Anti-Aging Secrets & The French Paradox

Hey guys I wanted to take you to a place
that means so much to me. You’ve known me for years.
In fact about 10 years ago, I first came here and I’m in…I’m right next to the
Bordeaux region, I’m in France. It’s an area called Bergerac and these vines are
where the youth molecule or the anti-aging longevity gene is able to be
activated in our own bodies from these little grapes and 10 years ago when I
was sitting at a cafe with my cousins, Eric and his wife Ord and we were eating
all of this like really rich and delicious creamy cheese and we were
drinking red wine and we were just talking about how is it that the French
can have this experience in life, right? Like where they get to enjoy all of the
pleasures and yet never have to say no to certain foods. What is it and why do
they have such incredibly powerful cardiovascular system systems. Why do
they have the healthiest hearts in the westernized world? Why is it that they
can live so differently than we do in the US and that’s what brought me here.
It started with going to the University of Bordeaux we’re really truly the
grandmother is the grandfather’s of the research around the power of red wine,
the polyphenol as you call it. I chose this particular Chateau which you’re
gonna get to see in a minute because the soil,
this soil is not just natural organic, it’s also called biodynamic and
biodynamic is like organic but enhanced. And it brings so much more to the plants.
So we’re going to talk about that too but what I thought I’d share with you
today more than anything is just the basic understanding, I probably got dirt
now all over my face, the basic understanding that soil matters. Where
things come from matters and it doesn’t matter for me where in the world that
might be. This just happens to be a country where my mother was from and
where I’ve lived over the years but this particular environment this air, this
soil, the amount of clay, the amount of lime in this soil, the quality of these
grapes, the fact that this is a seventh-generation small tiny little
Chateau that I spent probably six or seven months looking all over the world
to find, right? I wanted to find vineyards where I could source the anti-aging
molecule resveratrol and this was a decade ago and be able to bring it to
you in a way that I believed was going to increase your joie de vivre if we
want to call it that and joie de viv is that feeling of joy, of health, of
vitality, that we all deserve but it’s so hard to get to because of all the
processed foods because of the quality of the air because of the stress in the
environment and I’m going to show you how this little plant does so well with
stress and what that gives to us. With that said I want to share with you three
ways that the French activate the youth inside of their body. Number one they
drink really good wine. What I mean by good wine is look for a
wine that doesn’t have sulfates in it. That has more resveratrol it gives you
more of that youth. The next thing is dark chocolate. I’ve told you before
my great grandmother would start her day with a piece of dark chocolate while I
may not recommend that but chocolate has seven hundred and ten compounds in it
and it’s filled with resveratrol. A third way to really get…a third way to really
get the benefits of youth inside your body is think about the soil from where
you’re getting your food. It’s organic, it’s biodynamic and there are so many
good microbes but your entire microbiome can benefit from. So that’s it guys I
wanted to share a little bit of behind the scenes what I love where my heart is
and just give you a glimpse thanks for watching I’ll see you next time.

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