Blind Dates Play Truth or Drink (Sammy & Hana) | Truth or Drink | Cut

– Have you been with a girl before? How many girls have you been with before? – [Host] (laughs) mumbles) – (laughs) I’m sorry Mom. – Her taking that shot
means that she didn’t do it. (upbeat music) I’m Sammy. – I’m Hana – Nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you. (laughs) – Okay. Hi. – How you doing? What do you think of me? Am I ugly? – No, I think you’re
very, very attractive. – Oh, wow.
(Hana laughs) – It’s mutual.
– Thank you. – You’re a very beautiful person. – Thank you. Should we start with a shot? – [Host] Yeah.
– I think we should. – What is your average
relationship length? – Hmm, probably about like, a year. – A year? – Yeah
– Wow. – Mm hmm
– Not bad. It’s a pretty lengthy amount of time to spend with one person. – Yeah, I mean. – Makes sense.
– What about you? I dunno, I’m gonna say my
average relationship though is maybe like four months.
– Mm hmm. – Something like that.
– Yeah totally. – You know.
– Totally. – Things start to get serious, it starts to get a little weird sometimes. – You back off when things
start to get serious? – Ah (Hana laughs) I think it’s you. – Okay. (laughs) Can you show me your Tinder, Grindr, Bumble profile right now. – (laughs) I knew this was
gonna be the next question. (Hana laughs) I’ll show you my profile, how about that?
– Okay – I wanna look at it. – I’m gonna take a drink
on this one then. (laughs) – (laughs) Oh my God. – Not even like, it’s just weird. It’s just too– – What are you hiding? – I dunno, I rarely, I’m telling you , I rarely use it. – Mm hmm
– But, that was a good one.
– Okay. – Have you ever cheated on someone? What were the circumstances? – In my more serious relationships, I haven’t cheated on any one. What about you? – Um, I could say that
I’ve definitely cheated on somebody before.
– Mm hmm. – See the thing was, we have
an interesting relationship and stuff like that but, you know, yeah. – What? – I did, I did it. (laughs) – Yeah, why did you cheat? – I was tryna figure out
something good to say to make it sound less bad
but no, it’s a bad thing. – Do you think you’ll ever cheat again? – Mm, I mean, only time will tell. No, I’m just kidding (Hana laughs) Nah, I don’t think so. I’d rather just not be in
a relationship or whatever. It just makes more
sense, less drama, like, – Mm hmm
– I don’t like to argue. Where is the craziest place
you’ve hooked up with someone? – Well I don’t know if this
is like necessarily crazy, but I hooked up with my ex-boyfriend– – Ex-boyfriend or boyfriend at the time? – Boyfriend at the time, in a bathroom of a hotel room
and his parents where like, yeah, were in the room. – Wow – Yeah, we just, they were asleep. – You gotta do it, you gotta do it. – What about you? – I got my dick sucked in a Uber one time. – No you did not. What’s your rating? (laughs) what, how do I rate the top? – No, what’s, no, what’s your Uber rating? It probably went down. (laughs) – (laughs) I mean it was average, come on. – Oh God. Okay. What sound do you make
when you’re having sex? Can you make it? (Hana laughs) – Honestly, I’m a pretty silent sexer. – Hmm.
– Is that a term, sexer? – Sure.
– Sexist? No, that’s not the right word.
– No, no, no, no, no no no no no no
– No, no that’s not the right word. But might hit like a– (Hana laughs) like a humph, you know what I mean, sorta like that
– Oh my God. – I’m gonna be like fuck. I’m bout it burst a load on you shoddy. – (laughs) Oh my God. (Samy laughs) Oh my God. (laughs) – What is my least attractive feature? Hit me with the box. – That’s a fucked up question. – I’m ready for it, I’m ready for it. – I find you very attractive, so. – Wow, My heart just grew two times bigger. – (laughs) Oh my God. What about me? – I guess I’ll take a shot too, I don’t really have a thing, you know. I don’t know you too well yet. – Mm hm.
– But I feel like I know a lot about you so far. – Yeah, I know. – You took yours. – I took mine. I’m, yeah– (laughs) I dare you to kiss
me on the lips or take a shot? – I will kiss you on the lips. – Okay, are we gonna do like a little peck? What are we going for? – It’s up to you. How do you wanna rock it? – I dunno, let’s just
fuckin’ see where it goes. – There we go. – It’s the final one. – Wow. Would you like to go on
another date with me? If yes, when and where? If no, why not? – Yeah. I would like to go on
another date with you. And I think we could go to a fuckin bar or something. – Well it’s Friday. Might as well. – Let’s do it
– We’ve already started. – Let’s do it. – Yeah.
– Should we? – Yeah.
– Okay. Yeah, let’s go out. Let’s go out. You need another shot. I’ve taken like, four of five. A double shot. Oh, fuck yeah. You gotta cheers.
– Cheers with myself. – Cheers.
– Cheers with myself. – Yes.
– Great. – Yes, oh yeah! Fuck yeah! (Hana laughs) – (Laughs) Tequila splashes
all over the place. (Hana laughs)
– [Host] Good job partner.

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