Adulting With Alcohol: The Eight Most Popular Types of Wine (Ep 2)

I just hate pinot noir. This is a pinot noir? Do you have one that doesnt have the *pucking
noise* you know? I’m sh*tfaced right now. Welcome back guys, I’m Cristie Norman, a Certified
Sommelier, here to explain popular types of wine and what they taste like. I’m gonna give a really brief description
here there’s a link down below to each grape if you want to know more, cause there’s a
lot more. We are starting super basic with the international
varieties cause they’re popular and they grow everywhere. Different types of grapes make different wine,
because each grape gives off different aromas. When I say a wine smells like peaches, they
don’t actually put any fruit into the wine. That’s just the way that particular grape
tastes. You mean they don’t put fruit in the wine? Telling the difference between wines is kind
of like tasting the difference between an apple and a pear. If you never had a pear before and you bit
into it, you would have the same kind of consistency and texture as an apple and you might not
have the vocabulary yet and just say “oh that’s an apple.” But if you tasted it enough times and somebody
told you this is a pear and this is an apple, and this is a green apple, and this is an
d’ajou pear, soon you’d start being able to taste the difference. And if you don’t like one apple, you don’t
refuse to eat all other fruits grown on trees, right? I mean, imagine all the lemons, oranges, limes,
cherries, that you’d never get to try if you said “oh, you know what, tree fruits just aren’t
for me.” Don’t be ridiculous. 4 whites you need to know. Pinot Grigio the crowd pleaser. Pinot Grigio is really light and refreshing,
it generally tastes like lemons, apples, peaches and it’s not super pungent, it’s not going
to overwhelm whatever food you’re eating. You can pound it like water, it’s an easy
go-to. Riesling the lemon drop of wines. Someone’s gonna kill me for saying that. Rieslings are often sweet, but not always,
so ask. Or watch my riesling video down below. It’s really crisp, has notes of faint white
flowers and tart citrus fruits. If you don’t want to taste the alcohol, especially
if it’s sweet, riesling might be the wine for you. Riesling is really pretty and complex… I love riesling. Chardonnay the Queen. Chardonnay is made in a lot of different styles,
but generally, right now what is popular is that it’s aged in oak which gives it this
vanilla buttery flavor. It’s fruity, but also rich and powerful making
it the Queen. What about Chablis? What about Mersault? Chill. Watch the Chardonnay video. Sauvignon Blanc the fruit cocktail. Sauvignon blanc is refreshing but it’s intense. It has lots of fruit flavors like grapefruit,
guava, and it’s highly floral lots of white flowers, but it has a distinct herbaceous
aspect that you need to be expecting. Sometimes it tastes like lemongrass, sometimes
it tastes like jalapeno, depends on where it’s grown. If you enjoy the taste of a fruit smoothie
with Kale, sauvignon blanc might be the right wine for you. Did someone say Kale? I love Kale. I only eat Kale. Let’s move on to the four red wines. What if
I told you, not all wines are dry. *explosion sounds* Pinot noir the chameleon. Pinot noir is a light-bodied red wine driven
by red fruit aromas. It’s a chameleon cause depending on where
it’s grown it can be earthy, spicy, floral, fruity, but generally it will always be light
and not “dry”. It can also be camouflaged in a bottle of
your children’s Kool-Aid. Or your Kool-Aid. Merlot the babe. Merlot is a little bit heavier than pinot
noir but it’s soft and silky with red and black fruit aromas and cocoa powder. Do you like chocolate covered cherries? Long walks on the beach? Merlot might be the right wine for you. Cabernet Sauvignon the powerhouse. Warning *alarm sounds* this wine is dry meaning
that it has tannins, that bitter flavor, and puckering acidity. Cabernet Sauvignon generally tastes like blackberries,
black currants, vanilla and baking spices from the oak that it’s aged in. If you’re feeling hardcore, Cabernet Sauvignon
might be the right wine for you. It’s kind of like being smacked on the face
with a blackberry pie… in a good way. Syrah the seductress. Syrah is the deepest and most richly concentrated
of all the reds I’m talking about today. In addition to the black fruit aromas, it
also has savory flavors like bacon. If you feel like a pepperoni pizza with olives,
syrah might be the wine for you. Fun fact, shiraz is just syrah grown in Australia. Who knew that? Ten points. You just learned the Eight International
Varieties in like, five minutes. Hopefully this has given you the confidence
to try something new. Tell me what you like. Stay tuned, in my next video we’ll be talking
about how not be a douchebag when you order a bottle of wine at a restaurant. Follow me and stuff. Thanks for watching.

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