7 Reasons Why You Should Be Drinking Lemon Water

Hello and welcome once again! Lemon water
is a well-known source of Vitamin C. From athletes to office employees, everyone loves
lemon water. Although, it isn’t just Vitamin C that attracts people. Lemon water contains lots of other nutrients
that help your body in one way or the other. In this video, we will be talking about why
you should consider drinking lemon water more frequently. Now let’s begin with the video. #1 It Helps With Digestion One of the first things we can tell you about
lemon water is that it can help you digest food. It has been believed for quite some
time that lemon juice helps with constipation. Especially if you can drink it with lukewarm
water in the morning. Lemon water also contains fiber that helps
with digestion. It also makes your stomach full for a longer period of time. At the same
time it cleanses your intestines, smoothening the overall digestion process. Wait we haven’t
mentioned the most important component in lemon water. We are talking about water, which stimulates
bowel movements. Additionally, it softens the waste materials that may be stuck in the
digestive system. This is why you should drink a lot of water. And while we’re on that
topic…. #2 It Helps You Stay Hydrated Your body is almost 70% water and most of
the important biochemical functions in your body require its usage. Therefore, it is important
that you drink lots of water daily. In case you’re curious, check out our video on how
much water you should drink everyday. Now you may be wondering, “What advantages does
lemon water have over regular water?” Well for starters, it has antioxidants that
don’t allow blood clots to form. More importantly, it helps to keep the blood circulation going.
Water and lemon work very well together. You can’t have too many lemons.After all, they
are highly acidic and assist with digestion problems. If you mix it with water then you are killing
off the acidic nature of lemon. Once it is gone, you are free to consume as many lemons
as you want. Apart from that, lemon adds taste to water. Hey taste is important too, so don’t
judge! Speaking of judging, here is another point that you should consider if you are
thinking about drinking lemon juice. #3 It Has Vitamin C The most obvious and basic fact about lemon
is that it contains Vitamin C. You probably have heard it many times. It is one of the
major sources of these nutrients. As we all know, Vitamin C has many antimicrobial and
antioxidant properties. If you have that many defenses, it would become extremely difficult
for free radicals to cause infection or inflammation in your body. Another important thing about lemon water
is that it helps to control your blood pressure. On that note, check out these amazing herbs
that can help to lower blood pressure. If you are a patient of hypertension, we would
suggest that you drink lemon water regularly. This would also mean that lemon water is good
for your heart, as it helps the blood to circulate. Therefore, it doesn’t allow any kind of pressure
to form on blood vessels or arteries. To get a better understanding of how much Vitamin
C lemon contains, listen to this. In a study, it was found that one lemon produces
about 18.6 milligrams of Vitamin C everyday. Meanwhile, the daily requirement of Vitamin
C for adults is between 65 to 90 milligrams. So, yes you would need to eat other citric
fruits like oranges or grapefruit to go along with it. Lemon water is still a good option
to drink on a regular basis. Moving on to another important health benefit… #4 It Prevents Kidney Stones One of the major pros of lemon is the presence
of antibacterial properties. These get in the way of inflammation. This is why you won’t
have any issues with kidney stones if you are drinking lemon water. Additionally, staying
hydrated also helps. With that said, it isn’t just the antibacterial properties of lemon
at play here. Another important factor in keeping your kidneys healthy is citric acid.
Trust me, this is something lemon carries plenty of. 4:09 But how does citric acid help? Well, citric
acid contains a component known as citrate , which makes the urine less acidic. It also
helps to cleanse the kidneys from all types of wastes and free radicals. So all those
toxic materials don’t get the proper chances to settle and cause major problems down the
line. Once again, I feel like I have to mention water. Yes, water also helps you with your
kidney problems. As we mentioned earlier, water and lemon compliment
each other. For this reason, it becomes easier for water to flush out the stones that have
been formed in your kidneys. Apart from that, if you can continue on with your body’s
water cycle, you won’t have an issue with kidney stones in the first place. The proper
intake and excretion of the liquid means that the toxic wastes won’t get the chance to settle
in your kidneys. Moving on… #5 Beneficial For Skin We have already mentioned in the video about
Vitamin C, well here we are going to mention it again. Vitamin C helps to increase the
production of collagen in your body. It strengthens your skin and prevents breakage. Because of
this, free radicals don’t find your skin hospitable, and instead are forced to perish or move.
Either way, it benefits you. These free radicals would have stayed on your
skin and would have caused blackheads, acne scars and wrinkles. Thanks to the excessive
collagen, they can’t do that. Collagen also forms a type of protective barrier around
your skin, preventing those microorganisms from returning. Of course, there is more to
Vitamin C than just increasing the production of collagen. It also helps to boost your immunity. This
in turn increases the rate at which the scars and breakouts on your skin can heal. But we
can’t really talk about immunity in this type of simplified manner. There is more to it
that needs to be explained. For this reason, let’s move on. #6 It Boosts Your Immunity As we were saying, lemon water helps to boost
immunity. Vitamin C and other antioxidants make sure that your body has enough power
to get rid of all the different types of free radicals. They also promote the production
of red blood cells and increase your body’s ability to absorb nutrients. Two other components
that help in this process are magnesium and potassium. One review even suggests that Vitamin C can
reduce the amount of time a cold lasts. This doesn’t mean that it can fight a cold. Instead,
it can increase the body’s immunity and nutrient absorption. From here, it allows you to consume
things that help fight your cold. It is also a known fact that lemon with warm water can
be very effective against cough, cold and harsh throat. Once again, it is not the lemon water itself
that is fighting the conditions. It only helps in this matter. So make sure you don’t miss
out on medication. We wouldn’t want you thinking that simply drinking lemon water
is enough. We’ve spent so long discussing the physical
benefits of lemon water. Let’s move on to psychological benefits for a minute. #7 It Elevates Mood It has long been theorized that lemon helps
to optimise mood. From alternative medicine experts to doctors, many professionals believe
lemon can be very helpful for your mental health. This can vary from people who are
depressed, to those simply going through a rough patch. Although, we don’t have any proper
evidence to back this claim. There are many speculations regarding this point. In one study, 56 people were tested with the
scent of lemon oil. When exposed, it was discovered that their brain activity had increased. More
importantly, there was a release of feel-good chemicals in the brain, changing the mood
of the person from sad to happy. This means lemon water may be helpful too, right? Well
that is a claim we can’t make for sure. Although, there have been some cases where
it was found that lemon water helped increase the production of feel good chemicals in the
brain, like lemon oil. One of these chemicals is dopamine, it is the chemical that enhances
the feeling of being relaxed. Hey, that does make lemon water a good thing to drink to
elevate mood. What do you think? Do you like drinking lemon water? Let us know
in the comments, we would love to hear from you.


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