Bikepacking Czech Republic – DAY 10 – Znojmo to Mikulov

My name is Brian Cox, but most people know me as the Travel Vlogger. I’m always in search of extraordinary experiences and on this adventure I’ll be biking over 700 kilometers across the Czech Republic. Come with me to see what makes this destination so special. Dobry den! Good day and welcome to day 10. Right now we are in Znojmo, and our end destination is Mikulov. We have got a total of 59 kilometers. We had a little bit of a late start, so we need to get pedaling. Come on, let’s go! We left Znojmo in high spirits, as we were starting to get into the groove of biking everyday. As you probably noticed, Tomáš is no longer with us. He woke up early to catch the train back to Prague. After an hour we decided to stop, in the small town of Lechovice. We have been making excellent progress. We’ve got 20 kilometers done so far, so we still have 39 kilometers, but we figured it was time to stop for a refreshment. Czech water…pivo, and try a new beer. Hostan. That was the perfect break to recharge our
batteries. We kept riding, and even though it was not hilly, we were having difficulties keeping a good pace. Probably for the last 15 kilometers, we’ve had this nasty head wind. We are still trucking but it has really slowed us down. Zapping our energy, and we are starting to wonder, if we bit off a little more than we can chew, but I think we can make it. If it stays this windy, it will probably take us at least another
2 hours, to get to our destination of Mikulov, but I hear there is going to be some wine waiting for us. We put our heads down, and kept peddling for as long as we could. Unlike the rest of our trip, We would not be stopping at any points of interest, nor would be we riding bike paths the entire way. Half of this journey was ridden on small roads. Alright, update! We have still been riding through the gale force winds, that I know you can see above my head. We are only 7 kilometers from Mikulov. I can actually see it in the distance. The Holy Hill, I think is what it is called. There is a little church on top of this hill. I can see it, we are close! But we figured it was time for a refreshment. Mine as well celebrate a little early. These last few kilometers were the most difficult. As we entered Mikulov, there was a real feeling of accomplishment. Alrighty! We finished our 59 kilometer trek. It was brutal, more than half was with crazy head winds, but now we are in Mikulov, and right behind me is the awesome Mikulov Castle, but we need to get freshened up, and I am super ready to try some Moravian wine. Out of nowhere, our long last friend was united with us. I missed the train…so, now I am here again with you, and it is a pleasure for me. It’s wine time. It’s wine time! It is wine time! It is wine time, we are in Mikulov. It is wine time! In no time, we were strolling around the historic center of Mikulov, as we headed to a cool cafe slash wine bar. Tomáš found this really cool wine shop, where they actually make their own wines, so we are going to try this Kristyna Cuvee, and hopefully it treats us well. I was just walking through the city, and I saw this place, it looked really good. And I saw really nice stuff here, so I stopped there, and I found that they make their own wine, which are local from Mikulov, so that is the way I found it. As we finished that bottle it started to rain, so we moved inside. Alright, so we have had a couple more glasses of wine and we are probably going to have a couple more, but I feel like this is probably the best time to say good night to you. See you in the morning. Day 11, hopefully our legs are not sore. Na starvi! On day 11 We say goodbye to Tomáš, Ride to the famous Lednice Chateau Try some of the country’s top 100 wines, And return to Mikulov for one more night. To see tons of great photos from the journey, or to post your own shots be sure to check out these hashtags on Instagram. Don’t leave yet! there’s tons of great videos to keep watching! More importantly, did you subscribe yet?


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