Behind the Wine: Amici Cellars

[MUSIC PLAYING] What we wanted to do was be
able to make a wine that we could enjoy with our friends. And one of the people
there said, amici. And most of us said,
well, what does that mean? And it’s friends in Italian. It can come from
anywhere in California. There’s some years we’re
going to Paso, Monterrey, staying on the north coast. But it gives us the freedom
to find great quality and produce some really
beautiful blends. It’s one thing to make
a great bottle of wine. But being able to share that
and share the experiences with your friends
and your family is really what makes the
experience truly special. I think that is such a cool
wine and a blend that really can reach the entire country. I would say the
2016 Cabernet is one of the most satisfying wines
I’ve made in my career. These wines really
touch a lot of people. And I think the quality
in this wine is exciting. I think Jesse’s hand and
working together with him to craft this wine has
been really, really fun. This is a wine that
is about blending. It’s about going back to the
way that wines were crafted in Europe and in France. It’s a very special wine.

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