government government agencies and and they’ve investigated what we were doing
and they were super excited and super pleasant people they’ve never come
across anybody doing what we’re doing out in the wilderness just living a
happy normal life and and I’m able to have some really good conversations with
these people you know because when they ask me you know what are you doing out
here I this is my answer I say well you see
this guy right here this guy right here he deserves the best life he can have he
deserves the best air quality he can he can have he deserves the best food that
he can have okay everything from from the borders of this wilderness the the
pre-sell in the wilderness up here the wilderness up here is in a secluded zone
that the air flows are not making it to and they’re not spraying near the
Canadian border for some reason and they’re not spraying this wilderness I’m
just on the outskirts and being out there in the wilderness I have seen
those facts okay I’ve seen the increase of of spraying happen going out for the
winter being gone for six months out in the wilderness you know not seeing a
single plane and then coming towards the the talent and seeing that that the
increase of traffic in the sky has has gone from from two hours south you know
so so what you see is like in Spokane you see an enormous amount of air
traffic an enormous amount of chemtrails and then you go north an hour and you
see a lot less and you go north an hour and you see almost none okay and then
when you get out in the wilderness you see absolutely none and and few do see
it you see it on very edges of the wilderness as it’s going downward
so my point is I have a conversation with with these authorities these
managers of the wilderness and I’m like I’m like everybody thinks these trees
are dying you know you have a windstorm in Spokane that knocks over I mean this
enormous amount of trees got knocked over during this windstorm a couple
years back and it’s happening every year and and I’m and and I’m like people
think that that that that’s normal and the thing is is it’s not these trees are
a weakened state and they’re being pushed over by wind that shouldn’t that
wouldn’t normally push them over and so I say this to these to these these
government people is these forest managers and they nod their head with me
you know they’re like yeah yeah it’s the truth they should not be dying they’re
in a weak state and I’m like it and I’m like all the trees all the while that
everything is dying up to the footsteps of these of these wilderness and and and
I deserve and my child deserves to be in the healthiest place that we can be and
it’s up here I mean look at look at this up here look at the animals that live up
here compared to the animals that live just an hour south there’s something
going on and I don’t want to be a part of it okay
and so these the geoengineering and chemtrails and and more gallons these
are these these are very serious subjects that people like to to make fun
of but I think that that they’re coming from a standpoint of not understanding
enough of it and so fear has kept them from understanding all the facts and and
then so they’re in there and they’re they’re just in a know in a nowhere zone
with it and that’s what happens with people is fear or confusion keeps them
from gathering all the information and then what you have is either paranoia
because they don’t have all the facts or you have people dismissing information
because they don’t have all the facts either way they screw themselves you
know the point is is to follow the information as far as it will go from
every from every angle that you can and figure out what’s actually going on
because these rumors come from somewhere you know and you got to figure out from
where that’s that’s your duty as a sane human being you know who cares about
their reality right so what’s happening here is I’m reading I’m reading comments
okay do-do tony’s transcendence my my cousin i believe had a big old three
three big old faces i think we’re talking about some of this stuff i’m not
sure if it’s the first time that you’ve heard some of this stuff i know ten
years ago when when I was first hearing some of this stuff it was it came as
quite a shock and you think to yourself what is it that I can do about any of
this but I’m here to tell you there there there was an end result way out
and solutions you know but almost nobody finds it and the most important part of
that solution it’s kids life adding life to to this
this planet adding healthy life you know so let’s see so Steven Steven Rose said
no it’s not hoopla or woo but every instance of contrails are not instances
of chemtrails so I make honor of that and okay I agree but I don’t think it
does us any good of you know what forget it it’s a perfect thing to bring up
because you know what there are a lot of idiots out there who don’t understand
the difference with with with what’s going on and then so they are they’re
they’re talking about it in lots of different ways and identifying different
things incorrectly and so you’re right definitely every every contrail out
there is not a chem trail but at the same time
holy crap there are a lot of chemtrails and there are so many that they have
changed the name to our weather patterns they’ve changed the name to clouds I’m
I’m 35 years old I don’t know how many of you were we’re taught the the clouds
their names and how they were created and all that stuff like I was in school
but they changed all those names no you don’t have a Nimbus cloud anymore you
don’t have a cumulus cloud they’ve got some other scientific word before or
after it now and that’s because everything has changed because we’re
dealing with man-made weather now and and when I say man-made weather what I
like what I mean is that they’ve done so much to it and they’re doing so much to
it that that uh it’s no longer natural at bare minimum what’s happening with
our environment what’s happening with with with everything no the weather the
cloud formulations the the water all of its not normal
I’ve noticed a lot over the last few years
shards instead of snowflakes what that’s represent I don’t know if you a lot a
lot of people don’t understand living water is super important and to
understand living water is to understand living food and living living water has
geometry at its at its molecular structure I’m at its core when you
freeze it it looks like like geometry so dead water when it’s frozen it looks
like a like a shard and that’s what we’re seeing in a lot of snowflakes
these days is shards instead of snowflakes I can tell you that in the
deep mountains I am not seeing shards we’re getting snowflakes we’re getting
living water and that’s a process distillation you know that that’s what
rain is you know it’s a huge process of distillation with where the where the
water is being evaporated upwards and then Falls again and when it falls it
falls as living water excuse me it’s good for the plants so okay I’m
gonna keep going down the comments here remember nanotech used in the oil spill
yeah yeah and people were happy about that let’s let’s dump a bunch of
nanotech into the the ocean that’s gonna go well the only way the only way any of
this is possible is because is because we’re zombified you know otherwise they
wouldn’t be able to do this stuff they wouldn’t be able to talk us into this
insanity into this craziness but we’re all brain dead and we’re brain dead
because we’re Death Eaters and with Death Eaters because we’re born into a
culture that teaches us to cook everything and to kill it and to rob it
of its nutrients before we consume it you know I’m laughing because because of
course I’ve had in these government agencies that that have found us out in
the wild CPS has been one of them and they were so impressed with with Forrest
a child here playing behind me and and us as parents and and what they told us
was that it was that force was was one of the healthiest and most advanced
children that they had seen or come in contact with and they thought that that
was a direct result of his parents have him time to spend with them
I said no way that’s a mean yes yes that’s true
but it’s also result of the fact that that he’s getting a nutrient supplement
that makes sure that he’s getting a the 90 essential vitamins and minerals that
we all need to have or were dying from one of 200 different degenerative
diseases you know so he’s getting that automatically and and and and you know
breast milk obviously breastfeeding is super important but we Lea we were
handed a pamphlet about something called purple crying have any of you heard of
this at all something called purple crying that that parents are having to
deal with with with children so so what it is is they can’t get the kids to stop
crying and the kids are crying so much that the parents are stressed up so bad
that they’re having to pass out pamphlets to tell the parents hey don’t
worry about it this is normal this is gonna happen well you see that kid right
there there’s no crying okay unless he’s unless he says I’m hungry
put some food in my brother right now right now you know unless unless he’s uh
unless he’s tired and oh by the way this is not the property I’m gonna get to
those questions a little a little later but this is not the front this is not
the property aware the intentional community is gonna be this is a buddy of
ours property his name is Tom and he has graciously donated a an acre or two for
us to to build a cabin to build a greenhouse and to build a little plot of
land this is part of an overall plan I have to to place people on land and a
bunch of different places along the sides of the wilds so that eventually I
can spend a lot of time out in the wilderness
and just pop out at these different locations that have been built and that
people are managing to to process our well Goods and to hang out for a little
bit and stuff like that so uh so yeah so I’ll be we’re building that there’s a
creek right over there I’m not sure if you can see it but I’ll be building a
bridge over that Creek by hand with reclaimed materials and and been a
greenhouse with reclaimed materials there’s a mill that I found that that
gives away a ton of lumber for free and that that they don’t use because it’s a
it’s quote-unquote the the crap lumber but it’s perfect for building and let’s
see there’s a place there’s a window shop where where I can get free windows
keep huge windows nice windows that aren’t broken that can be used for
greenhouses and stuff you know all for free so once we purchased the land
there’s a lot that we can do to to build businesses and to build houses and all
the stuff that all’s it takes is is manpower all’s it takes is is putting
your time and energy into it so and and by the way $15,000 for 10 acres out in
the middle of the most pristine National Forest you ever saw in your life that is
super inexpensive you wouldn’t find that anywhere and the reason that I found
that is because I am a pioneer and I like being out in little nowhere and I
found you know some abandoned property that the people couldn’t get to it for
years and I’ve forgotten about it and they’re there the family wants to sell
it but they’re they’re too ill to uh to get people out to the land because it’s
literally 45 minutes up mountainous roads 4×4 across the creek and I mean I
had to do a lot of clearing to be able to get to to the to the place
myself and there’s several properties actually up there but all of them
apparently abandoned and you’ll see the renovation of a cabin that we that we
did up there this last summer pretty cool but the point is is it’s 15 grand
because people have kind of forgotten about it and and nobody can get to it
and that’s perfect for us because it’s just outside of the chemtrail zone we
don’t want a lot of people snooping around anyway and you know because what
if what if what if there’s a no there’s not gonna be any new Darius so but but
really you know people are freaked out by the intentional community stuff and
so having privacy is awesome but you know we’re gonna be doing a bunch of
farming and this specific property is right down the road from the ancient
Cedar Grove that uh that that’s still there I’m talking huge trees that it
takes for people to stand around and they are just down the road from from
from the property and there are these huge stumps all over the property from
from the old trees that were there but my god what a beautiful property but
yeah the only thing that’s gonna be on it thus far is gonna be lots of living
water coming straight out of the ground lots of growing space lots of pristine
land and and will animals animals oh there’s a there’s wild ginger growing
everywhere there’s uh there’s black raspberries and red raspberries and there’s there’s there’s like probably 10
10 15 things going up there on the land it’s pretty cool
my son just disappeared to the to the left of me I’m so I’m gonna I’m gonna
run and check on that real quick and make sure that his mom was close by I’ll
be back and I’ll keep on hitting the the questions here where did that crap go
besides and the sea creatures and everything else that lives off of them
yeah it’s that’s true big Brandon for sure the crap that went into the sea
went into all the creatures and the plastic – people don’t realize that all
that plastic floating around the ocean equates to a bunch of estrogen molecules
floating around and screwing up everything not good people don’t realize
that the plastics actually caused homosexuality because the molecules and
individual molecules of the plastic look like estrogen molecules and so it fools
it fools the system into being over estrogen eyes and so what happens when a
female is over estrogen eyes she becomes overweight and big and bulky huge in
some instances what happens to a male is over estrogen eyes well I think you can
guess on yes my love oh this piece okay let’s
keep going here can you talk about the structure and focus of your school –
okay so the school great Shelby says great question so the focus of the
school you can read okay there’s a great description on the go fund me and I’m
not gonna I’m not gonna say it word for word because I’m not laying but I will
tell you what I feel you know from my heart and off the top of my head with
what our goals and aspirations are and I would say that modern school is
attempting to subvert reality and business skills and real communication
skills and I think that that we can band together as private citizens and create
a better atmosphere of learning not only the the paths of life and longevity but
agriculture and and and and different aspects of a healthy lifestyle so I
would want people to come out of the school so first off let’s talk about how
how the school’s gonna formulate itself okay and qualifications of said teachers
first off a qualification qualification for a teacher could include kidding
could include a life experience couldn’t you include business experience for me I
have a I have all those things and I’m gonna be doing a bio piece with with a
bio that that I’ll also be releasing the description but
let’s just say that that all the teachers would be on a spiritual journey
themselves leaving them to the same place that it’s that it’s led me and in
reality what I’m finding is that when I study people were all on the same path
but the difference between me and and and most people typically is that
because of my near-death experiences and my other side experiences during my
shamanic studies I’ve I’ve these these are actually hot rocks that she’s
putting on me actually I didn’t figure it out till just now
because I’m starting to feel some some kind of sensation and I’m realizing
she’s getting these stones out of the Sun and I’m putting them on me so this
hot hot stone massage but uh so so so basically that’s described what I find
is my particular skill and what I offer the teachers because what I see my job
is is to facilitate bringing together eight to ten really talented individuals
that are going to be working to teach the the information that we’re looking
to put out and I can help this group come together and manage itself because
what I can see because of my experience are the peaks of all the information
most people have access to to the middle of the conversation to the middle of the
the mountainous of information so you could see you could see that the 3d
world of information as as as a bunch of mountainous Peaks and say
you’re looking out at these mountainous Peaks a bunch of these mountainous Peaks
it makes a big old you know you can’t see beyond it and there’s mist covering
the the tops of these Peaks and so not the tops but but just below the tops and
so you just get the peaks that stick out over the top okay and so most people
seeking knowledge typically only understand what’s below the the that
cloud level and they haven’t climbed enough mountains to understand enough
subjects and so they do have a very really individual perspective rather
than a world view and what I call actuality I think a lot of people base
themselves in a reality that’s that’s that’s a that’s not it’s not actual it’s
based on personal perspective and things that are fed to them but I believe that
there’s an actuality that most of the upper end of this world adheres to
universal truths that that everybody understands to be true that that don’t
need to be debated but so my near-death experiences and and and going over the
other side lets me see these these these larger Peaks or the tops of the peaks
right but what led me to understand the all the middle information all the
individual different mountains was I was the editor and chief of a major news
publication for about three years and I got really good at research and and the
birth of my first son his name is Adam he’s seven years old now and it really
woke me up to my responsibility and I started to look into a couple things
like fluoridation and I realized that first people to be floor to have used
fluoride where the Nazis and they used it against the Jews and that the sixties
movement was actually the forties movement which started because we
imported a bunch of Nazi scientists in the Operation Paperclip and people were
freaked out because we started being fluoridated and they started marching
all across the country and and then that movement was taken over by sex drugs and
rock and roll you know and we all forgot about the fact that we were being
poisoned but so I started following rule beads of truth and I I did this through
YouTube because YouTube was owned by a single person at that time and what I
could do is I could study people from all across the world all the great
scientists you know not a lot of people and in in the u.s. I’ve taken the time
to look at all the YouTube videos available about Einstein about his life
about his great works the actual works themselves that are online in this day
and age you can have a professor like Einstein sitting right in front of you
and teaching you so why wouldn’t you take advantage of that right so I did I
had the Einstein of every country in the world sit in front of me and tell me
everything about life and I did that with all the world family
I did that with all the natural scientists I did that with everything
everything I could find all the religious stuff everything and what what
what what came to light over over a lot of years was what I share with you and
and I think that that’s what allows me to to be a good a good headmaster at the
school to to keep the the teachers bound together in in truth to be the the
balancing point of understanding that they can that they can look to
together you know rather than being divided amongst themselves in in their
perspective and I know it’s a lot to suggest that that I’ve reached beyond
individual perspective but I I argued that that it can be done and all one has
to do is study AI and how artificial intelligence learns and how it learns
like what an egg is has an example you don’t tell a computer and egg is this an
egg is that a computer generates information by looking across all the
world’s information about what everybody has to say what an egg is and what an
egg is not and through that information it says this is an egg and this is not
okay and so that’s what I can do I can be just like AI it’s gonna take me a
little bit longer okay but I can look at all the world’s information and make up
for my own smart mind what is what okay and and and that’s what you have to do
you have to be it’s called world culture you have to study world culture too to
be able to get a really good grip on what’s going on and most people just
they’re stuck in individual Sciences or individual cultures or and just it
hinders what it is that they can find our philosophy at the school would be to
Jeet Kune Do jeet kune do it all as Bruce Lee termed the phrase jeet kune
do– that was his martial art of combining all the martial arts and and
creating something that was spectacular of course he was killed for this because
that is the Vienna Sun that is the key to to unlocking any great mystery is as
to to see it from from different angles from everybody’s perspective and instead
of just singular perspectives I’m glad the the song resonated with you
and let’s see so did I cover did I cover the the school oh let me let me let me
explain this this this one aspect the plan is okay and Tony if you’re there
the this is a good one for you to listen to the plan would be is we get this
property in a month or two and we get up there and we start spending a year the
first year developing our homes the cabins the hobbit homes the earth ships
the the rock structures the different structures that we’re gonna actually
live in so eight individuals eight individual families are given a
half-acre and they get to develop that half a
corps however they’d like for their own personal use then the other half acre
that they get because they get another half acre for for school use the other
half acre is developed for school for their classes okay because we want to
try and base a lot of bars of stuff that we’re doing well everything that we’re
doing is gonna be based on the land but if you need if you need part of your
part of your classes to be indoors we’re gonna construct the building for it and
part of what I definitely want to see constructed so in the first year we’re
working on our own homes and we’re helping each other build around homes in
the second year we’re building the the the the pool I want to have a nice
outside pool when I have a nice indoor pool I want to create a really nice
auditorium area network tour iam what are those would be outside ones called I
can’t remember I’m sure you know the name and the theatre create a nice
amphitheater area so so basically um in the second year we develop our classes
each teacher will have five subjects that they’re covering and they
will do an hour-long class on that subject on each subject every day five
days a week and what we are what we’re gonna do is as a group of really smart
individuals is we’re gonna get together and spend the second year after we’ve
developed our homes after we get comfortable a little bit with each other
and that’s where we are we’re gonna take the time and together create each
other’s curriculum and develop the land based on the curriculum that we intend
on teaching which is also going to include a tremendous amount of wilderness work and foraging and because
there’s a tremendous amount of material useful material in the wilderness that
that we could be utilizing the school and the eco village will participate in
business and producing specialized products for our own consumption and for
our own storage but excesses are going to be sold to the public via a cool
website and and nifty advertising for instance cambian is a flower that can be
made from any tree and it’s a it’s a highly nutrient dense flower that nobody
is selling that’s something that can be a unique product that that our community
is is creating and then and then distributing and so we can create all
different types of lines of income like this and the idea is to help people take
their natural skills and apply them both as a servant of the earthly mother and
Heavenly Father and some business acronym so so so that this young person
who attends a semester of our school or two or three semesters I want to have
a winter a winter schedule where we’re focusing on winter survival but I want
them to be able to walk away being able to create a living for themselves as an
entrepreneur in as as a priest entrepreneur and and basically give
themselves the ability to master their surrounding wherever there’s that
they’re at eventually my hope is that they push themselves out into the
wilderness because I feel that that’s where God is calling all of us to the
health of the streams and and and the deep valleys of the mountains but for
those that still have a lot of work to do with with the rest of humanity
I’d love to to teach them how to navigate the the crazy waters of
business and because I can do it in a really effective manner let me give you
an example okay firewood one of the first things that
you learn when you go when you want to go live for free I’m out in the
wilderness is that you can sell firewood now why is this a good thing because
firewood is dead so you’re not hurting a living tree firewood helps with with
fire you know so the more firewood to getting out of the wilderness the better
okay what are the bad things about firewood and so this is how it works
okay use a chainsaw cut down a tree cut up the firewood use an axe and cut it up
throw it in the back your truck and it’s worth 250 bucks
okay now for me though I don’t like anything I don’t like doing anything low
level so how do I make how do I make selling firewood high level how I do it
is by writing a paragraph about how I’m using peanut oil instead of poisonous
oil on my bar chain to cut the wood which is true because I can find deals
on vegetable oil at places like Walmart for for less expensive then then then
regular bar oil on a chain and then I’m producing a product as I explained in
the advertisement and I again I haven’t sold firewood now for two years and and
three years ago when I sold firewood I only have to sell it once one time the
whole year to one person and I only cut firewood for two weeks so so my goal in
life is to spend a hundred percent of my time with my family
and a hundred percent of my time providing my food on a processing food
so that I don’t have to buy it and you know some of you that some of you that
that know and some of you may not but living living a life being able to start
a fire and and sit around a creek in and get up in the morning and and pick
huckleberries you know for the first thing that you’re gonna eat is is just a
wonderful life and and a kid growing up that way it just really enjoys himself
I’m a big kid being born in April that’s a that’s my thing anyway but let’s see
can Philip remember where the heck is at I cannot I probably will in just a
moment I’m gonna go on to another question and then maybe I’ll bounce back
onto that topic Rachel I’m glad the song resonated with
you that’s cool the John Lennon hero song I think has a lot of really great
information here and can you give us a tour of what you have going on the
property that’s what I was talking about right now is that we’re not on the
property right now we left and before spring came we decided to to come down
on the mountains to to tell people about our plan
and to garner support so that we could do something a lot bigger than than it
was that we were planning so we got the support necessary to do so by a stranger
that we had been talking to over the past couple of years who respects what
we’re doing and so we came down here nice let us use a laptop and internet
and and as really done a great job of just being a great guy and so that’s
where we’re at right now not on the property we’re gonna buy but on but on a
on a friends property one of many in the future that we will it’s that’s gonna be
like a school project is that is that we’ll spend time off campus building
these safe areas so that wilderness families families that want to get out
and do this I have I have have a guy from Greece that wants to get out here
but feels like he’s well he was born in Greece but he he lives in Sweden he
feels kind of trapped there and and and wants to get out here and live like this
and you know I don’t I don’t know if he’ll eventually get to do it but if as
a school you know it’d be easy for us to split labor into things and why not have
you know a cabin and and a little farm plot set up for individuals that that
want to live this lifestyle that that can’t afford it that we have someplace
to you to place them and it also gives us a place to place students students
that decide that that they want to take the path of eternal life the the path of
of what the great masters called the living God’s path you know who taught
you how to how to stay alive as strongly and as as long as you could if they’d
like to walk on this path longer we can give them homes you know within
hours of where the school is where where they can manage property that becomes
part of the food creation of our organization which can be donated and
and done with all kinds of things preserved a lot too
so that’s that’s a lot of the focus of the school I hope that answered a bunch
of questions you feel free to ask more in-depth questions the weather’s bizarre it’s like we’re
living in a parallel parallel dimension with these despicable acts well it’s
like we’re living in a crazy sci-fi movie for sure
but that’s why they sell us that’s why they they show us the sci-fi movies is
because to disconnect us with reality because it’s depiction of our reality
but typically offshoot by some craziness so it’s so it can’t really be seen as as
as reality but it totally screws with mind yes we have a responsibility for
future generations bless their hearts that’s right that’s right and a future
future generations let’s let’s think about this okay there’s there’s a story
in the Bible Esau where he I didn’t learn about the story til to actually a
year ago but but the in the story Esau has an inheritance which is the wilds
and he has to give it up and and they change the story in the Bible a little
bit but the reality is is that we have a grand inheritance of land and food given
to us the Garden of Eden which is the wilds of the earth and time and time
again man forsake this this grand right and give it up and then and basically
have it taken from there from from from their offspring from generations after
that so when we talk about generational responsibility you know it’s
let’s get biblical with this and and remember that that generationally most
of us have been screwed by our forefathers who lost the Garden of Eden
lost sight of it lost understanding of it and who have us eating all these
deathly foods and through ignorance that our only leading you know more to our
death and depression bla bla bla bla bla you want to heal depression really click
on somebody have them drink living water for a year okay
stop working with people stop working with people that are that are depressed
and are sick and and work with them by getting them by getting them living
water okay give give somebody that’s depressed
and sick living water for a year then give them living food for another year
then try to talk to them about something and you’re gonna you’re gonna actually
make headway you you can’t help a sick person because their mind is distraught
their their body is is distraught you know so if you really want to help
someone you love get them filled with the things that are gonna fix them from
the inside out because that’s really the only thing we can do for the people who
love them they’re not gonna hear our voice so mr. Rose says humor I think in
response to to me suggesting that he was being rude about the chemtrails possibly
I’m guessing no doubt yes rationalism rash brat say that word rationalism for
our behavior is not acceptable rationalism for our behaviorist not
acceptable no creative and constructive thinking rational rational thoughts and
actions definitely no good and as far as our controllers are
concerned Darth dystrophy is is well well I guess if you’re gonna say does
DARPA still have a hand and weather manipulation that’s what mr. rose asked
I would say that if you study things like HAARP which which was a development
of I’m pretty sure that organization what things like this do is they use
microwave energies to heat portions of the atmosphere and then that portion of
the atmosphere goes floating off into space super fast and that space that’s
opened up by that heated air leaving cold air from space rushes in to fill it
and it creates a cold front so so I know that’s a large part of what they’re
doing with HAARP but I don’t know I’m not trying to get into a lot of the the
conspiracy theory stuff though all of it has to do with with all of it you know
what I mean it’s a big spider web of connecting information so I’d say it’s
it’s important to cover a lot of different aspects of this to understand
it all the will eat the dead the dead will eat the dead know shiza I was
watching this show this where where these people are like trapped and it’s
like this wilderness thing in the mountains and before they start getting
hungry and eating each other they’re all eating meat right and I’m like you
goofballs you’re when you get hungry guess what
you’re gonna want to eat more dead flesh how does that gonna work out when
there’s no dead flesh around wait a minute
are people dying there is dead flesh sir yeah not good in survival situations
it’s very good that you that you are with people who understand that all the
vegetation around them are edible okay or you end up with some moron who is
trying to eat your leg out in the wilderness because he doesn’t know what
to eat not a good thing no no see horse nose yeah that’s what the zombie stuff
is all about you know they’re stories about us guys wake the F up dude wake up
yo works calls I’ll be back see you later mr. rose bye bye dude
okay so that was all the the questions and that’s all the answers I have for
you if the two or three of you would like to join me to finish up this
discussion where I am going to break down some ancient scripture and also
some a writing by an awesome doctor of natural hygiene go ahead and join my
live because I’m gonna restart it again I’m gonna grab a glass of water and then
I’m gonna restart it so I believe that I’m on two hours and seven minutes I’m
gonna go ahead and finish these topics because I love covering them and you
can’t find this information anywhere and I really appreciate the folks who
appreciate all this stuff and I think it helps further the goal when we’re when
we’re all better informed so I will mention though that when I do these
things I have to have to take a break for a day
or two or or so after because um I get really zonked these these cameras are
reporting lasers at us and stuff and they are they’re harmful you know so I
definitely look forward to having more help I definitely look forward to having
five or six people where they’re whether their passion is all about the Internet
and all about communication people and they get to spend 100% of their time
their job and within the community structure is to spend their time on the
web you know and outreach you know because we’re gonna be able to do some
so many amazing things together and and help so many people understand so many
different things from so many different directions and that’s another aspect to
the school is that we live a we live in a day and age where we can create an
immortal Learning Library for people that will change their life instantly
instantly I did I just remembered something I wanted to cover though about
a topic that we were talking about murder earlier artificial intelligence
if any of you have seen the recent movie Star Trek and in in in that movie there
is a part where this where they where the the Spock like people the guy with
the the you know the eyebrows those guys are their children are
learning via this platform of multiple videos that are playing and after I
started learning some stuff I realized that all that was was a smart human
being enlightened human being educating an enlightened child okay because you
understand when you understand the mind and how all this brainwash and
manipulating is working it’s working because we are DVRs and real recording
everything we can’t help it okay and so when you when you play DVDs in the
background you played documentaries in the background even if you don’t have
time to fully absorb them you can and that’s what I did for years is I played
every documentary every every opinion for about every subject I could I could
find without biased in the background I just absorbed at all for years even even
for the for a year before I quit work I had it playing in the background while I
was working so I think a big part to taking advantage of what we understand
about artificial intelligence is understanding that artificial
intelligence the knowledge of it is based upon understanding how the human
mind works okay so understand that you are a
powerful DVR that if you see something with those eyes you never forget it ever
sit down and meditate and think about it for a while and call it back to your
mind okay but you are way way more powerful than you understand way more
powerful peace be with you my friends I love you

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