Anti-Aging Resveratrol | The Health Benefits of Red Wine

So, I’m here in Sassignac. With my very good friend, Thierry. He is a seventh generation vintner if you
can believe that. And he is a wine grower. So, this area which is right next to Bordeaux,
is a part of the world where you speak to the vintner, which of course I do, because
I am obsessed with the soil, I’m obsessed with the terroir. And I’ll explain that to you in a minute,
but here’s the thing: when you speak to the farmers, you speak to the growers in this
part of the world, they tell you that this environment is really the heart of France. Because it incorporates the grape, the soil,
the air, and when you think about the amount of wine that comes out of this country, and
the quality of the wine- When I first decided a decade ago that I wanted to bring to the
U.S. market, the very best resveratrol that I could find, what I did with my mother, was
we searched all over the world. We looked in the U.S. at the finger lakes,
we looked throughout Italy, we went throughout France, and we probably put together about
fifty different vineyard from all over the world. And then we went through this process, because
what I wanted to do- is I wanted to be able to share with you the most pure, the most natural,
and the most potent process that would allow you to gain the most health benefits. But I wanted to do it in a way without preservatives,
without- um, middlemen. You could call them middlemen, without the
distributers. Because so much of what we consume in today’s
market goes through a supply chain that doesn’t nourish us, that doesn’t keep the potency
of the soil. And so I came to Thierry over a decade ago
and I fell in love with the process that he uses in his family. Not only is it seventh generation, but there’s
a level of pride, commitment to the soil, to the fact that he has a demeter logo on
his product. And what demeter means is that not only is
he organic, which has been for many, many, many years, but for the past decade, he has
focused on getting this incredible, this incredible, incredible certification, which is a biodynamic certification, called demetor. We’ll talk about that we’ll describe it in
the description, but it’s super meaningful to us, to our health, to our well-being. And so I’m gonna let Thierry just talk to
us a little bit about the grape. But where we get the resveratrol here, where
we get the powerful polyphenols, are from the stems, these young stems, the vines, the
young part of the vine. You see, this is the woody part of the vine. This is very old and this terroir, this soil
is seven generations of vine, of strengthening, of dealing with the elements. And the resveratrol is also produced in very
small amounts within the skins of the grape. (Speaking French) And we know, even though, you’re looking at the
skin and understanding how powerful it is- with all of the polyphenols, we also know that
these seeds are extremely important. Grape seeds, I mean grape seed is a product
that we have on the market and um, there are tremendous health benefits with all of it. So, I wanted to share with you just a couple
of like, the reasons that resveratrol is so incredibly powerful for our bodies. I’m going to share my favorite three benefits. So, the first benefit I would tell you and
why I travel all over the world to find the very best ingredients and share them with
you, and share somebody who I adore and have so much respect for, this
wine grower, Thierry. Is because resveratrol has been shown in clinical
studies, our good friend, Dr. David Sinclair discovered that is activates genes. Actual genes within our body that activate
the youth in our body. So just like there’s research that shows when
we do caloric restriction, when we intermittent fast, when we do longer periods of fast, we’re
activating the youth inside of our genes. Resveratrol has that same capacity . So that’s
why resveratrol is so well-regarded and that’s why there are so many thousands, upon thousands
of research studies that are bring done constantly. It’s because of the health benefits, specifically,
from an anti-aging perspective. The second one that I love to think about
every time I take a resveratrol supplement or every time that I drink a glass of Thierry’s
wine, and I’m excited for you to also have the privilege of being able to drink his wine. We’re gonna be sharing it with all of you. Umm, is because in that wine it’s supporting
our cardiovascular health and with all of the issues that we have with our heart, and
the importance of really maintaining that organ, and it’s strongest fashion, we
can look to the French. And we can understand the French paradox is
alive and well. And the third area that I’m really fascinated
as it relates to resveratrol is the mitochondrial health. The mitochondrial energy that we get from
the polyphenols that are found in the grape, the brain energy that we get from the polyphenols
that are found in the grape. And really where that research is going. So keep drinking your red wine, we have dry
red wine for all of us that love keto, and for those of you that don’t want to drink
the wine. Umm, or are looking for more of the therapeutic
benefits, because we know with resveratrol you’re going to get more of the true
therapeutic benefits. You’re looking for 250 milligrams to 500 milligrams. We have to source our resveratrol from a variety
of places, but it all starts, for me and I hope for you, and for Thierry, right here
in the heart of France. In this beautiful vineyard. That is seventh generation vineyard. So to your health, to your longevity, and
to this beautiful world.


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