BEST HIKING in Esquel, Patagonia, Argentina: LAGUNA LA ZETA + CERRO DE LA CRUZ

today we’re going to be taking you on
two easy day hikes in the town of esquel because when you’re not riding the old
Patagonian Express encountering 2700 year old trees in Los Alerces National
Park or stuffing your face with pizza and pasta and the town’s many
restaurants there are actually some fun nearby trails to tackle so that’s the
plan for today’s video but first you guys have to meet our cat friend she
walked into her apartment on the first day we arrived and pretty much made
herself at home this is the sweetest cat ever it’s a little girl cat she just
decided she was gonna come and hang out with us she’s sleeping on my arm you
didn’t even put it there like this okay we are well on our way
so we basically crossed the whole town of Esquel heading north along Fontana uphill
uphill continues uphill now we’ve got this sign it says laguna la zeta yeah
three kilometers that’s River going oh we’ve only just begun work off that
massive parrilla we had for luch yeah as an FYI you can take a taxi all the way up and
then walk down that’s what a lot of people do I think it’s not the lazy way
I would say a lot of people did I think Audrey was hoping to do no no no no
that’s what locals told us to do they’re like it
see take a taxi walk down I’m gonna enjoy walking off the parrilla let’s do
it lots of people heading up probably for
sunset yeah guys the trail does get better yeah we’re off of the dirt road
we’re actually making trail so quiet it’s peaceful we’re not thinking about
vehicles coming or dust blowing in her face oh yeah we’re just surrounded by
pine trees and pine cones all over the ground this is what we envisioned this
is what we hiked but I have to admit even though we did walk off that you
know like the dirt the dirt road yeah some amazing views of esquel and we got I mean the
higher we got yeah we’re spectacular the panoramas became yeah there was just
quite a bit of traffic on the road like there’s a lot of people driving up with
their kayaks yeah it looks like family groups so you get these like clouds of
dust everyone’s everyone’s rushing for sunset you mean sunset we can see the
water the lake does exist I was starting to wonder we’re here oh there’s drinks
or ice cream up here Oh Oh we’ll be first in line my friends we found a shortcut hmm
yeah we’re heading back down the mountain into town to esquel we’re gonna
go to her cottage enjoy a lovely picada yeah well show you all that cats gonna
join us yeah hello hello we are back at the place
bottle of red wine I pick this one you did and it’s fantastic I’ve been having
some sips it’s my favorite are you it is a Malbec 2017
of course from Mendoza Argentina oh so good it’s velvety smooth velvety smooth
I have a good taste you’re welcome and we prepared a little
picada back on our platter diet yeah back on the platter diet this is awesome
wolf and the mosquitos are whoa yeah they’ve noticed we’re here soon banana
Parmesan cheese apple green pepper green olives crackers bits of different types
of salami green olives that’s salted almonds awesome variety we
can’t wait to show you what we get up to while we’re here it’s gonna be a lot of
fun alright guys we are getting ready to walk up the mountain I really bundled up
for this one it’s a windy day so I’m wearing
Sam’s a jacket because I didn’t bother packing one I was thinking summer in
Argentina yeah we still need to get some more gear like the temperatures are
dropping so much in the morning yeah we need to probably get some warmer socks
we need to get some winter like in fall hats hats maybe mix so we do need to go
shopping maybe we’ll even do that today when we go into town yeah there’s some
really good outdoor outfitter stores so yeah let’s see what we can find for now
thanks for sharing like I’m looking for something like this just in my size and
a woman’s cut because this fits funny cuz I don’t get it cool idea I find to
really I do like to keep my ears warm yeah I’d love to have a warm hat
now funny part is that some people are wearing t-shirts and tank tops and I’m
just like how are you doing this but yeah we’re basically walking out of the
city of esquel now we have to go through a neighborhood and then the trail starts
leading you up the mountains who are walking on 25 de Mayo that’s the
name of the street and we’ve kind of left like the city center and we’re on a
steep incline at the moment oh well it is a steep way up my friend but we are
starting to get some views of esquel just behind well impressive mountains all around oh
my gosh yeah so when we were first climbing up it looked like we were gonna
be taking sort of a straight path right to the top of the mountain that we’re
planning to climb but it’s not it’s kind of veered off to the left and that means
we’re a little bit further away from the city but we have this insane view of the
mountain range over there like that’s not something we’ve seen since we’ve
been in esquel like with this kind of view so it’s been incredible and the
hike has been really cool it was actually steeper at the beginning you
know this part is this flat for a while I’ve been feeling that we may be like
veering and kind of circling around to get to the top but we have no idea since
we we didn’t really read about this hike to cerro de la cruz we’re just winging it and so far it’s
been great well guys we are back we’re back in a
little cottage apartment desert was amazing before we talk about anything
else we talk about anything else we haven’t been filming a lot this
afternoon though we came back from the hike we did we took a siesta wait we did
not reach the summit of cerro de la cruz no we made it like halfway up the mountain and it was
getting so windy and then we kind of got off the trail and then we ran into a
French couple and they’re like yeah you’ve still got an hour to go now just
getting up would have an extra hour going back and we’re like errands to run
we’re back into town so we did not reach the summit but you get really cool views
of esquel halfway up because you kind of have this view point where there’s no
trees there’s a bit of a clearing honestly it’s it’s an incredible thing
even if you don’t make it all the way up to the top yeah yeah we did just go
about halfway you got some phenomenal views also when
I told you that the path wasn’t getting is steep that’s because we were going
the wrong way the wrong way yeah but it was it was a good mistake to make
because we got some great views of a mountain range of wouldn’t have seen
otherwise yeah and then after the hike okay ran errands remember there was a
tour we wanted to go out so we asked the taxi drivers and the meece how much
money they wanted to take us out to be that bad either it was like 230 US
dollars yeah the guy’s like he did the math it’s gonna be a hundred kilometres
times 35 people are good on the way back nine thousand pesos recorded me and was
oh you can’t you can’t negotiate with that kind of an offer so we booked it
for we wrote the to her it’s gonna be $60 each and the nice thing about doing
the tour is that I mean we’ll have a guide we’ll get more background
information and we get lunch we get a in that so it’s it’s it worked up
for the best yes and yeah so that after the
we came back it took a little nap we got a little peckish
because 8 o’clock is a long time to wait for pizza so we end up going up Kate
yeah it’s delicious and then after cake we’ve been shopping because you know we
didn’t we bought that summer summer clothes it’s surprisingly cold in esquel
the wind the wind factor is increased so this right here is a new flannel shirt I
got this for I think 16 US dollars yes really nicely is warm
you got a new jacket let’s do show-and-tell
you have a shopping bag we do oh my gosh I hope I’m not like showing my I felt
like underwear drawing all over the apartment let’s move in this direction
you first first no you first you have more purchases well this is the
most exciting project I mean this is Sam is becoming a Gaucho Gaucho hat look
this is Tolosa to Peeta I mean what this from a shop where they specialize in
this so let me try it on for you guys they had cotton hats and wool hats wool
for the south cotton for the north so apparently in terms of styling it you
can kind of wear it any way you can like go like that
wear it back where I think it looks kind of silly if I wear it forward but um
super comfortable Sam needs to discover his Gaucho style yeah and it just it’s
it just feels so good like I love collecting hats and I do not have a
go-to hot so this is the first gotcha hat that I’m
buying hopefully not my last one mmm and what else did you get oh what’s
up just those two items you also know and we got wool hats with what we got
two kinds of wool hats they fit both of us so I mean doesn’t really match
actually your jacket so oh yeah I’ve been wearing you wanna pull it out I’ve
been wearing Sam’s winter jacket because I didn’t pack one it’s all right to the
tomboy pretty much better yeah you’re wearing this over pizza you’ll get to
see this when we going yeah it’s kind of like black gray bit of green it’s nice
it feels so anyway so that’s what we’ve been up to this afternoon yeah and this
was what’s the closest to us thoughts yeah I mean it’s the cheapest one I
could find they had some jackets that were like the equivalent of 500 Canadian
dollars and we’re like what and look guys just as we’re heading out for pizza yeah this is the second meow Z we’ve met
so far oh look the salami familiar they live together owners yeah you you adjust
it because yeah I’ve seen them walking into the supermarket like the only place
you absolutely they are those you cats yeah and they’re well taken care of like
she takes them to the vet and she feeds all the local strays right so we’re
gonna start shopping at her place a lot to support her there’s me looking
happy anyways we’re gonna start getting ready I also have to apologize for the
huge mess that is our apartment right now well this is realistic when we give
you guys apartment tours and then we clean up please that’s esquel ours
you’re living here yeah that’s just a little that’s when we’re packing up to
leave yeah and this is the real deal okay
we’re messy you

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