Americans Try Russian Drinks

– What the fuuuu– – I’m Russian, this guy
right here is American. – I’m Russian. – I’m clearly the American. – It’s very cold here. – Of course she has a Russian jacket. – What kind of drinks are you expecting? – I think of Wodka, with a W. – That’s it, vodka? – Yeah, vod– – Okay, let’s surprise him, let’s show him what mother Russia had. – Looks like beer. – Yeah, it smells like
beer, it’s just beer. – Oh my god. – Holy shit. – So this is actually called Yorsh. – Ah, I love Borscht. – Nope, very different. Borscht is red beet soup,
this is beer and vodka. – Know what’s funny, is that it tastes like beer and vodka. – I just need to move to Russia. This is some smart sh*t. That’s how you know he’s Russian. – I need to take a nap! – This is how the Teenage
Mutant Ninja Turtles got their superpowers. – This is Tarhun, it’s a
traditional drink from Georgia. – Do I detect a hint of green? And bubbles? – I teach you Russian
tradition, you ready? – Yes. – Before you drink, every
time you must say toast. – To my beautiful future Russian wife. (crickets chirping) – Oh, I like that. It’s not too sweet. – So this is like Russian Sprite. – That was great, I mean, I’d, keep ’em coming. – Keep it going, let’s go. – Smells like nail polish remover. – Nail salon. – Yeah, oh, wait a minute. – What do they give you guys
in Russia, what the f*ck? – Mmm, mmm. My favorite childhood drink. Is good, yes? – This is great! – Doesn’t taste like a nail salon. – The acetone– (tongue sounds) Allo! – He’s so drunk, he’s
so drunk, he’s drunk! – It’s kind of like a ginger
ale with like a weird, like a slight hint of I
don’t know what that is. – Like ginger ale? – This looks like some
sort of Russian cola? – Why does this smell like a
plate of dinner or something? (sniffing) – Your smile is white as
the snow on an afternoon. No, that was horrible, man! In Texas we say stuff like, “darling, you’re so pretty, “you’re the only lone star I need.” – I like, I loves it! – That’s a good one. What do you think? No? – You take black bread, rye bread, and you soak it overnight in water, and that creates fermentation,
and then so basically, this is liquid bread. – Oh, it moves so slow! – Oh! Ew! Ew! – This is uh, Ryazhenka,
which is baked milk. – It’s very good, no? You’re gonna get used to
it, he gonna get used to it. – Beauty hurts. – This is great, we get to try water. – Doesn’t smell like anything. What is that!? – I don’t understand this drink. It doesn’t make any sense. – It tastes exactly
what it would taste like if you woke up in the morning,
didn’t brush your teeth, still had your nasty retainers in there, and then took a sip of water. – Yes! Yes, it tastes like nasty retainer! – If you took like, beach water and then made it like seltzer, it’s like seltzer beach water. – It’s mineral water. It’s very very healthy, it has a lot of amazing
health benefits and, also, it’s a Russian
trick to cure hangover. – Whoa, it smells like breast milk. – Oh, I don’t want this. – Why? – This is a, this smells awful. (groaning) – No, no, no! (retching) – I love it, which is
so weird, I think it– – Oh my god, the aftertaste! – It burned my tongue. – It burned the sh*t out of my tongue. – Have you ever have milk from a horse? (retching) – It’s horse milk, of course. It’s horse milk, it’s just horse milk. Of course. No big deal, it’s horse milk. It’s horse milk! – The good news is– – There’s no good news– – It’s very high in whey protein. – You know how exotic horse milk is? – What is it supposed to do for you? Is it like, there’s any benefits? – Yeah, what? – Probably healthy. – All this stuff was great, I mean, all of it was great. Besides the horse milk, I mean, it was really delicious, and uh, I really enjoyed all of it. – Feel like now we gotta
go get some Russian drinks together, we gotta go hit
like a Russian happy hour like this friendship can’t stop here. – With some pickles on the side. – My eyes are open to Russian culture, and my eyes are definitely open to the beauty of a Russian bride. Das-vyoo-don-yoo. (laughter) – Texas Russian.


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