An Introduction to Wine : Food & Wine Pairing with Red Wine

So continuing with the food and wine pairing
session, I am going to move on to Red Wine because that is usually what I drink. There
are quite a few different ways on looking at to pair food and wine. I might have mentioned
this earlier but compliment the food or contrast the food and look at the flavors to either
keep them the same or gone in the exact opposite. With that in mind, you can have some spicy
foods like sausage, gumbo or zinfandel and as I said with white wine you could maybe
take a sweet wine to go with that to pair it down but you could also do something like
a Zinfandel that has peppery flavors to it . It has some spiciness and it is going to
go along with that nicely. Zinfandel and gumbo is one of my favorite things to have together
as is some sausage on the grill, like Bratwurst or Kielbasa, four glasses of Zinfald. It is
a prefect combination. One Red Wine that is extremely versatile and one of my favorites
is Pinot Noir. It came down with so different thing including duck and mushrooms. But also
a couple of fish such as tuna and salmon. A lot of people don’t think you have Red
Wine with fish but in this case Pinot Noir is one of the most perfect combinations with
those two fish. If you have any doubt, just go into a restaurant and order grilled tuna
steak or some salmon and have a pinot noir with it and trust me you will be happy that
you did. Other things that you need to know for preparing red wine with the food is one
of the American staples hamburgers. That is going to go well with any basic red wine.
You could have a Cabarnet but I usually get a table wine like just a red blend to go with
those hamburgers because that is very versatile and it’s usually an inexpensive meal and you
don’t want to spend so much more on your wine or you food, so you kind of want to keep
them on a level . But if you are spending some big bucks and you are making a fillet
at home or getting one in the restaurant, you are going to want to get a nice Cabaranet
or a nice red blend like a Maratage. Something that is big and full bodied and can stand
up to the meat and to the quality of the meat so you want a high quality wine. Another to
think about when pairing food and wine is to look at the regions where the wine comes
from especially if you are looking in other countries like Spain or Italy where food and
wine pairing is very key to culture there. Then look to pairing up the regions with the
food and the wine that is made in that area. So if you have tomato sauce, spaghetti with
meat balls and has a Kiance because it is naturally going to go with it or if you have
a spicy Spanish dish like Paya or something like that you could do a Rioja with that which
is from the same region. So that is another way not to just look at the comparing or contrasting
but to looking at the region of the world where the wine comes from and to have food
from that same region so that they goes together. That is just a little bit about food and wine
pairing today.


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