Assam Deori Tribe Food Tour + BEST Deori BIHU Dance + RICE WINE ( Assam Ethnic/Tribal Food Series )

So we are here at Kolowloa Deori village today. Deori is one of the big communities of Assam. It is a tribal community. So we are here today at Indeswar Deori’s place. So from here he will lead you. Namaskar.
-Namaskar. Thank you for giving us this opportunity to visit your house. How many years have you been living here? I was born here . So you were born here. Yes. The name of this village is Kolowlowa.
-Kolowlowa Deori Village. The Deori community is in Assam and Arunachal Pradesh as well. In both the states.
-Yes. And at which places they are there in Assam? In Assam they are in the Lakhimpur district. in Dhemaji District In Shivsagar district, in Jorhat district. In Dibrugarh district In Tinsukia district The Deori community is resides in seven to eight districts. They are an indigenous tribe of Assam. It can be said that the word Deori comes from the word God. Deori are the ones who follow the highest divine traditions. So Deoris are those who follow the instructions of God. This is a shrine of the Deori tribe. In this shrine… Every year or rather every month the Deori community performs puja in this temple. And they sacrifice goose, chicken and goat in this place. And by doing so they think that throughout the year, they will all be happy. They believe this It is known as the Chang ghar.
-Yes Chang Ghar. In this Chang Ghar Now a days the existence of Chang Ghar has declined. Ten years ago all the Deori people lived in these Chang Ghars. And living in these Chang Ghar is fun. Deori people build the Chang Ghar because they reside beside the river. That is why when floods happen The flood water flows below the houses. Okay that’s the reason why the houses are made in such a raised manner. So that if flood comes the water will flow beneath. What shall we see now? Bihu dance. Deori Bihu dance. Is it different from the dance forms… The Deori Bihu dance is different from the dance forms of other Assamese communities. ‘Traditional folk song’ We call this Bati
-Yes. Kahan Bati. But its colour is quite different. Its brownish. This is totally pure. Its nice. What is called? This is called the Rohi. In Deori you call it Rohi? We call it Haaz, Mod and Rohi. What is called in Deori language?
-It is called Chuze. This is very strong. The womenfolk also drinks this. All the ladies here drink it. Who drinks the most among them all? She drinks the most. How is it?
-Its good.
-It seems as if we are having wine. How is it?
-Very crisp and crunchy. This is called the Ghulguli. We have rice, Black gram Fish and chicken Let’s start. What is this plate of yours called? It is called Baan Kahin. And this one is known as Paati Kahin. Baan Kahin and Pati Kahin. If you eat in this Baan Kahin…
-You don’t have to bend much. All the elderly people in our Deori community are served food in this plate. It is for respect. Ya respect is a thing and also… So that they can have their food comfortably.
-Practical reasons. While eating in a plate, they have to bend much In this they can have it easily. It is very tasty. The country chicken has a distinct flavour of its own. In this you have added turmeric and pepper. Just that. Yes and nothing else. It is consumed together along with the rice. This seems to be much more stronger than that. That too in taste only. The one that is fermented for long is much more strong.
-Yes. This is of rice?
-Yes. This one has a sharp taste. Every place we have been to. When you travel to places Where ever we have been, the taste of rice beer has differed. The taste, name and colours differ Every parameter varied from Lower Assam to Upper Assam. This is a very enriching experience. Where ever we have been in the whole of Assam The food that we have eaten at people’s home It is a different experience. We haven’t had such a wonderful experience We have been to so many places in India but such experience is unprecedented. The tamul or betel nut is given to all pot meal. To all those who are willing. Now Before departing. Let’s enjoy ourselves. Let’s enjoy with song and dance. After that we will bid goodbye. Come. Folk song. Thank you for inviting us home. Thank you from us as well. And please visit our place as well.
-Sure we will.


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