Anima de Raimat – 2015 – Costers Del Segre – Spain

Hello wine lovers, here we are in Spain in
the appellation of Costers Del Segre. Really one of the few producers, and certainly
a pioneer of this modern appellation style. This appellation is Raimat and this is the
Anima de Raimat, which is like most of their wines a very interesting blend of traditional
and international varieties. Here we have the Xarel-lo, which is quite
local for that area. With the Albarino coming from Galicia and
Chardonnay which we all know. Very dynamic blend here, with a clean modern
vinification here. With quite floral nose. Hint of some – we have the lemon, grape, some
of those zesty hints. With almost a tropical fruit hint like fresh
pineapple, apricot, slight hint of almond, something nutty. Palate is nicely rounded, it offers quite
unctuous fruit there. At the same time it has a good underlining
freshness, particularly on the finish. A bit more gripe and extract with rather mouth-watering
acidity. It starts out quite bold and tropical but
it finishes more dry and fresh. So a very interesting example. Dynamic blend from modern Spain.

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