A Guide to Red Wine : Types of Red Wine: Weninger from Kekfrankos

Hello, my name is Mihaly Fabsk. We are here
on behalf of Expert Village. This wine is one of my favorite wines. You can say this
is a nice everyday wine. It’s made from Kekfrankos grape variety which is the most widely-planted
grape variety in Hungary. The vintage year is 2005, so it’s a quite fresh, fruity, young
red wine – light to medium bodied, and it is grown in the Sopron wine region, which
is close to Austria, and this is a typical grape variety in this region as well. So it’s
a nice food-friendly wine and you can have it everyday. It reminds me some red fruits
flavor. Actually, it’s a little bit similar to Pinot Noir. It’s elegant, it is fresh acidity,
but low in tannin, so it’s not very flavorful and we can say it’s a nice everyday wine.
It’s made by a great producer which is one of the best producer in Austria as well, and
also in Hungary, it’s became very famous.

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