Beef in red wine コストコ牛肩ロースで作るワイン煮:Gourmet Report グルメレポート

Hello Today’s cooking Beef cookery USA Chuck Roll that I bought at Costco 1072g 1,158 Very inexpensive Beef cooked in red wine I bought red wine also at Costco Do i like Costco? Yea Chilean wine Good value 1 kg Reduce this level of one kg diet Cut The hardness of the meat is different Both will cook Suitable size Here part are tender Suitable size The olive oil in frying pan Slice garlic Scent of garlic Bake the meat Bake the surface Lightly Salt Put the meat in pot Also put oil Onion Oregano Honey Soy sauce Ketchup Worcestershire sauce Wine Suitable Looks like a red onion I ignite Boiling Lid 20 minutes with high pressure Ninja 20 minutes later Open Black The fat on the surface This is all fat Beef Crumble Hey Looks yummy Chunk of beef Cook more a little Tasting Yummy Beef stew Beef cooked in red wine I eat this Tender Yummy What kind of taste? Beef stew Please Delicious? Is beef stew Mustard And this is also delicious


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