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I bought the 12 least expensive white wines starting from $2.76 from 4 different hypermarkets, Walmart, Target, Aldi and Vons. The average price of these 12 bottles is $4.42. All under $5 except for only one. We show you our best and worst whites among them. There are surprisingly good wines and extremely poor wines at the same time. Let’s check together how they are! I bought 12 bottles of white wines. Twelve? Yes. You said we were going to do 8. Well, the more, the merrier. Exactly! And I bought them from very big supermarkets. I tried to buy white wines as cheap as possible. I now know what means when he says he has a very special experience planned for me today. Yes. He forgets I’m the wineguy. Not the non-wineguy. They are wines. OK. We do it blind. Sure! I tried to choose rather famous grape varieties, which are Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay. And some other grape varieties like Pinot Grigio and one sweet wine for the last one. OK. And we do them in flights. You said 12. So 3 flights of 4. OK. Do you want some help? Mainly screwtops. No. Just one screwtop. It’s amazing that the really cheap wines are cork and all the moderately priced wines are screwcap. It must mean that cork is cheaper than screwcap. Or it’s a marketing thing. I heard from some producers these days cheap cork is as much expensive as screwcap. What it really tells me is that outside of some kind of marketing idea, what it says is that screwcap is slightly more expensive than the cheapest cork. Cork in the generic term meaning cork like closure, not necessarily cork. These are interesting from a certain perspective. Last week when we tasted the reds, there were so many concoctions there. Recipe winemaking, really in many instances maybe appealing to consumers but not teaching them anything about wine. These are for the most part, less manipulated because you don’t really want to mess around too much with oak, oak essence, staves or chips or whatever it might be. What these wines suffer from is dilution, meaning that the varietal character is not very evident. And you have to work very very hard to get the varietal character although all of these are drinkable. Only one of which I’d be prepared to drink a full glass but they are all drinkable. Which one is it? Number 3(not #2). It took me a long time on the #1 trying to figure out what it was. It was very faintly coming through that it was Sauvignon Blanc from the new world. In the context of, in fact you have told me that these are really low priced wines. All under $7 and that one which is close to $7 is extremely expensive. OK. Oak Leaf. Oak Leaf Sauvignon Blanc. Oh, it’s from South Eastern Australia. I must say the Australians are absolutely the world’s experts in engineering of wine. They know the price point they’re trying to hit, they know the taste profile they want to hit, and so they home in on exactly where the grapes should come from, where you can find the taste profile that they’re looking for at the price they need. The Australians are better than that in my experience than anybody else. They are genius! Australian guys, genius! What’s the price? $2.76 from Walmart. Second one, it’s another Sauvignon Blanc. Flirty Bird. Terrible. Did you pick up any Sauvginon Blanc character? Not really. That was really bad. I mean as a wine it’s nice. But as a Sauvignon Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc is literally the most identifiable of the white wine grapes. It’s very aromatic but… Yes, there is something else there. Number 3, I thought this was the best wine of the flight. Very obviously Sauvginon Blanc to me. I really agree with you. Oh, good for you! This one is quite good. Very much the best wine of the flight. Quite a bit full-bodied which I didn’t expect. But I thought it was very decent. It’s labeled Sauvignon Blanc, It smells and tastes like Sauvignon Blanc and that wine’s worth more than the other two. So I would expect it to be more expensive. Oh, really? California Roots Sauvignon Blanc. I think this is really well made. It is very clearly Sauvignon Blanc. It’s $5. OK. It’s certainly worth more money than the other two. (From) Target. Best so far. Yes, getting excited! Then #4? There’s zero color. Pinot Grigio, not Chardonnay. It is so diluted from the varietal character. Quail Oak Pinot Grigio. So it was Pinot Grigio & Colombard. There is 49% of Colombard. So Colombard is very cheap. So that’s how they can make wines at this kind of price. I didn’t tell you about the price yet. Oh, I’m sure it’s cheap. Why do you think so? Because there’s nothing there. How much is it? $4.99. Really? With the club price (from Vons), it’s $3.32. Walmart Sauvignon Blanc from Australia for $2.76 is a better wine. I think so, too. So I put this bottle away from you. Here in America it’s called French Colombard. French Colombard? Here? Yes. Colombard is from France. Yes, we call it French Colombard. In America we call it French Colombard as if there were something else, which I’m not sure. You see these corks. Yes, none of them is cork. They are all plastic. I remember when they first came out. The alternative closures to cork, they were terrible they were so bad. It was a cure for cork taint. And those initial plastic corks were so bad that the cure was worse than the disease. They didn’t seal properly all the wines were oxidized. Oh, really? Then they came out with something else. Instead of closing the wine with cork, they were closing the wines with sort of cork dust. An agglomeration of cork, bits of tiny pieces of cork and that had been supposedly treated and then put together again and put into the bottle. So that way, instead of having 1-5% of the bottles corked, you had 100% of bottles very slightly corked. It was terrible. Really? That was terrible. What varieties are you guys on now? Oh, wait, Patrick. You must gladden your heart here. The #4 for Patrick. Number 4? Number 4 for Patrick. OK. I hide the bottle. It’s OK. Nice acid, no oak. No malo. No nothing? Want to hazard any guesses as to what might be in there? Really crisp acidity. Colombard. Yes. I’m a Master of Wine by the way. Hey, when you are winning, it’s time to… Time to leave, exactly. OK. Cheers. Pretty dreary flight. Mainly Chardonnay, if not all. Concocted wines for the most part, all with various levels of residual sugar. The #1, my least favorite. Lots and lots of oak or oak chips or oak essences, sweet entry, very short. I think one can do a lot better even at low prices at least for me. I thought it was a California Chardonnay but really not very good at all. I agree with you. I’m not happy with the wine. Burlwood California Chardonnay. The price? $3.99 from Aldi. It’s too much what they want you to believe is oak and it’s too sweet, then it finishes too short. Next! That was slightly better. Quite Chardonnay, somewhat less concocted than the first one. This one is my favorite. Your favorite? It’s Berringer Main & Vine. It was better than the previous one. It’s $4.99 from Target. Number 7. I thought this one was the best. Ripe fruit on the nose like mango, papaya, wood on the nose, but not that much. Sweetish entry again, full-bodied, very short on the finish, quite bland but in the end, slightly higher quality than anything else in this flight. For me it’s very bland. It is bland but if you go back to it, which I did, there is a little bit more there. We can find some characteristic of Chardonnay here, right? Chardonnay is a very interesting grape. How interesting? Chardonnay does not have character! That’s why it’s interesting by the way. Chardonnay is a characterless grape. If you leave Chardonnay to its own devices, it gets to have grapefruit characteristic, lemony characteristics. Chardonnay is a winemaker’s grape, particularly a new world winemaker’s grape because you get to take it there and you give it malolactic fermentation, barrel fermentation, then you age it in the barrel. A lot of the ways that Chardonnay projects are the characteristics that are inculcated into Chardonnay by the way you make the wine. That having been said Chardonnay is an excellent canvas. That’s almost a hit against myself because the best Chardonnays in the world for me are actually the unoaked ones that come from Chablis. And they are highly identifiable. So Peter, you’re full of it. How can it highly identifiable and then bland, lacking in character? Well, I don’t know. I just know that generally speaking, Chardonnay needs work, it doesn’t have for example, the inherent varietal characteristics that are so obvious like a Sauvignon Blanc. But anyway that’s such a long story by the way for a very low price wine. It is not new to me. I’m used to it. OK. You said full of it, right? Full of it. Does it mean full of shit? Oh, you said it, not me. How can you talk like that? Yes, that’s what I mean. The #7, Barefoot Chardonnay. You know, Barefoot is Gallo. They’ve literally got their choices of sources, a richness in terms of sources from where to get their fruit that no other company in the entire world has. And they do a good job. You have got to hand it to them. It’s true. I’m impressed. $4.99 from Target. Number 8. It’s got something really weird like an artificial Muscat character. It’s poor. It almost tastes like water. It’s so much diluted. I didn’t realize you loved the wine! You rarely drink water, Peter. Yes, but when I do it, it tastes better than that. OK, it tastes like bad water. I don’t know what they’ve done. I’d love to see how they made the wine to know where that artificial character came from. Forest Ville Chardonnay. $4.49. At club price (from Vons) $3.88. It doesn’t worth a penny. Yes, in the context of these other wines, it’d be hard pushed to recommend that. You look much better than we tasted red wines. First of all, I prefer white wine. Second of all when you’re drinking low priced white wine, I prefer less than more. Overall they seem to be slightly better than very low priced red wines. Now we come to #9. Thank g_d, when I go home tonight, . I can drink 2013 Brunello di Montalcinao Riserva Why do you drink Brunello di Montalcino Riserva tonight? Why not? How much longer do you think I’m going to live? Do you think I’m going to live forever? I suppose you think I’m going to leave it for you in my will! I’m alive! Yes… Therefore I drink! Not I drink, therefore I’m alive. No, no, no. I’m alive, therefore I drink. Cheers! What cheers? Are you kidding? I mean “what is the occasion to drink Montalcino?” The fact that I’ve survived these 12 cheap wines. The fact that I’ve it open as well doesn’t make any difference. So #9. The quality of the fruit here was a slight step up from what we’ve seen in terms of the concentration of the fruit. This is my favorite in this flight. In this flight? Yes. Sutter Home. Well, we quite enjoyed their Cab, didn’t we? Yes.$6.99. At club price (from Vons) $4.43. Wow, it’s a very big difference. Too much difference. Well, you have to be a member of the club, otherwise it’s stupid. Yes, right. They don’t really want… it’s obvious they don’t want to sell the wine at the single bottle price. No. Then #10? This one I thought slightly better. Considerable palate authority. Overall not bad. So is this your favorite? It’s my favorite of the Chardonnays. Chateau Ste Michelle. The price? $6.72 from Walmart. They definitely did use a better quality of fruit. We are not talking about expensive wine here. It’s slight uptick in the quality of the fruit. Slight difference makes big difference. Eh… OK. Number 11? There’s nothiing on the nose. Very low varietal character. There’s an overall palate complexity. But I find whatever it is that they used wood here to be too obtrusive. It’s a little bit artificial. Yes. Woodbridge. This is Mondavi, right? Right. So this one is better than the previous red Mondavi. It’s true. And the price is $4.98 from Walmart. Numero last! This is much sweeter. It also got a bit of spritz. There’s a prickle on the tongue. Very muscaty. If you have bought something like that, this is what you would be expecting. And it doesn’t disappoint. It’s quite pleasant. Moiselle. Moiselle!!! “With mouthwatering flavors of juicy peach and apricot”. Which is true. $3.99 from Aldi. I don’t think you can fight with that. People buying this would have expected this. I love this packaging. I don’t. Packaging is horses for courses. Some packaging that I love, people hate and vice versa. I think it’s very boring packaging. Yes? And you love it. So… Oh, that’s because it’s the same color with your pajamas’. This is just a normal T-shirt. When I see this label, I just feel good. Why are you admitting it on TV? So I put this on the table. That’s fine. Alright. Would you select 2 best and 2 worst among these wines? Yes. The Roots Sauvignon Blanc. It’s exactly the same for me, too. Then my second highest score was the Chateau Ste Michelle. So this California Roots and Chateau Ste Michelle Chardonnay are the best. I’m curious about one more thing because California is so popular in Chardonnay. It’s so popular in the world. So if you pick the second best Chardonnay next to this… It’s not Californian? No, I mean… Is that what you were going to say? Ah, no. Oh, OK. If you pick the second best Chardonnay next to Chateau Ste Michelle? The next best Chardonnay. You are so fussy! Barefoot. Barefoot tied with Sutter Home. And Mondavi Woodbridge. Those three all got the same score from me. Barefoot is the most economical. Then Barefoot would be the best one. So for Chardonnay, Chateau Ste Michelle Chardonnay and Barefoot Chardonnay are the best. Alright. The two lowest scores that I gave… I think that one is quite easy. Forest Ville Chardonnay, and my second lowest score Burlwood Chardonnay. So the worst wines are Forest Ville Chardonnay and Burlwood Chardonnay. Are these really really bad or just bad? I don’t even want to say they are really really bad or just bad, I just want to say that even in the context of these low prices, we tasted wines that are way better than these. So there is no reason to buy these wines. Right. There is no reason to buy these wines, given the availability and the prices of many of the others including our two winners. So in summer time, drink some nice and cheap white wine. Have a look at the scores on the bottom after the video and you’ll see that my, whether or not my analysis is being correct, just looking at my paperwork. I’ll take a look, too. Alright, you do that.

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