Best Wine-Eroica Riesling-Chateau Ste. Michelle of Washington State Review

Hello and welcome to another addition of’s
video wine library! Today we’re featuring a riesling from Eroica, a vineyard located
in the Columbia Valley in Washington State. Priced around $20 dollars, Eroica’s Riesling
can be purchased either vineyard direct or at select wine retailers. With critical acclaim
behind it and lineage from one of the finest vineyards in the state, this wines suggestion
level is Grape Certified Gold as it maintains a consistent four star rating amongst its
reviewers. The aroma of Eroica’s riesling is a cordial one, with scents of sweet lime,
peach and a slight mineral note that warm your senses upon each taste. Mouthwatering
acidity along with flavorful fruits give the Eroica riesling a crisp combination of citrus
and apple flavors that finish long and even throughout. This vibrant structure and zesty
zing of this riesling make it an ideal wine to pair well with foods such as a fresh sesame
chicken salad with lime dressing, lemongrass BBQ’d pork and even fresh cheese spaetzle.
To find the lowest price available on the Eroica riesling, please visit!
We thank you for your time today and hope you keep living the grape life! Cheers!

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