Blind(folded) Blind Dates (Aaron & Miriam) | Truth or Drink | Cut

Do you want to do some dirty talk? Haha call me daddy you like that Hi, I’m Miriam, I’m Aaron I’m six feet tall in 29 years old Oh Are we supposed to say oh, no, I was just talking. Oh, I mean well in that case, I’m 23, and I’m 5’5 I’m the tallest in my family though. So alright. Well Cheers. I don’t know. I don’t know glasses So we’re gonna push it forward for a little bit. Yeah. Okay we go Am I attractive? You can only use your sense of touch to decide. Oh, I’m so sorry. My hands are really cold You got curly hair Facial hair. That’s a plus You’re tall. So that’s already That’s already a plus. I know I’m tall for my face. You said you were at all. Okay I thought that you could feel that can tell what ethnicity I am? I mean, I think you’re mixed like you’re like, holy shit That’s pretty good. Yeah. Yeah. I’m like, how did you get mixed? Well, cause you have really nice like curly hair, but it’s not like super tight. Oh This is a nice arm It’s a big arm. Yeah, I would say you’re attractive based on my sense of touch. Is it my turn? Yes In all honesty do you think the size of a man’s penis matters? Absolutely Absolutely Why do you say that? I mean, I’ve never heard of a woman say. You know what I want a small dick like I’ve never heard that so… I mean, I don’t think anyone who’d just like outwardly say that. I think they would Cuz I heardd they say I want a big dick. On average. Most women don’t mean like penetration to like finish so technically size doesn’t matter Do you like to talk dirty talk dirty to me? I’m definitely taking a shot Why why won’t you talk dirty to me? It’s not the place Do you want to do some dirty talk? Yeah, what do we today? Call me. Daddy. I like that one You like that Okay, um, okay it says who do you think has had more sexual partners you or I I would have to say me Okay, why? Because I’ve never been in a relationship. So I guess the only thing I really was going forward just like one-night stands fair enough What wait, hold on can I need any time to do some math Can I do glad drink as well dismisses know what you do? Usually never let a woman drink herself I am woman enough to drink by myself 75 Wow, we’re both supposed to do it. No, I drank okay True or false relationships require a hundred percent honesty I Mean with the important stuff. I would say yes if we’re in a relationship What can I lie about like if you don’t like my outfit and I’m like really excited about it You could just be like yeah, it looks good, or if you asked what I look fat in this I should lie I mean, yeah, I I don’t know I guess it depends on how comfortable you get. Is it my turn? Give me three reasons I shouldn’t date you shouldn’t shouldn’t Reason number one if I’ve never been in relationship reason number two. I’m really bad at communicating Thank you guys people Yeah If I’m like in a bad mood and I won’t even get back to you like the next day and I’ll pretend like it didn’t happen Call and third reason Oh, no My friends can be kind of a lot to handle and what sense in the sense of like we’re very tight-knit Will definitely like try to weed you out Like he’s convinced aminos Before we take our blindfolds off would you go out with me on a second date? Yeah, why would you go out on a second date with me? Oh, you’re pretty fun to talk to Yeah, you are – I feel like you’re like funny I feel like there’s still like a wild like breakthrough, but I put up a wall. I don’t know I feels like you’re very guarded. I mean I got it. I am too. So no judgment. Never heard that before, okay Nice to meet you It was turn. Was it Oh your turn my turn All right. What physical feature of mine are you most attracted to? I would say your eyes They look very kind. Oh, thank you. Yeah, what about me? I was gonna say the same thing Nikki kind eyes are just like really beautiful eyes. Thank you. What did you think I look like before the blindfold came out? I honestly had no No clue whatsoever. What you would might have looked like yeah, I was trying to like get it from the voice I was like god no, no, there’s no way I can even like that’s so I Was fine. It was really fine. It was I would say I was most nervous. I’ve been for a blind date though. I Mean maybe yeah


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