Author: Norbert Padgett

Wine To Look For(ward to)! 🥂

What’s up guys welcome to another Winemaker Wednesday we just finished the end of our harvest let me show you a couple things we have going on the winery so sneak peek. Fermentation is over but we do have some wine settling, we have some wine that we’re starting some cold stability on, lot of

Moët & Chandon Rosé Impérial Champagne Review: A Fruit-Forward Sparkling Wine

CP: Hello and welcome to Bespoke Unit, I’m CP. Paul Anthony: I’m Paul Anthony. Trevor Guilday: I’m Trevor Guilday CP: And today we shall be reviewing Möet & Chandon Rosé Impérial Champagne. Paul Anthony: Now that we have introduced the champagne, we’ve savored the champagne, now let’s bloody drink the champagne. CP: Gentlemen. Paul Anthony:

Wyoming Wine – Table Mountain Winery

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The Perfect Drink by Brookstone

Enjoy the expertise of a world class bartender at home with the Perfect Drink. A smart scale paired with an instructive app for your mobile device that helps you make perfectly mixed cocktails. So even if your guests aren’t exactly entertained by your flare bar tending skills. How’s it taste? The Perfect Drink will surely