A Guide to Red Wine : How a Sommelier Tastes Wine

Hello, my name is Mihaly Fabok we are here
in behalf of expert teach. This is my special wine tasting cap. First, I have to see the
color of the wine. I have to make sure that it has good color. And also, feel the aroma
of the wine. The next step is to taste the wine. In my mouth, I should need some fresh
air. So that I can feel its flavor and aroma. For example, in front of my tongue, I can
feel the sweetness and acidity of the wine. And when I drink the wine, I can feel the
life of the wine. We can taste so many flavor and aroma — fruity, spicy, floaty and toasty.
The types of wine depends on its great variety, types of soil and procedures of wine-making
techniques. Come and visit us at the Gundel Restaurant, one of the famous Hungarian restaurant.
Its in Budapest near Pilos square and city park. Please come and visit us, we have a
great selection of Hungarian wines and special cuisine.

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