Blind(folded) Dates Play Truth or Drink | Truth or Drink | Cut

– Am I attractive? You can only use your
sense of touch to decide. – Let’s do it. (laughs) – Is it over the table? (laughs) I’m sorry. – What? – Nevermind. (laughs) I’m Daniel. (dramatic orchestral music) – Hi, Malaya. – Malaya. – Where’s your hand? – Oh, are we shaking hands? – (laughs) We’re shaking hands. – Nice to meet you. – [Man] Do you guys wanna
start off with a shot? – Sure. – Let’s take a shot. What is this? – This is my tasting. – Oh. (laughs) – Jesus. – [Man] Perfect. – That was it? – [Man] Okay, that’s good. (squeals) Okay, you’re gonna play
the whole game blindfolded. Until the very end. – A literal blind date. – [Man] Who’s gonna go first? – Me. – Oh God. – What’s your type? Be specific. – Medium in height, generally athletic, very active, and, you know, outgoing. Willing to do things like this, like come to a studio and do a blind date. So, yeah, you’re already
on the radar, I guess. – Wow, thank you. – What is your type? – Big, tattooed, slightly mean guys. (laughs) Yeah. – Am I attractive? You can only use your
sense of touch to decide. – Let’s do it. Okay, this is a nose. You have big ears. – I do. – Okay, I feel product. – Little bit. – This is a good jawline. This is like a Draco Malfoy jawline. – I don’t look like Draco Malfoy. (audience laughs) I’m actually curious, like
what race do you think I am? – I think you’re Asian. – Why do you think I am Asian? – I don’t know. It’s something about
the sound of your voice. (laughs) – Okay. – What ethnicity do you think I am? – I don’t know, like Filipino kind of, or maybe like half and half. – Okay, interesting. Oh god. – Oh god. – Have you done butt stuff? (laughs) – When I was in puberty I just
like kind of experimented. – You stuck a finger up your own butt? – Yes. (laughs) I feel like most guys end up doing that. – What? – Alright. – Oh my god. – I just wanted to know what it felt like. But after that– – Okay. – I’ve been out of it. (laughs) Completely. (audience laughs) In all honesty, do you think the size of
a man’s penis matters? (groans) – Okay, um, yes. Cause I feel like there’s
definitely a point where it’s not enough. – What happened to like the whole, as long as he know how
to use it kind of thing? – Yeah, but most guys don’t, so. – I think I know how to use my penis. – You think? – Yeah. – Do you have references? – Would you wanna call them? (laughs) – [Man] I think that’s a pretty good idea. (laughs) Is your phone in your backpack? – It is in my backpack. – [Man] I’m gonna go get your backpack. – Who was like your first impulse to call? – My most recent thing, I guess. God damn it. (laughs) (phone rings) – [Woman] Hello? – Hey. – [Woman] What’s up? – How good do you think I am in bed? – [Woman] Daniel, what the fuck? – [Woman] You’re really good, obviously. – Okay, I’ll talk to you later. – [Woman] Why? Okay. But, okay. Yeah, I guess just call me later then. – Alright, bye. (laughs) – She gave you, like it was an immediate
great review though. You should feel proud of yourself. On the count of three, let’s both verbalize
our honest preference, sex with a condom or sex without a condom. Safety or STDs– – Wait, do we– – On three. – Wait, you can’t say it like that. (laughs) – One, two, three. No condom.
– No condom. (laughs) – Jesus. – On the count of three, we both say the average
number of times we masturbate in a week. Three, two, one. Five.
– Once. Whoa. (laughs) – Did you say once? – Yeah. (laughs) – I have sex a lot, so. – Wow. – (laughs) Sorry. (sighs) Oh no. – Will you make out
with me for one minute? – One minute? – One minute. – Blindfolded? I would go like ten seconds. (laughs) I can’t, okay. (audience claps) Okay, great. – What did you think about my lips? – It was good. I feel like I might have
lipstick on my face now. – You think I wear lipstick? (laughs) Before we take our blindfolds off, would you go on a second date with me? – Yeah. I think like we would have
good conversation and stuff. – You think so? – Yeah. Would you go on a second date with me? – Of course. – Aww, thanks. – Yeah. – Okay, ready? – Oh shoot, are we doing this? – Yep. One, two, three. (laughs) – Hi. – Hi. – So, it’s nice to meet you. – You too. (laughs) – So weird. (laughs) So what ethnicity are you? – I’m Filipino-White. – You are? – Yeah. – Okay, so I was right, right? – Yeah. – I got that right. – That’s why I was like,
what, this is crazy! – Cool. What physical feature of mine
are you most attracted to? – I think you have a nice face. You definitely have a nice jawline, and I felt that while I
was like feeling your face. – I think you have very pretty eyes. – Aww, thank you. – Yeah. They actually are glowing right now. Yeah. – Thanks. – Yeah. – So how was it for you
going on a date blindfolded? – I had a lot of fun. – Yeah. – I really did. – Were you more honest
wearing a blindfold on–? – I definitely do think that
I was a little more honest than I would have been, but I’m
glad that that was the case. – Yeah, same. – [Man] Alright, sweet. Good job. – Thanks. (audience claps) (laughs) – Why’d you go up? – What do you mean, why’d I go up? Cause you’re tall. – Well, then, I go up right? – Okay, fine, I’ll go under. – That’s weird to me. – That was weird. – That’s like friends.

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