Author: Norbert Padgett

Donya Snake in Wines DB

Snake it’s still painful. Dont feel sad coz that will make you ugly. You wont look like me, pretty. Come to me at WINES DB Where? Wines DB deaf! When there are wines, no one will break our hearts, no one will leave us You are late. Cheers! Did you know that wines here. can

Visiting a French Winery Run by Veterans

(gentle music) (birds chirping) – [Narrator] In the green fields of Provence, in southeastern France, lies a unique winery, one operated entirely by French veterans. (vibrant music) The Domaine du Capitaine Danjou Winery has 100 acres of grape vines, and overseeing them all right is Alan Lonjarret. (speaking in foreign language) – [Narrator] The fields