Award Winning Winery – Two Sisters in Niagara on the Lake!

Niagara on the Lake is one of the most
notorious areas for producing wine and I had the pleasure of visiting two sisters
vineyard which recently just got awarded the best winery in Canada oh and welcome
to two sisters winery I’m dieter Unruh I’m the state Somalia
here and we’ve started tonight’s tasting with our latest major award winner our
2016 Blanc de Franck this is champagne method sparkling wine made from 100%
Cabernet Franc grapes and we’re very excited because this just recently won
the award as the best sparkling wine in Canada at the all Canadian wine
championships in this barrel room we have about 340
barrels about 300 full barrels at any given time
this is where we age our red line and that’s the foundation of our red wine
program wine tends to spend 28 to 36 months here in barrel before it’s
actually bottled and we believe that’s the key to making the quality wine the
award-winning wine that we’ve been making here at 2 sisters after the wine
tasting is done we are done with some beautiful food that’s gonna go really
nice with the law two sisters vineyards is family-owned
and there actually are two sisters they are the daughters of the family the
family and especially the sisters are intimately involved in everything that
happens in on the property from the vineyard through winemaking and
especially the hospitality part of the operation in the vineyard two sisters
uses a system called vertical shoe positioning or VSP for short during the
dormant period in the winter we prune everything except for two branches or
canes those are tied to the bottom wire from
there everything grows vertically hence the name vertical chute positioning it
allows us to manage the fruiting zone and where the grapes actually grow and
how they’re exposed to the sunlight and the growing conditions to maximize the
quality that the winemaker has to work with think incredible wines being nice steak
tops off an incredible weekend spent thanks for watching if you like this
video remember to subscribe like and leave a comment and let us know of your
favorite vineyards and wineries in Canada until next time you


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