Behind the Wine Bottle – Rick and Jennifer

Jennifer and I met in San Diego 30 years
ago, and we worked for an aerospace company in San Diego.
So our job took us to Texas for a year or so. Then we moved to Seattle,
Washington. We were there for 5 years. With the rain and everything, and being
from here it was pretty difficult. So we decided to come down here.
Jennifer: Every once and a while, not as much as I used to, but I’ll take care of a limo group. They
always ask me, and I’m like, “Okay I’m the owner and my husband is 19 years old.”
And they are like, “Ha ha!” and then he walks by and I go, “Okay he’s prematurely gray.” And then I tell them this was named after Bellevue, Washington. Cougar Mountain. Where we lived and that’s where we started getting serious about our why making. We dug out underneath our house.
Rick: Which was not my idea by the way! Jennifer: Well we all agreed to it. We thought this little trendy thing would go away and it didn’t, but we were already Cougar, so.
Rick: I don’t think it’s hurt our business to tell you the truth.
Jennifer: People walk in the door
and then it’s our duty to win them over with the wine, so the name gets them
in the door, okay you know, but we’re serious about our wine making. Jennifer: We had the opportunity to plant a
Lambrusca cuttings from a friend of ours Rick: So the Lambrusca, we believe we’re the only producer in the world making a standalone varietal of that. We were in
Italy, in Alessandria, and asked some folks in one of the wineries there we could,
where we could find some Lambrusca di Alessandria and they told us, that we
meant Lambrusco and we said, no we meant Lambrusca di Alessandria. They
actually googled it when we were in the tasting room and they found a few wineries that
may produce it, but it would be a blend. It would not be a standalone varietal.
So to this day we can’t find it anybody that produces a standalone varietal
of Lambrusca. Jennifer: Temecula’s location and just the soil
and the terroir, the temperature
Rick: The breeze were getting right now from the rainbow
gap. It keeps us cool nights and a nice warm days.
Jennifer: A lot of people tell us it looks like Tuscany. Rick: That’s one thing we decided to do when we found this property, and we decided to do the winery up here. We were trying to figure out what we’re gonna plant. We decided to do nothing but Italian varietals just to be a
little different than the rest of the valley. Since then there are some other
wineries now that are doing mostly all Italian varietals too,
so Italian varietals do very well in Southern California. Jennifer: We’re also located strategically by all
these great cities of San Diego, Orange County, Palm Springs. So the people are
coming. We just have to make great wines so they keep coming back. Jennifer: Lambrusca! Rick: Yeah, lets switch! Jennifer: Hey! (laughs)

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