Best Wine-Numanthia Termanthia Toro 2010 Tempranillo Review

Hello and welcome to another addition of’s
video wine library! Today we’re featuring a Tempranillo from Numanthia in Spain. Ironically,
this Tempranillo’s name is Turmanthia! Priced at $149 dollars, this fine wine can be purchased
at select wine stores and vineyard direct. Considered to be one of the best Tempranillo
wines of 2010, this is a must try if you can. Our suggested wine rating for Turmanthia is
Grape Certified Gold as it maintains four stars amongst its reviewers. Its heritance
and lineage off this wine great potential. Although the Turmanthia Temperanillo wine
could be pleasing to drink upon purchase, we recommend you lye it down for a bit. We
actually suggest drinking this red wine between the years of 2015 and 2025 to bring out its
full potential. Red fruit aromas of raspberry, cherry and red currant give this wine an aromatic
experience that captures the senses. Flavors of Turmanthia burst with fruit ripeness while
spices and tobacco mix with refined tannins to give a long, structured and exquisite finish.
This complete balance of fruit, spice and complexity make the Turmanthia Tempranillo
an ideal wine to pair with foods such as rosemary braised lamb shanks, Roman style oxtail stew
and peppercorn and herb crusted beef tenderloin with couscous. To find the lowest price available
on the Turmanthia Tempranillo, please visit! We thank you for your time
today and hope you keep living the grape life! Cheers!

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