Alltec Red Wine Stain Remover

Hello again, we’re here at Alltec with our stain removal processes, and today, we’re actually going to use the red wine stain remover
on a red wine stain. And again, it’s a 80/20 wool carpet, it’s got a slight twist to it, so again, we want to be careful
in the process of agitation. On this particular stain, of course, I’ve prepared them but I don’t know how long they’ve been there,
some time to be quite honest, something about four or five weeks. It is quite a good red wine. Yes, I do like my wine and we’ve not done anything to it. There’s been no attempt at removal. It’s just been left there for me to actually carry out this process to demonstrate the idea of removing a red wine from a wool carpet. Again, the process of doing that is to apply the remover
liberally to the area, cause you can imagine
putting in a red wine, dropping a red wine there, yes, quite a bit went into
the carpet to actually leave the color there. As you can see by applying
the reducer there, it’s already started to remove
some of the outer splashes, which is quite common for that to do that because those outer splashes probably just sat on the surface there. However, we need to give
that a bit of agitation. I’ve got my tamping brush ready and I’ve got a nice, clean towel there. Again, clean towel’s
very important in my mind because it shows the consumer
that it’s a tidy mind, we’ve not got something
sort from somewhere else. We’re gonna tamp it, we’re going to (banging) we’re gonna agitate it so that
we actually have a bounce, a considerate bouncing, the
soiling into the towel, okay? And this actually saves
the upset of fluffing or felting the surface carpet, of course. (banging) Okay, we can see there there’s
some of the red wine residue is starting to remove in there. I want to leave the
reducer on there for about, well, anything between
five and ten minutes. Never rush it because patience is a virtue and that allows the solution to actually carry out the
process of breaking down the tannins within the red
wine and so enable us to flush the final residues out into the machine. Okay, so the actual red wine reducer has actually been on there
for about ten minutes now and in my mind, we’re now ready to actually remove by
extraction, the process. I’m just using plain water
this time to remove that. No added chemicals or cleaning solutions within the tank, okay? (loud vacuum sucking) (loud vacuum sucking) (loud vacuum sucking) (loud vacuum sucking) Okay, so we’re now left
with slight tinge there of red wine still in there,
not unusual to do that, and my recommendation would
be another application. We’ve totally removed the
residue by using a water rinse. We’ve put another application of the red wine stain remover
or reducer on there, and then go through the
process again, okay?

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