Blind(folded) Blind Dates (Haily & Jim) | Truth or Drink | Cut

– Three reasons why I shouldn’t date you. – All right. First of all, you gonna be addicted to me. Second of all, sex is
goin’ to be ruined for you for the rest of your life. Third of all. (snickering) Yeah I don’t know. I just got two. (laughing) That’s it. (majestic music) Haily. – Haily. – All right, I’m Jim. It’s nice to meet you, Where your hand at? – Where you at? Hi. Hi nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you too. – [Man] Haily, ask what’s
his visual image of you. – Ooh that’s a good question. What is your blindfolded
visual image of me? – I feel like you might be like, chocolatey brown skin. (snickering) – If I don’t have chocolatey
brown skin, are we okay? – Yes I love all flavors. – Okay. I’ll go first. What’s your type? Be specific. – I really love voluptuous women. Or women with curves, period. Is there a personality type that you like? – Positive. You a positive person Haily? – I am, I am. I think I have my moments like anybody. – Yeah no doubt, so do I. Here we go. Do you like dirty talk. – I definitely like dirty talk. – There’s a second part to this, talk dirty to me. (hissing) – I’m gonna drink on that one. I don’t think I can do it. I don’t think I can honestly
talk dirty to you right now. – I know it would be kinda. I can’t just pull it out my ass like that. – I don’t know you well
enough for that shit. Cheers. – Cheers. I didn’t pour one but yeah. All that. – Oh this one’s weird. So you have to use only
your sense of touch to decide but am I attractive? – Oh man. Haily can I just go for it? – Consent is given. – All right. (majestic music) What was the question again? (laughing) Yeah so I think she’s attractive. – Be honest, what’s something
you’re really insecure about? – My feet. – Your feet? – Yeah. It aint nothin’ super crazy. You feel me they just
aren’t good lookin’ feet is what I’m sayin’. What’s somethin’ that
you’re insecure about? – Based off of a previous
cut casting videos, I would say my voice. – [Man] Ah, no! – You shouldn’t be. It sounds sexy as hell. – Thanks. – I say the more you accept yourself, the more nothin’ else
matters you know what I mean? – Yeah, true. – Would you say that
you’re 100% heterosexual? Have you ever had non
heterosexual experiences? – All of my encounters
have been heterosexual. Would you consider all your
encounters heterosexual? – Nah I wouldn’t say that. – Okay. – Yeah ’cause I’m into some freaky shit. Yeah so. – What kind of freaky shit are you into? – I don’t know. – Oh now you don’t know. – I’ve done butt stuff. I’ve had fingers and toys because I truly believe that the male prostate is amazing. – I’m cool about it. God created holes for a reason. – Yes indeed. And threesomes with a wife and a husband. And you know sometimes
the husband and the wife wanna give me a blowjob together and I’m okay with that. – Would you consider yourself
a sex positive person? – Yes, no doubt. What about you? – Totally, completely. – Oh we there then. – We there. We’re gettin’ married. – All right. Sign us up, let’s go. – Will you make out
with me for one minute? – Yes. (laughing) (majestic music) (lips smacking) – [Man] Okay. (laughing) – Wait hold on, let me get one more. (applauding) What was your last breakup like? Have you completely healed from it? – Can I take a shot for
this while answering it? I feel like it’s really appropriate. – [Man] Yes. I got cheated on. – Aw, I got you. – I’m open to non-monogamous. So it’s just weird I keep
ending up in monogamous relationships where I get cheated on. What about your last breakup? – I was the cheater, I was the liar. – I knew I liked ya for a reason. – And I wasn’t able to be
open and honest with her. It changed me a lot. – Do you think that you’re
a monogamous type of person? – Nah I don’t think I am.=At least we’re on the same page. – Right on. – Cool. – Ooh this one’s deep. What makes for a good relationship? – That aint too deep I don’t think. Understandin’ and honesty
between each other. Find somebody who, you know you gel with. – I agree. – What are you looking
for in a relationship? – Someone who’s really
into watching Law and Order with some pizza. And I don’t know if you
have a specific flavor but like Rainier or some kind of beer. – I do love to cuddle and drink beer and eat pizza especially
with somebody fine as hell. – This is goin’ places. – Oh my God. I knew it would. – On the count of three, let’s both say the average number of time
we masturbate in a week. One, two, three. (mumbling) Three. – Zero. – Zero? – Fun fact. So I just had surgery on
my vagina in September. That’s why I haven’t been
super sexually active. – We can fix that. I like it. Hey I’m enjoyin’ this date with you. – I know this is great. This is probably the best
date I’ve ever been on. – I dig. – Before we rake our blindfolds off, would you go out with me on a second date? – Yep. – Yep. Solid. Solid. Wait where’s your? – There it is.
– There it is. This is happenin’. – [Man] All right. You guys get to take your blindfolds off. – Cool. Oh shit. Uh, three, two, one. – Hi. – Hey I’m Haily. – I’m Jim. – Nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you too. You got the last question? (mumbling) Don’t I? – Yeah it’s all you. – Will you make out with me now
that the blindfolds are off? – Yes. (majestic music) (lips smacking) – [Man] Okay, you two. – That was a great first date. – That was good. – Yeah.
– That was super good.

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