A PAGE OF PUNK and Whisky & Red Wine Pocky! 大人の琥珀 と 女神のルビー ポッキー 。

Hello and welcome to another Punky
Pocky Party. Today, we’re gonna review A Page Of Punk, Adult Amber Pocky and Goddess Ruby Pocky. Enjoy the show! OK let’s start by looking at the Pocky! So, as you can see they both come in very very nice packaging
These are kind of tube shapes similar to what you’d expect in a nice
bottle of whiskey or something like that and I think that’s what they’re going
for with these this kind of high quality Pocky. so let’s start with this one so you see on the front that says Otona No Kohaku which means Adult Amber…okay and this
one says Megami No Ruby which means Goddess Ruby or roughly translated
anyway so umm yeah if you look inside it’s got a nice lid and inside here they’ve both got very nice packaging yeah always high quality packaging in these… Let’s go through the
kind of tastes you can expect okay so first let’s look at the Adult
Amber Pocky this has a more bitter and richer chocolate taste than regular
Pocky and it also has real malt extract to give it an aroma of whiskey
so it’s kind of designed to be eaten while drinking whiskey… okay
as for Megami No Ruby the pretzel stick core is flavored with cheddar
cheese black pepper and cloves while the bitter chocolate coating is
infused with three types of berry flavors making a collection of spicy
sweet and bitter notes that reflect the complexity of high quality red wine…wow
that’s really complicated…interesting to see how they taste so…. Okay let me
introduce you to A Page Of Punk. So they were formed in around year 2000 in Tokyo.
Let me introduce you to the members from right to left we got Ryo on guitar, Chiaki on
lead vocals, Yuzo on drums, Seto on guitar and on bass and vocals is Tsutomu. Tsutomu is really the leader of the band I’d say…. more on that later.
yeah here we go.. A Page Of Punk. So the first time I saw A Page of Punk was in around 2014 at a festival in Hachioji called Matsuri and I was immediately blown away
by the energy and the 1-2-3-4-1-2-3-4 intros and everything but
what really gave me joy was the entrance of Chiaki the vocalist…. so at the
beginning of gig there’s no vocalist on stage….Will he enter left? Will he enter
right?….no….. he’ll enter from the ceiling so let’s have a look at this Just swinging there…from a disco ball…as you do just too awesome just too much fun…I love them! Okay it’s time to taste the Pocky….so let’s get this one first so Otona No Kohaku a.k.a Adult Amber Pocky Open the packet…these actually have quite an easy open, I noticed that some Pocky doesn’t have such an easily openable packet… So there are around 17 sticks
inside each packet and there are six packets I think that’s a 102 sticks of Pocky…correct me if I’m wrong. Let’s have a look so…. you can see a very nice thin chocolate stick…let’s smell it mmm you can definitely smell a kind of malt malty smell bit like whisky not too much like whisky thankfully for me ….let’s taste! definitely bitter chocolate taste almost as thin as thin Pocky rather than
regular Pocky maybe a little…. little thinner Might be imagining that but
definitely a more bitter and rich chocolate taste as promised….
interesting. Okay… let’s move onto this one So Megumi No Ruby also known as Goddess Ruby….
this one also has 17 sticks inside so again 102 no surprise there
so let’s have a look at the stick very similar looking….smell is yeah I can smell the berries…umm that’s all I can smell.. let’s taste! also bitter chocolate but not as bitter as
before maybe because of the berries taste It’s definitely very nice trying to catch the other flavors but
it’s very subtle maybe if I just taste the stick I’ve got a slight peppery cheesy
taste on the stick but it is very subtle you know I’m not too sure if it’s
everything it says it is but it’s a very very tasty very tasty Pocky…. please try
it! Let’s talk about A Page Of Punk….as you saw earlier they have really exciting
live shows and a super charismatic singer in Chiaki but I think Tsutomu
is the actual leader of the band and he’s controlling all the chaos
especially with his 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 count ins to each song and it really
defines their sound and there are so many different types of 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 you wouldn’t believe Let’s talk about albums so first you have 2008 they released Forever Punk,
2010 – Sing A Punk, Fools Punk Line in 2013 was the first album I bought followed by
2017’s Punk Day that’s the latest one. Not only do you get about 50 songs on each album which is amazing… of course short hardcore songs…gonna be a lot of them
but you also get this amazing booklet with each album…. I kind of wish I
hadn’t bought Fools Punk Line online now because that means I didn’t get a booklet….have to buy it again! So in here as far as I can see on
this album we got lyrics in English and Japanese so that’s amazing and with the
latest album you get an even bigger booklet and you got yeah again lyrics in both
languages so that’s really awesome but not just that but you’ve got some of this
artwork from Chiaki-san and that’s really cool, he’s really talented there’s a
lot of great stuff in there yeah have a look at that so it’s real
value for money real value for money with these albums
great songs great artwork everything’s great so you should check
them out for sure! I really recommend those albums but I
also really recommend seeing them live and the next live show is on Sunday 19th of May it’s the Feelin’ Fellows 2019 festival at Ebisu Liquidroom and there are so
many bands playing A Page Of Punk of course Goro Golo they’re amazing must be
experienced…Yodocolts I saw last week they were very good and Fucker he’s
an acoustic singer and he’s very entertaining and here it’s not in English it’s in katakana but it says Japonica Song Sun Bunch and Japonica Song Sun Bunch is Chiaki’s other band…absolutely nothing like A Page Of Punk They have a saxophone and keyboard and he dances like Michael
Jackson it’s incredible and just shows how talented he really is
please check it out if you have a chance It’s at Ebisu Liquidroom on 19th of May Okay it’s now time for the all important
tea dipping test (how very British oh yah) so actually to be honest this one should
be eaten with red wine and this one should be eaten with whiskey but firstly
I don’t have any red wine in the house and secondly I’m not a big fan of
whiskey…ask my friend Stevo he was there… He’ll explain….but why don’t you try
it! so if you’ve tried these and you tried it with whiskey or red wine please write in
the comments below and let me know your experience and if you think it’s a good
match…I’m just going to go with good old-fashioned British tea…so once your
tea’s ready you must put it in a lovely mug so I have a 7 Seconds mug, so
7 Seconds isn’t the length of time you should dip these Pocky because it’ll
probably melt all the chocolate 7 Seconds is an amazing hardcore
band….been going many many years and they recently announced that they are officially going to split up after many many many years so it’s very
sad loss but check out Kevin Seconds acoustic stuff because he is absolutely
awesome so let’s have a try anyway first we’ll try the Adult Amber Pocky….
remember not for seven seconds mmm it’s actually definitely a lot thinner cos it
melts very quickly hmm just rolls off there…. not bad not
bad…. let’s try the Goddess Ruby This will be interesting because I’d like to
try it without the chocolate…. bit more of a dip….bit nasty but I just sucked the chocolate off now you can taste the subtleties of the
stick yeah not bad….couple of thumbs up
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