A Gay Divorced Couple Play Truth or Drink | Cut

– Did you ever cheat on me? – I knew this question was gonna come up. I mean, this is the obvious
question that’s come up. I knew it was gonna come up. Yes I did. (classical music) – [Interviewer] Hi. – [Both] Hi. – I’m AG. – And I’m Skyler. – [Interviewer] How do
you know each other? – We are ex-husbands. – [Interviewer] Is it weird telling people that you are divorced? – No, I don’t think so. Not for me. – It’s relieving. It took forever to do. – Separation was almost four years ago. And then the actual legal divorce happened at the beginning of this year. – [Interviewer] Who wants to begin? – You poured, so I’ll. – Okay. – What did I do in the
bedroom that you never liked? – I don’t think you bottomed enough. – It’s ’cause I’m terrified of my butt. – I don’t think that’s
true at all. (laughs) – What did I do in the
bedroom that you never liked? – You had a really intense
emphasis on anal penetration. – (laughs) What do you mean? – You needed to have
butt sex all the time. – I mean, you’re not wrong. Sadly I can’t say a lot’s changed there. – Describe the first sex
you had after we broke up. – There’s a dude two
blocks from us in Belltown that I’d been wanting to fuck for so long. – [Interviewer] So you had it prearranged when he was gonna move out. – No, I had an intense
emotional experience of AG leaving the house
and I cried my eyes out and then I went and used
one of my therapist-approved coping mechanisms, which
is fucking a stranger. – ‘Kay. – Works for me. Describe the first sex
you had after the breakup. – I went on a lot of
really shitty first dates. Grindr first dates. So it took me almost a month
to get laid after I left. I don’t know. I don’t know how straight
people feel about that. – [Interviewer] That’s pretty sad. – Don’t be an asshole! (AG and background group laughing) – Who loved whom more? We can drink to that one. (laughs) – [Interviewer] You
guys don’t wanna answer? – Not really. That one makes me feel weird. I’m gonna get out of it
by drinking this booze. (glass clanking) – Where’s the weirdest place we had sex? – The graveyard in Portland. – [Interviewer] Like,
was it on a tombstone? – It was up Against a tree.
– No, against a tree. There were tombstones all around though. Lots of them. – Didn’t I bottom? – You did. – Ha! – Sure did. When did you know it was over? – It crystallized for me that we needed to at least try out a separation and really look at ending things. – We were both kind of doing
the same wrong to each other. We demanded a lot of each other and didn’t wanna give
the energy to reciprocate what we were demanding. – Yeah. Do you ever cheat on me? – I knew this question was gonna come up. I mean this is the obvious
question that’s come up. I knew it was gonna come up. Yes I did. I know. – I’m so happy. (both laughing) Hot fuckin’ dog. – [Interviewer] You didn’t know? – No!
– No, I never told him. – And it makes me feel so much better. This is like Christmas,
this is like Christmas. I’m so happy. – I suppose I probably could’ve
been pretty open about it, but it was actually more
exciting to not be open about it. – I also had sex the
night that you found me under that bush. – I knew it. That’s why you didn’t
come home that night. – I did actually fall asleep
underneath the bush though. – [Interviewer] Wait, Skyler. You had sex under the bush? – No. Went to that dude’s house, had
sex, got more drunk with him, fell asleep underneath
the bush on the way home. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – That’s very unbrand for you. – So much more.
– Well, it was then. At the time. – Do you regret your time with me and would you do it all over again? – No, I don’t regret it. Yes, I would absolutely
do it in a heartbeat. I grew in ways that I could
not have done without you. – [Interviewer] Do you feel the same way? – I do, absolutely. I don’t regret any of our time together. I don’t regret being married at all. Neither one of us would’ve
gotten to the point where we’re at today
if we hadn’t done that. – Did you marry to prove a point? – In a way, yeah. It was one of many reasons. – What point? – That I’m worth marrying. – You’re worth marrying. It was really obvious
to me by the end of it that the reason we were
doing it was not for us. – [Interviewer] Who was it for? – Family. Society. – We got married right when it was, Oh my God, gay marriage
is legal in Washington. – Yeah. – All the gays go get married. – Now I feel like I don’t need to prove that point, like why? Straight people proved that point. – I don’t feel like I
don’t want to assimilate anymore in the way that I did then. – This is the last one. All right, final question. Are you ready? Do you ever miss me? – Every day. You were wonderful in so many ways. I got so many things from you that I will never get again in a partner. You were unique and you were
special and you were so good. – Oh.
– For me. And what I needed right then. Yes, I miss so many things about you. – I feel the same. – Some people don’t get
the chance to, you know. – People don’t get this. What we’re doing right here. People don’t get this opportunity. Most of the worst couples I
don’t think would ever sit here and do this. – I love you very much.
– I love you. Let’s do another shot. – [Skyler] I guess I miss you. – (laughs) No more questions,
so what else can we do? We definitely recommend you play this with your ex-husband or ex-wife. – Or ex-anything. – Or ex-anything. (both laughing) – Go to playtruthordrink.com – Definitely go to playtruthordrink.com

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