Bounty Hunter Wine Bar & Smokin’ BBQ: Check, Please! Bay Area Review

– PR maven Lisa Barker has spent nearly two decades singing the praises of Napa County and its wines, but at heart she’s still a North
Carolina girl who likes to kick up her feet and tuck
into some tasty smoked ribs. Luckily she’s found the one place that has everything her heart desires at Bounty Hunter Wine Bar &
Smokin’ BBQ in downtown Napa. (guitar music) – I think what we offer
here at Bounty Hunter, it’s luxury service with
a blue jeans attitude. The founder of this company,
Mark Pogan started this company as a way to get rare
and hard to find wines to the rest of the country, a lot of these wines
don’t leave California, or they don’t leave Napa Valley. So he kinda fashioned
himself as the bounty hunter. We have over 400 wines that we serve, everything from a $15 bottle of wine to a $5000 bottle of wine. California wines, they’re
big, they’re rich, they’re fruit driven and
often times they need a food that is equally as bold
to pair with them and there’s no American cuisine
that’s more bold than barbecue. – The key to great
barbecue is really just, you gotta be very patient with
it, there’s many different styles of barbecue all
throughout the country, you have your Carolina
BBQ, Kansas City BBQ, you have your Texas BBQ. Here at Bounty Hunter out
in California we kinda pull from all of the regions
and make our own styles. – My favorite is the brisket,
the brisket is the star. – My favorite is
definitely the pulled pork, its so juicy and flavorful and moist. – Really? The pulled pork? – Yeah I love the pork man. (guitar music) – You’re a North Carolina girl? – Yeah! – [Leslie] What does that mean
when it comes to barbecue? – I love barbecue, I can
smell it from a mile away and so that’s the one thing as
you walk up and the aromatics of all that smoked meat
if that’s your thing? – [Leslie] Oh it’s my thing!
(laughing) – [Lisa] It’s definitely there and it will pull you right in. – We parked right behind the smokers, so as we got out of the car we’re like, yup this is it, this is
gonna be a good time, and then when we got there it was amazing, in terms of all the dead
animals on the walls. – [Leslie] Yeah! – [Peter] It’s like OK they
definitely serve meat here! No question about it. – [Lisa] So it’s not a
vegan friendly restaurant. – Do not take your vegan friend there, yeah that’s not gonna work out for them. All options for seating are
basically high top tables, so that’s one thing that I didn’t love. My wife she’s five two
so her legs were dangling the whole time she couldn’t feel her feet by the end but that’s okay. – She should have just
put them up on your lap, – Awe. – [Leslie] That’s what husbands are for. – There you go, now I look
like the bad guy on TV, thank you Leslie! But it was a great experience,
the meat fantastic. – [Lisa] Well the
barbecue platter is great, it’s a good thing to get if you wanna kind of explore and choose
your own adventure here. They have the pulled pork,
which is my absolute favorite. The St. Louis style ribs
and then a nice brisket. – We spent the seven extra
dollars to get the chicken – [Leslie] Of course you would! – As well, so we literally
tried all the meats, starting with the brisket
which was fantastic, oh the bits of fattiness
in there were little flavor explosions in your
mouth which were fantastic. The ribs fall off the bone, but the chicken which they’re famous for, which on the meat platter is shredded, just tasted like chicken
it wasn’t anything special. – [Leslie] Right, didn’t rock your world. – [Peter] Didn’t do it for
me but the array of sauces, so there’s three sauces there, each one of those sauces was fantastic, they had like a classic
barbecue, a St. Louis style and then a mustard, ah. – Now Phyllis are you drooling over there? – No actually I am trying to think of what my mother always told me, which is if you don’t have anything
good to say, don’t say it. (laughing) – [Leslie] She’s looking
at Lisa, look at her! Look at the sad eyes,
look at the sad eyes! – But I will tell you now
maybe I have allergies, I don’t know but I did
not smell what I love, I love barbecue! I love it, I got the
platter just like you. I didn’t smell the smoke and I have to say it was disappointing. First of all I always
look for the smoke ring, I didn’t see a smoke ring. That’s the first indicator,
and when I bit into it, the texture was okay but
I didn’t taste any smoke! – Oh really? Like on the ribs? – None at all!On the ribs,
that’s the first thing, on the ribs I didn’t taste
it and then I said okay, let me give it a try,
let me try the sauces and you said you loved the sauces? I found each one of them disappointing. – You know what Phyllis, at that point then you
just add some whisky! – Yeah I added wine so when
we get to talk about that– – [Leslie] Pour in some
whiskey girl and then you– – I’ll tell you the two
things I actually enjoyed. – [Leslie] Jess is drinking over here! – It was actually the last
thing I tasted on the platter, which was the brisket, I loved it! Just enough burnt in and
fatty cause usually if I get a slice, if I get a slice
I always ask for fatty, barbecue is not the time to
think about calories or anything Second thing, wine.
Hands down on the wine! – Well it really is a
destination for wine, I mean I could do a whole
show on the wine list at Bounty Hunter and their
whiskies, their scotch, their I mean they have
a tequila flight called Tequila Softly. – What about appetizers? Did anybody kick off with something? – I had the pimento cheese
dip which was fantastic! – [Lisa] That’s my favorite! – So its chopped cheese with pimentos and the cheesed toast, so
you’ve got cheese on cheese the crispiness, the spiciness
and then the recommendation was to pair it with a
rose, which was fantastic which we bought two
bottles of to kick it off! – Oh nice! – [Leslie] Did you have
any appetizers Phyllis? – I didn’t have a starter but
I will say that the coleslaw that came with the platter
that was delicious. – [Lisa] Well I’m with
Phyllis with that coleslaw, it’s one of my favorites
like crunchy, bright, creamy, tangy like it’s perfect! – We got the happy hour, two ounce glasses and five ounce glasses half off, so two ounce glasses for like $2.50, are you kidding me? Line them all up! Then I looked, I said oh my god the array. – And just cause you need more
calories, what about dessert? – Oh, dessert! I had the bread pudding, so they use a rye bread, it
just made such an interesting, it was not like your typical
bread pudding, just fantastic! – And you can walk off the
indulgence in downtown Napa. – [Phyllis] Exactly! – [Leslie] You’re right in downtown Napa, you’re right on the river. Alright this is your restaurant
Lisa, wrap it up for us. – I think Bounty Hunter
is just a great place if you want a casual atmosphere,
a good variety of barbecue and a great variety of wine. – Alright and Phyllis? – I would say their happy
hours, if you’re on a budget is a good way to taste wines
and then also explore wines. – Absolutely. – Alright and Peter? – A meatlover’s heaven,
paradise if you will, a place where the meet falls off the bone but you might fall off your stool if you drink too much wine. (Laughing) – Alright! If you would like
to try Bounty Hunter Wine Bar & Smokin’ BBQ its on First
Street at main in Napa, the telephone number is (707) 226-3976, it’s open everyday for lunch
and dinner, reservations are not accepted and the average
dinner tab per person without drinks is around $30. (upbeat music) – [Announcer] Check Please!
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