Hello, I am AeJeong. Today’s menu is
Beef steak & wine. Thank you for the meal♥ Beef is the best Korean beef. The meat is very fresh. Apply the cooking oil to the meat. And sprinkle plenty of salt. Plenty of pepper Bake meat on hot stone plate. Put rosemary on the meat. The aroma of rosemary goes well with meat. I medium-rare cook meat and eat it. It is the cow’s Tenderloin. The meat is about 3 cm thick. The beef was baked for 2 minutes back and forth,
And the sides were baked for 30 seconds. A1 Steak source. I wonder what flavor it is. Let’s cut the steak. This steak is Medium-rare. Tenderloin also looks delicious. I often drink board or beer. So wine is like eating for the first time. II don’t know how to eat or taste. Sorry. T-T The meat is too soft and the meat juice is full. It is so delicious.♥ Basically, seasoning is good and it is delicious. If you eat without sauce,
You can enjoy more meat taste. Seasoning cheese. I’ll try it together. It is my style.♥ The smell of cheese and the meat match well. It is a richer taste. I try steak and wine for the first time. Now I know why I ate steak and wine together. If you eat together, there is more synergy. So good. The A1 steak sauce is sour. So I personally don’t fit my taste buds. It is good to eat without the source. It is thick and full of meat juice. Salt & sesame oil sauce. I am more delicious to eat on salt & sesame oil. I would like to express the taste of the food in more detail, but I’m sorry I lack English ability. The translation may not be accurate. I’d appreciate it if you’d understand. It was good to feel the restaurant at home today. I wish you all happy. I really enjoyed the meal♥


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