Ableton Producer | What I Use To Make Music and Perform

Hi guys welcome to my channel. If you’re
new I’m The Friz. I’m a music producer
singer-songwriter Dreamer… At the beginning of the month
I put out a video showing you around my apartment here and showing you my new
studio setup and in that video I mentioned each piece of equipment that I
use but I didn’t really touch on them at all so in this video I wanted to touch
on each piece of equipment what I use it for why I like it and all that good stuff. This is the Ableton Push. It’s the first one I do not have the second one yet but I want it so bad! It basically makes it possible for you to create and arrange a song without even looking at your
computer screen. You can use it for production and performance I haven’t used it for performance yet but I do plan to in the near future. It makes it
really easy for you to get your ideas out quickly. You’re able to scroll
through sounds really quickly and drum hits and basically anything that you
want to use you can loop on here you can basically do anything that you could
possibly imagine of doing with this thing This is the Akai Professional APC40mkii.
Basically Akai Professional partnered up with Ableton to create this powerful
Ableton Live performance controller. So if you have Ableton Live this is pretty
much if you go into session view this is pretty much session view on a controller
so you have all these different clips that you can use to launch different
samples or to launch some loops create some loops
so this is super handy during performance for me since I don’t play
any my drums live I don’t play some of my synths live either so I can launch
those clips in here and I can control whatever I want whatever I want mapped
to these basically. This is the Akai Professional LPD8. Super super tiny controller fits in your backpack with Your laptop perfectly you can pretty
much use this for anything I’ve seen people use it for lots of different
things but I am a vocalist I sing so I like to use this controller to control
the effects on my vocals when I sing live. so I pretty much just use this for
performance as well Over here we have the Akai Professional
MPK249. I like this controller so much because
it has a set of keys on it which I like when I’m trying to figure out a chord
progression or when I want to jam the chord progression into my song it’s just
more fun for me to use the keys you definitely can do your chords and
everything on the push but I just prefer to use keys for that. I use the MPK249
equally in the studio as I do for performance so this is definitely my
most used controller. This is the Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX2. I obviously the Pioneer for mixing all my finished tracks and also for performing. I am a singer so I have to also tell you about the microphones that I use. This is the AKG 314 studio condenser microphone. On the back it has four different modes for recording depending on where you want the sound to be heard and this is a
condenser studio microphone like I said so this is going to be a lot more
sensitive it’s going to pick up a lot more sounds than this microphone would. This is the Shure beta 58A dynamic live performing microphone. I will make another video in future explain this a little bit more because there are a few different kinds of microphones
and if you’re new to making music this may be something that you don’t know and
it’s important to know. Thank you guys for watching this video
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more videos on my controllers if there’s more do you want to know about. I do have some other videos that you can find on my channel of me using these controllers
for performance and production and all that so you can definitely watch those
videos and get a better idea on how I use those and what it looks like and
real life.

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