Blue Wine Review | Vino Azul Review

Welcome to Underneath the Bottle, my name is Michael. On this channel we have done a lot of controversial and crazy wine and food related things. But I think today, is going to top all the other videos! We are going to review Blue Wine! I haven’t seen anyone do this yet. So I am not sure what to expect. So this is a whole new chapter. I know my Red and my whites, but ble wine? Vino Casa Vital Azul Mediterra-N-e-O… *forgive my poor Spanish* It is a new wine that is trending on the market right now. It just got on sales this last friday in Norway It’s sold out. and I am so lucky that I am sitting here with a bottle of it. aaand we are going to try it out, together. I have mixed feelings about it. You know? Drinking something that looks so artificial. I mean, to me, I want my wines to be natural. and made with as… …LLLL… little… ehm… additives as possible. and the color of this wine comes from pigments that they find naturally in Red wine. …or in Red/blue skinned grapes. So producing blue wine is not a one man show. There is also another Spanish based company called GIK Live they have a label named “Vino Azul” And they also add the pigments of the red/blue grape skin. This company revealed that they also add indigotine, which is a plant based dye. I am picturing that they are doing the same thing. It is coming out on the same time. (From the same place) I am not going to die from drinking this. …hopefully I mean it passed EU’s health regulations towards… …food and beverages. soooo… I am not going to get poisoned. Stay Tuned For More! Let’s open it, I am ready! Azul MediteraN-e-O! *again…sorry* There is something inside of me that is like…not…completely safe about it. Maybe it’s like instincts? *popp!* I can already smell the wine from where I am sitting. It smells sweet. Let’s do the pour. This feels so wrong! Oh my Buddha! Ok. The first thing you want to do, you want to… Express the color of the wine… This is to look for wine faults or … urhm… to check the age of the wine. Hm, the color! Antifreeze blue! Smurf sapphire core! Navy raveparty indigo mid-part! Young peacock sky-tint edge! Ok, but seriously tho… The nose… mmh… It is quite fruity on the nose I don’t hate it Grapefruit Lime… kinda thing going on. Peach… like… candied peach. But it has this…this…something…to it! I don’t know if I tried this blind if I would say the same thing Let’s taste it.. *glrph!!* I got hiccups… *wtf* *80’s workout music tasting montage* I am being very open minded here… There is some tannin in the backbone of it. It has a little bit of acidity… But the style is fruity… I thought it was going to be sweeter! Maybe some very ripe apples… erhm, tropical citrus but also that peach I was talking about They are definitely aiming for the next generation of consumers I mean… It’s smart. The millennials are the fastest global influenced generation of all time! It is visually revolutionary in a business as this… the wine industry. Check out the poll upstairs..! Q: Will you try Blue Wine? I am going to rate this, I am very open-minded guys… I am telling ya… Urhm… will I buy it again? probably not… Maybe a different label…maybe that GIK Live one. Actually… Check out my Vivino app…link in the description I’ll let you know there how much I rated it. Thank you so much for watching… and as always… see you in another video! Kanpai! *Clinc!* Yeah…dying on camera wouldn’t be cool… ;-D

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