Best Restaurants in NYC | A Culinary Tour with a local New Yorker

Hi there I’m Sarah, a New York local, and
today I’m going to be showing you some of New York City’s best restaurants. With
more than 8 million people spread across 250 neighborhoods this area is truly a
melting pot and that brings for amazing of cuisine. In addition to mom and pop shops
serving food from all around the world, there are fine-dining restaurants from
local and international superstars, old-school chop houses, influential
pizzerias, and outstanding culinary experiences.
Today I’m going to bring you through the New York City culinary scene so you get
a little taste of what the city is really like. Let’s begin our tour now. Morimoto restaurant is a spot to go for
modern Japanese cooking. It’s mouth-watering menu melts ancient
eastern tradition with modern Western innovation. I met with Head Chef Robbie Cook to talk about his style, beginnings, and the
unique sunset dinner cruise that Morimoto offers. We began by creating two
dishes in the kitchen, a summer lobster roll and an albacore tataki. Robby Cook. Head Sushi Chef for Morimoto New York. I’m making a couple dishes for you – new summer
dishes. This is a Long Island albacore. Lightly seared salt. It is called Kagamiso. It’s a kind of a chunky, whole bean red miso. A shiso leaf on each piece. Green apple wasabi. Micro
arugula and it’s called komatsuna. It’s kind of like hot soy spinach. Top with olive oil
and these are the shiso flower. Make kind of nice earthy, refreshing, a little bit
minty, and kaffir lime. Shaved red onion, Bibb lettuce and cucumber. One rice
is grown specifically for Morimoto. It’s kind of like a more heavier flavor, what
they say. And then California koshihikari. So we blend the two together
so like the medium richness. Don’t squeeze the rice to hard. It’s kind of nice
and gentle, with the tips of your fingers. Rice crackers, chunk Maine lobster, Japanese cucumber, and then roll it up and you don’t want to squeeze too
much. Everything’s gonna go – and before you cut always wet your knife the little
bit and then easy. Not a lot of pressure. Oh my god. It’s so good. It’s so good.
Wow I mean I’m speechless with that. Well tonight I’m going on the dinner cruise
which is a really interesting experience they offer. Yeah we’ve been doing it for – I don’t know – four some years now and kind of promoted for – you know Morimoto’s sake. It is like a sake and sushi cruise so Morimoto has his own sake brand. And you can cruise drink some saki. Beautiful views. It’s the ultimate experience. The
ultimate dinner experience. Our sushi was just served on the dinner sail with
Morimoto, the restaurant. It is beautiful, as always. A lot of colors. Really delicious.
This is the best sushi you can get. But one of the cool things about this boat cruise is that they have an all-female crew,
which is something you really don’t see a lot. I mean most of the time crew’s are a
lot of men, so that’s really nice. It isn’t that expensive for what it is. I put the
link below you can buy tickets to this experience. I mean this is just like
eating in a restaurant in Manhattan but it’s a boat so better experience all around. The cruise takes off from Chelsea Piers
on the Classic Harbor Line and Schooner America 2.0 boats. It’s offered every
Monday June through September. It wouldn’t be fair to talk about New York
food without talking about Chelsea Market. I’m here in Chelsea Market right
now they have literally every type of food you could ever imagine from
pastries, to sushi, to tacos, to bread stores, to Italian food. They
have it all here, but the best place is actually Los Tacos Numero Uno. This
place is one of the highest rated restaurants in the city, believe it or
not it. It literally doesn’t even have seating but that doesn’t matter because the food
speaks for itself. This place is rated in the top ten on Yelp, Google Reviews, and Zagat. Great place to have Mexican food and
also really inexpensive. It’s only three dollars a taco. I just got one of each
type of taco here. I got four tacos actually with all the toppings. And I also got a Jamaica juice, which is hibiscus juice and this is really popular in Central America. I know Luis family makes this all the
time. So I’m just gonna feast and also save money because most places in New
York do not cost this little for this much food. At Eleven Madison Park you can
have upscale American tasting menus in a high ceiling Art Deco space. This place
has been rated number one out of the 50 best restaurants in the world in 2017. It’s definitely a place that you should check out if you’re foodie and want to
get the best of the best of New York’s culinary scene. The restaurant has been
owned by Chef Daniel Humm and restauranteur William Guidara. Today the
restaurant offers eight to ten course menus in the main dining room but guests
can also visit the bar for a more abbreviated tasting menu, some light
snacks, or simply a cocktail and a glass of wine. It’s views overlook one of the most beautiful parks in Manhattan, Madison
Square Park. At Eleven Madison Park you’ll experience a culinary adventure
that lasts several hours, so prepare for that. And this is one that you’re going
to need to throw your budget out of the window for because meals can easily go
over $200 per person but trust me this is one place you can’t afford to miss. Here at The Daisy you can have a new
American fare that has a seasonal menu and exceptional cocktails. I just
probably had the best dessert I’ve ever had here in New York City. It was this
s’mores dish they just like opened it and like smoke coming out. The
bottom is a layer of cookie crumble and then you get this delicious
chocolaty masterpiece. It was amazing! They also have – you know their menu changes constantly – so
you have delicious fish, beef, chicken, any type of meat you can think of. As well as great vegetable dishes here at the Daisy. Really lovely place and
they have a lovely outdoor patio. Perfect for summer or spring or really any time
it’s about 50 degrees, which is like maybe the year? One restaurant that you cannot miss when you come here is Le Bernardin, and
granted i am a terrible french accent, so everything I say about this
restaurant, just know that i’m probably pronounced to get wrong, but you just
need to know this restaurant has been rated at the highest on Google Reviews,
Yelp, and Zagat out of any other restaurant in New York City. The reason
is because they are simply outstanding. The restaurant was born in Paris in 1972
by sibling duo Maguy and Gilbert Le Coze. Once again terrible French accent,
could be pronouncing it wrong, let’s continue with the story. They were born
in a small fishing village near Brittany, France where their grandfather was a
fisherman, and their parents owned Hotel de Rhuys, a small Inn and
restaurant. They started a Le Bernardin in 1972 in Paris and then later moved it
to New York City in 1986. Both restaurants received three Michelin
stars. The restaurant has also received the James Beard Award in 2012 for the
best restaurant design and outstanding restaurantuer award in 2013 for the Le Coze. Who is the first woman to be honored in that category. The restaurant has
received more James Beard Awards in any other restaurant New York City and it
ranks 17 on the world’s 50 best restaurant list. If you want the best of
the best this is truly number one across the board. If you love French food
do not miss Le Bernardin. I’m here at Blake Lane and this is a fun
casual restaurant located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan that serves
globally inspired food breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The owner Susannah Beale actually named this place after the street she grew up
on in Alabama and they’re known for healthy, pretty, delicious food. I mean
seriously how can you go wrong with that? I just got a Pokeball they only use
local seasonal and organic ingredients here so you get wild fish, grass-fed beef,
and just the best of the best so you know you’re eating healthy when you’re
here at Blake Lane. I think I may have made a mistake because I ordered this
for dessert. This is their pancakes with marinated berries. This cancels out all the healthy stuff that I just ate before. One of the top 10 rated
restaurants here in New York City is Carmine’s. They’re rated in the top 10
across Yelp, Zagat, and Google reviews and there’s a reason for that.
Carmine’s has family style southern Italian food and they have been open for
30 years. It’s a lovely spot to go for a Broadway show because it’s right in the
heart of the Broadway district and it’s probably one of the only restaurants
here in Times Square that is worth visiting. At Felice you can get delicious Italian
food that is truly authentic. And when I say that I mean every single waiter and
person that I’ve spoken to here has a legit Italian accent and that’s how
you know that food is real, right? Felice honors Tuscan cuisine, and its owner
actually came from Italy. HIs name is JACOPO GIUSTINIANI, which is like the
most Italian name I’ve ever heard. He opened this wine bar and restaurant 2007
and now there’s four others so it’s doing pretty well and there’s a reason
for that the food’s delicious. I got their most popular dish which is
Tagliatelle alla Bolognese, probably said that wrong, but you get the idea.
It’s traditional veal ragù with 24-month aged Parmigiano Reggiano. Anyway, it’s super delicious. Thanks for joining me on my culinary
tour of New York City. If you like this video make sure to subscribe, follow me
on instagram at @Sarahfunky, and I will see you next time. Bye.

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