BB Ki Vines- | Maakichu Mere Bete |

He gave me this on Rose day when
we were 7yrs old You give it water everyday?!
Its plastic How can I keep this? He gifted me this Happy Meal toy
when we were in 5th grade How can I keep this? Left the pillow here
-How can I keep this? Left a t-shirt but
I’ve washed it How can I keep this? Mouse
How can I keep this? Sunglass cover
How can I keep this? HD porn movie collection What are you guys doing
Why did you break your friendship When your ‘friend’ starts hiding
things it means its time to seperate But you guys are like Jay-Viru
Jay dies in the end Shaktimaan and Gangadhar(Indian Superman-Clarke Kent)
They are the same Nattu kaka and Bhaga
Shut up man! We wont speak of him anymore in this house Let’s go out In general, we won’t talk about him But why?
Bancho and I are done Motherf*ck ,my son! If relationships could get over so fast then Ekta Kapoor’s serials wouldn’t
run for 12 years, motherf*ck. Uncle, what are you doing here?
Why? Only losers are allowed here? No… I meant you’ve come after a long time
Would you like water? No son, today I’ll drink neat Hello, put $250 million on the Russian team I’ve spoken to Putin, the
team will play defensively and will then screw
Spain in the penalities, motherf*ck. Uncle you gamble?
Sometimes… for timepass Who will win the finals?
Chennai Super Kings Why have you come here?
Bancho left for Dubai If he was in Dubai why would I come here?
To watch Race 3? What?
He never left for Dubai When did he speak to you?
He had called me Dad? Motherf*ck my son, you’ve called me at a good time
and even Lisa is here Hello Bancho, have some tea
You taught her Hindi also Nevermind that I’ve booked your tickets
Come here ASAP Dad, I wont be able to come to Dubai Aww, why?
I don’t feel like coming But your dad loves to He’s talking about something else
Why are you getting dirty, motherf*ck. Come home soon, son.
Dad, the wounds are deep. Son, Sanjivani Jadi Booty(Medicine) and
Lisa’s big booty have healed many Dad, I wont be able to come bye. Where are you?!
Motherf*ck, now I’ll have to go to India Hey wait!
I wanna go to India too What! He wanted to drive expensive cars, live
a luxourious life and go to expensive clubs Even I used to think this
But after speaking to him, it seems he doesn’t There was sadness in his eyes Just like when I don’t get weed in the morning
You guys smoke? No uncle
That’s my boy! Don’t do this it slows your brain The other day I took Lisa to gang
member’s funeral and she started laughing Why?
Because earlier we were cracking jokes and she understood them
after 30 mins, motherf*ck! Uncle this is why we don’t do drugs I always wanted my son to
take care of my business But after seeing him cry I
realized he will f*ck up, motherf*ck. Seeing his tears, I realized
he should be on Musically He and Lisa started arguing
and then Lisa had to bow down She conceded defeat?
No, she had to literally bow down only then he shut up *Heavy lusty inhale* My son is very adamant
Once he wanted to play with a dead body Dead body?!
And my big brother scolded him But I still let him play?
With whose dead body? My big brother There is no one who can scold my son and
I’ll bury anyone who tries, motherf*ck! But why did you call him to Dubai
He would relax in Dubai and earn Dhirams But he can stay here and earn Rupees Rupee is down 69 son.
First time only one party has got an orgasm after 69 Hi Lisa. What he’s not giving the money?
Break his ass into a puzzle He’ll have to spend an
entire night joining it back That means Bancho didn’t go to Dubai He told me one of you called me a gangster Aye Sameer! I had told you
to not say stuff like that Liar, I didn’t say anything uncle. Remember only contestants in Big Boss back bitch Say anything about me but dont doubt your friendship Friends are like farts.
Can go out but not in I praise your friendship
throughtout the underworld Though you are mindless
Your heart is full of love Everyone has fights but doesnt
mean we break friendships I gave him such a luxurious lifestyle Private jet to travel, lambo on the roads
Hot chicks be it Afghani or Irani cardamom-less Biryani.. He said “No papa, I wanna stay
here with my beggar friends” Hole in my underwear and hands on my gear *Cries like a bitch* My bro I don’t know how I doubted him Said bad things about him also -No problem
Shut up, f*cker! He was explaining something
But I shouted at him Today is his birthday and he’s
never spent it without me He did, last year
That was with his girlfriend in a hotel Asshole, why did you say
that in front of my dad Bro! You are my son, I’ll just
talk to the owner of Tinder He’ll give you a special feature
Any girl who rejects will automatically like you Uncle, this is not an EVM
Do this and that happens Sorry bro for talking rudely
No problem, just say sorry But you said bad things about my parents
But even you called dad a gangster Ahh so it was you! No uncle!
Dont worry, it’s empty

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