A Guide to Red Wine : Types of Red Wine: Puerto Viejo from Chile

Hello, My name is Mihaly Fabok, we are on
behalf of Expert Village, I would like to introduce for you our great wine from Chile.
This wine is made from the Carmenere’ grape variety which is the most famous grape variety
in Chile. This wine has a very deep ruby red color and when you taste it you can feel a
nice fruity and spicy aroma. So this is a nice medium to full bodied red wine, which
is a match with slightly strongly flavored food. These grapes were grown in Curico Valley
which is a very famous area in Chile and the vintage year was 2005. This is a 2 years old
wine which is a nice fresh fruity flavor and aroma and also it is very spicy and this is
one of my favorite new world wines. This type of wine is not heavy, very full bodied very
tannin red wine. So this is a two years old wine and it is in the best shape and this
is the best time to have this red wine.

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