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Yeah, where have you reached? Are you taking a U-turn
for the past 10 minutes? Come fast, otherwise
I’ll miss my train. Mama, dont go. Stay for a few more days. I’d left all my work and come.
I can’t take any more leave. Stay for a day or two atleast. You’ll do recovery instead of me? Do you know how difficult it is
because of the communication gap? A guy wasn’t returning me 50,000
rupees, so I told Gullu to shave his head, take a picture, and upload it
as his Facebook profile picture. I later found out, he was already bald. Plus he got 26 likes instead. But mama, if you go, who will
solve all our problems then? You’ve become older now son,
learn to fight on your own. There are three things which will
always keep coming in your life. Poop, challenges, assholes. Flush the poop. Deal with the challenges. Move away from the assholes. For how long will you
take your Mama’s help? And anyway, if things go out of hand, just
give a call, and Titu mama will be present. Hello, where are you? Your company’s given you a
GPS, learn how to use that. Better than you are the rickshaw wala’s.
Even a Delhi rickshaw driver knows where
my aunt stays in Bhopal. Which lane have you entered now?
Wait there, I’m coming. Mama… Okay son,I’ll take a leave now,
take care of your parents. And the Vaseline bottle which I left
under the bed, you can put that back in the cupboad. I’ll see you
later then, and keep calling, bye! Fix your mood now! Even earlier, the three of
us would handle everything. By the way, there are three new girls
who’ve come to tutions, they’re very cute. Let’s go say hi to them.
We’ll get RS also from them. The girls supply Royal Stag? R.S Aggarwal. Oh. Don’t get caught in a girl’s
trap, practice celibacy. Doesn’t get an erection himself,
came to explain things to us. You should not joke every time. The same thing your
father also said to your mother when he saw you
for the first time. “We won’t always joke like this.” Why did you give my father an injection? Oh! So you found out about that. Idiot, if you give it in the middle of
the nect, won’t we be able to see ? Why did you? Why, when, how. Only time will tell, son. Call that ‘time’ then! Its an i diom. There’s so much hatred inside of you.“Come whoever may, with so
much hatred in their heart.”
“To fuck everyone up,
is Titu mama’s habit.”
“Will welcome you with a slap.”Titu brother. Titu mama. How did you come back? I realised after sitting
in the car, that i’d left my phone charger here. So
I came back to get it. Yours. I’ve hit a monkey. Why are
you making a face like that? Not a monkey, I’m a lion’s son! When did aunty go to the jungle? What’s in your hand? I’ve got ladoos. Today’s a day of happiness for me. Congratulations, he’s done a vasectomy. I haven’t gotten a vasectomy,
I’ve been promoted. What’s higher than an asshole? Why did you give my
brother-in-law an injection? You people have disrespected me a lot. I had to take revenge for
that from someone atleast. So a few pictures of Babloo Ji. While eating. While not eating. While laughing. While not laughing. With clothes on. Without clothes on. Are in this pendrive. He himself doesn’t know, he had an
entire photoshoot while unconscious. What do you want? 50 lakh rupees, or else
every employee at the office will have the
pictures from this pendrive. Where will we get so much money from? While unconscious, Babloo
Ji did mention his savings and fix deposit
total to atleast 40 lakhs. The rest you can figure out. You can fix an ass, but not an asshole. What guarantee do i have, that if i give
you 50 lakhs, you won’t bother them again? Why will you give the money? I will give. You’re not alone, I’m also there with you. We’ll figure something out together. Even I’ll contribute. Whoa, friends are helping
each other out. Wow! What will you understand
about friendship? A man’s biggest strength is that he
can choose his own friends. Its as difficult to find such friends
as finding logic in a porn film. You don’t put ‘best’ in
front of mother, father, brother or sister. But
you can put ‘best’ in front of a friend, because you know that
this person will always have your back. You need to be thick to play the role
of such friends. Someone who runs away in a bad time is a ghost, but the one
who’ll stick around is a dost (friend). You think this kid will be able
to give you 50 lakh rupees? He’s not able to return even 400 rupees
of his, but still he said he’ll help him out. Why did he say that? So that
atleast he’ll be at a little ease. A life without friends, is like a
chest without nipples. Pointless. Your speech is very good. You’re so selfish. Everyone has the right
to live their own life. That’s why yours is so fucked up. Yeah Gullu wait, what’s the address? The bag will reach your house. 29-F Janakpuri. 29-F. Deliver the bag there. I missed my train, my business
will again suffer losses. Hello, Kavita? There was some important
work, so I missed my train. Don’t get too angry, I’ll
take the next train and come. Are you crying? No, no, no. Swear on me, you’re not going to cry. Don’t cry. What happened mama? I’d promised Kavita before
marriage, I’d never let her cry. But today I broke that promise. Because of you. I told you, don’t mess with me. People who prove their manliness by a pissing
contest, often pee in their own pants. Now you watch. Lower your finger! I always knew this was his fantasy, no
wonder his wife is always dissatisfied. My wife is very happy with me. Because her mother had taught her to find
happiness even in the smallest of things, Laugh all you want. But who’s the owner of 50 lakhs now? Me! Who won this fight between
a jackal and a lion? Me! Who’s going to laugh at all of you now? Me! What does a goat say? Meeeeee! Did you meet any Lucy in Bangkok? Lucy? The one whom you took
to your room at night. How do you know? Titu is my name. Keeping an eye on my competitor’s work,
and my enemy’s habit is my game. A big will now reach your
home, which contains videos of you and Lucy
kissing for 7 seconds. He lasted only for 7 seconds? Eno. Starts working only in 6 seconds. Bhola, finishes working only in 7 seconds. Hello? Yes. Black bag? What’s in it? A pendrive? Don’t open it. I’m coming back now! Who will still keep 50 lakh rupees? Us! Who won this fight between
a jackal and lion? Us! Who will laugh at you? Us! What do girls say when they’re angry? Hmmmmm This isn’t right, what you’ve done. Give me the pendrive and go. Bhola! If your wife does your bag a khola (open) Then she’ll break your face
into pieces of sola (16). Then you’ll be on the road with
your jhola(bag). Get out now!

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