Australian Wine Unmatched: Raw Power

Here we go! Swirl. Smell. Taste. TARAS: Spit it out.
That’s it. I drank some.
We’re in trouble now. (UPBEAT MUSIC) I’m Taras Ochota. I’ve got a little winery
called Ochota Barrels. I had a misspent youth
playing in punk bands and I sort of love that edginess and sort of play
the top string of a bass, you know, distortion peddle. And I suppose that relates to
the way we make wine, you know, quite simplistic. That sort of
less is more creates something that is a lot more
fuller and scrumptious. – You go first.
– You want an entrance? – You want a clean entrance?
– That’s fine like that. This is fine?
I’ll stop directing, go ahead. – (LAUGHS)
– Come on through. I’m Penelope Spheeris,
I’m a film director and I do pictures
like Wayne’s World and I do music documentaries like The Decline Of Western Civilization. (PUNK MUSIC) I think more important
than the music, what I learnt was the Punk Rock ethic. Complete independence,
don’t doubt yourself and do it yourself. – You built all this?
– Yeah. I actually am really jealous. — Coming from Hollywood…
– Yeah, sure. ..into this, is like a dream. Always just dreamt of, you know,
just having a little shed that you could just walk down
and just, you know, make wine with my hands,
you know. You imagined it and it happened
and now people love your wine. Exactly, yes. (GASPS AND LAUGHS) I did something right. Is there something about the
soil here that makes it special? Not necessarily, no. I think it’s
more of a mindset, you know. Go back to basics a bit
and make wine that doesn’t have all the
fancy-pants factory things done to it, you know,
it’s just using grapes. And you can really taste
the difference? Well, I think so. The amazing thing
about punk rock is that it was based in
tearing down tradition. No more rock stars, no more
guitar solos, no love songs and I think by making
your wine as pure as you do you’re kinda doing the same thing. That sort of edginess I suppose,
it’s very simple and concise and have energy and energy is what
I really try to capture in wines, you know, that sort of
exploding in there. A one minute little
hard fast punk song, go, “Shit, that was amazing!”. When I did The Decline Of
Western Civilization I never thought, oh this is
going to go down in history, I just did something that
I felt needed to be done and documented for history. I just think, I’m not
following the little pack. – Yeah.
– You just wanna do your own thing. And in that way, sort of just…
(GRUNTS) It’s just surprising to me that punk
rock and wine pair together so well. (UPBEAT MUSIC) I didn’t really know what to expect
with regard to Australian wine. I can see and I’ve tasted that it
is absolutely incredible. Thank you so much for
giving me the experience. It’s a pleasure mate. (PUNK MUSIC) Did we do it, did we do it? Ow, baby! Okay.

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