About Champagne & Sparkling Wine : Telling a Good Champagne by its Bubbles

Hi this is Dave for Expert Village today we’re
going to discuss champagnes and sparkling wines also like we discussed earlier about
the difference between shermount process and Metho do Champ enoise you can see the difference
in the sizes of bubbles in the champagne. This is Metho de Champ enoise you can see
the bubbles are much more pin point and tiny the ones in the bulk process that had be injected
with carbon dioxide are much larger. Now with this process Metho de Champ enoise the you
know how you get a hangover with champagnes sometimes you find out a lot of it is the
sugar content in here and in fact, that when the lesser brands the sugar content goes to
your head to much and you get hangovers from this. The Metho de Champ enoise is much more
delicate much easier on your body that helps to so I would always recommend this and also
this type of flute glass.

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