Behind the Wine: O’Neill Vintners & Distillers

[MUSIC PLAYING] When I started O’Nell,
I had the opportunity to create a company
completely from scratch with great culture. And I think the youth in
our industry is terrific. We were able to put together
this team of seasoned veterans and then bring in this
young group of winemakers in their 20s. We wanted to be creative,
we wanted to experiment, but we also want
people to have fun. It all comes with
a clear definition of what you’re trying to
accomplish with that label. Otherwise, it’s just,
oh, here’s a label. So we really need focus, what
is the story behind this wine? We work very hard to make
your wines defect free. When your wines are
defect free, you’ve just taken a giant step
towards consistency. I would like to just add on the
idea of [? variety ?] correct wines, wines that showcase
the [? Appalachian ?] of where those grapes come from as well. There’s a broad swath of the
California viticulture areas we source fruit from, one for
quality aspects, one for value, and a mix up and
down the state so we can provide interesting
aromatics and flavors. Once you have good
quality grapes then, you have to have high
quality facilities with great technology
and allow you have control of the winemaking
process via temperature, aeration, maceration
of your fruit, all these different aspects
that help you create a craft product when you have craft
people and craft mindset. [MUSIC PLAYING]


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