BEA Sparking Energy Drink: Botanical Energy + Adaptogens

Do you feel like your
go-to gourmet coffee, or convenience store drink is
just barely getting you by? Life is about more than just getting by. We all have busy lives. Carting kids to soccer practice, attending meetings at work, and running from one
appointment to another. And we need energy to not
just stay focused and present, but to also feel good during the day. We typically turn to some sort of caffeinated beverage to keep us going, but those drinks don’t always
align with our health goals. That doesn’t have to be the case anymore. Meet BEA, a botanical energy drink, with 125 milligrams of
naturally sourced caffeine from green tea. BEA delivers so much
more than just energy. It features the balancing
power of adaptogens, from aswagandha, maitake
and shiitake mushrooms. Anyone who uses adaptogens
will swear they’re incredible, but there’s a scientific
reason why we use them in products like e+, Ionix
Supreme, Cleanse for Life and now BEA. They’re powerful, natural botanicals that can help combat the
negative effects of stress and balance your body. So, not only will you
feel awake and alert, but you’ll feel focused
on commanding the day. It has 10 calories and less
than one gram of sugar. Plus, it’s made with raw
nutrients and vitamins, sourced from fruits and vegetables. You won’t get that from
other energy beverages. BEA has a refreshing
and light fruity taste, without the use of artificial
flavors or sweeteners. Just pop open a can to start your day, enjoy while working or studying, or to get an afternoon spark. Now available in two flavors, berry bellini and citrus sunrise. And the best part? When you drink BEA, you’re helping create a better environment and a better world. 5% of all profits from BEA, will help the ISA foundation
provide healthy nutrition and support for underserved children, wellness education for all, and aid those affected
by natural disasters. Are you ready to BEA healthy change?

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