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Welcome to Black Sea Gold winery – Pomorie! An exceptional winery that boasts with an eventful past and impressive wine traditions. Legends say how wines from the ancient town of Pomorie were served at the tables of ancient Troy. in the Middle Ages, these same wines produced in this Pomorie region were sold by the larger wine merchants in medieval Genoa and Venice. On the basis of this well-established tradition in the early 20th century the foundations of a modern winery are laid which as a result of the wine love, and the
entrepreneurial spirit that the people from Pomorie, had gradually acquires the appearance of a winery with great potential Today Black Sea Gold winery, is part of
the business activities of Festa Holding Ltd., the manufacturing facility in Pomorie, produces wines, brandy, and rakija from close to 600 ha of high quality
vineyards, owned by Black Sea Gold winery in 2007-2009, the investments in the winery amount to 3.5 million Euro for building a new, boutique-style, small-scale winery which is located inside the manufacturing facility of Black Sea Gold. Now I would like to tell you more
about this newly build winery for micro-vinification. and why it is so important for the production
of our wines in the premium class. Microvinification – it means that all containers used for the wine production, are small that is to say, their volume capacity is 1,2, or up to 5 tons why the wine containers need to be small? because in this microwinery, all grape berries that we receive from our vineyards are handselected. Selecting gpape berries using this approach gives us much greater precision in how we produce our wines. giving us the opportunity to produce wines, that fully
reflect the geographic region, they are coming from. in other words, our wines reflect the character where our vineyards were grown. Grape clusters are hand-picked in special small boxes, in the cool, early hours of the morning. This is the best time for harvesting, because the cool
temperatures, allows for preserving the grape’s fruit and finesse. When grape berries, are not smashed, and are brought immediately to the vinification place it is a guarantee for achieving best results. because, if grapes are not taken to the
vinification containers, right after they were picked and it takes too much time, the wine will not have this fresh character. In the winery, we have a couple of selecting tables one of which is used to sort separately the whole grape clusters then, the grape bunches, that contain the bitter tannin, are removed and at the next level, each one of the grape berries is carefully selected and is examined, before it proceeds to the wine production level. Fermenting under low temperature, and using small, stainless steel barrels preserve the rich, fruity aromas, and thus the focus comes down to the mineral
finesse and character of the grapes, and from there the wine. White wines are stored under low temperature, and are bottled early so they can retain their fruity character. Red wines on the other hand, using the same approach are characterized with a
very fresh fruit, allowing for a long aging in Burgundy oak barrels. Considering the attention we have on each detail, including the
way we cultivate our vineyards, the results are impressive! Now, in front of me, I have one exceptional
wine – Cabernet Sauvignon “Brandy Cask”, vintage 2007 Vintage 2007 has been one of the best
vintages for the last couple of years and it is the year, when for the first time, we started
to make wines in our new winery for micro-vinification. Cabernet Sauvignon, “Brandy Cask” is a very interesting wine, because it
not only reflects the region’s character at a grape-quality level, but it also carries the creative “signature” of our winemakers and enologists. The wine matures in barrels, in which brandy has aged for 30 years. The result, is not only the rich and fresh aroma of
blackberries and blueberries, which give the wine its fruity “backbone”, but also the complex bouquet of cocoa, chocolate, coffee, vanilla, leather, and tobacco which come from the oak barrels, where brandy has aged and then the mandatory aging in bottle, following the
same technique of all high-quality, and elite wines. This wine has won, not only the “Golden Rhyton” (grand
prix), from Vinaria (biggest Bulgarian wine festival), for 2011 but it also won two gold medals, from Mundus Vini
– the most prestigious international wine competition in Germany. A true recognition for the exceptional quality and character, that this Cabernet Sauvignon has. If you are going to try one single wine, produced by Black Sea
Gold, I would recommend you first try Cabernet Sauvignon “Brandy Cask”!

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