A Guide to Red Wine : How to Use Different Wine Glasses

Hello, my name is Mihaly Fabok and we are
here on behalf of Expert Village. I would like to introduce to you, our basic wine glasses.
The first one is a basic wine tasting glass, during the evolution of the wine; you can
taste the wine in this glass. When you use this glass the wine can get more fresh air
and you can feel more amount of flavor and also you can see the color, of course. This
is a basic wine tasting glass. It’s a little bit bigger than the kind we used before. This
glass is a basic wine finds glass, so we can have it for Chardonnay, we can have it for
Riesling. Usually the white wine glasses, the basic white wine glasses are a little
bit smaller than the red wine glass. The white wine glass, the serving temperature is lower
than the red wine serving temperature. So around 10 Celsius, 10 degrees Celsius, is
the best temperature for serving the white wine. The red wine, it is a little bit higher.
So this is a basic white wine glass. These two are the basic red wine glasses. This if
for Pinot Noir or Pinot Noir type of wine. This is a basic red wine glass for Cabernet
and Cabernet type wines. The Pinot Noir glass has a little bit different shape than the
basic Cabernet sauvignon glass. So you can see a little bit wider, a little bit bigger
shape so the Pinot Noir which has a little bit lower timing, and a little bit higher
acidity needs this special glass which is good for Pinot Noir, great variety. Another
type of wine glass, this is a de Bordeaux for the Bordeaux lines, which has the biggest
shape and this type of wine needs more oxygen. Like the Cabernet sauvignon or Syrah or the
Cabernet Franc, which was aged in an oak barrel, needs fresh air, more fresh air. So this is
the best type of glass for the heavier Cabernet type of wines.


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