Brian Austin Green And Kelly Make Custom Wine Glasses And Tote Bags | The Kelly Clarkson Show

– I’m a firm believer– (laughs) – [Brian] Hammock on some level. – And we are the ho hos.
– It’s two hos, yeah. – We’re two hos, yeah. – Isn’t there supposed to be a third? – There’s supposed to be-
– It doesn’t really work. – a third, it doesn’t work, it’s fine. – Yeah. I’m a firm believer though, that you can carry Christmas in your heart, so here at the Kelly Clarkson Show we celebrate my favorite
holiday year round. You’re welcome. (applause) Today we are Christmas crafting. I consider myself a
pretty hardcore crafter. I love it, but I fully admit there is one crafting obsession that I just haven’t gotten into. It’s called the Cricut. My sister and mom are really into it. (crowd cheers) And I wanna know how to, I haven’t had time to
learn how to do this. So, all right, this is Lauren Duletzke. Say hi. – Hey everybody. – [Kelly] And she’s a
mixed-media craft designer, and she’s here to teach us the basics. So, okay, talk to me
like I’m a five-year-old, like book for dummies. – All right, let’s do this. – Okay? Let’s do it.
– Let’s do it. – [Brian] Explain it like
we’re wearing all this, okay? – Explain it like we look ridiculous. – Yes. – [Lauren] I love it, okay. So, three easy steps to get started. – [Kelly] Okay. – Step one: design space. It’s a design suite. You can choose your designs in there. – [Kelly] Okay. – And then, you can use it on an app, you can use it on your computer. After you choose your design, step two, the design
gets sent to the machine. – Okay. – The machine will then do step three, which is to cut the design
with intricate cuts. – Wow. – It’s really cool. And then all you do is pull
the design off your mat. And then you make your project. – Like a decal. – Yes, kind of like a decal.
– Okay, okay, all right, okay. – [Lauren] Exactly. We made a lot of projects for the set. We just wanted to show you guys all the things you can
make with the Cricut. – [Kelly] Okay, well before we do that, I have to really embarrass
my security guy, Lopez, because I know his wife loves the Cricut, and she does this all the time, so I’m gonna make him come make something for his woman. Come on.
(applause) You gotta, come on, give it up for Lopez! (applause) – I can’t stop you, Hi Kelly. – I just like embarrassing people I love. No, his wife loves to
use it, and I was like well, let’s let him make a gift for her and bring it home.
– See, if you had really planned this out-
– Felicia will love it, she’ll love it.
– Oh, does he have a ho? Oh, see there we go. – He has a, ho, ho, ho.
– Ho, ho, ho. – [Lauren] All right, okay. – [Kelly] So today we’re making? – So today we are making
custom wine glasses because let’s be real, wine plus crafting equals marriage. – Yes. – And then we’re gonna make a funny bag that we designed for you Brian. – [Brian] Okay. – [Lauren] And then, Lopez,
we though it’d be really fun ’cause we know you and
your wife craft together, that you could embellish and personalize some earrings for her.
– Yeah. – That’s sweet.
– So, yeah. – You’ll get some cuddles. Okay.
– Yes. – [Lauren] So we’re gonna make some gifts, have a little fun, start crafting. – Okay. – Kelly we’re gonna get started with you. And then I’m gonna move to you, Brian, and then Lopez.
– Okay, all right. – Am I just taking this off and putting it on the wine glass?
– Yep, exactly. – Okay, I got this boo.
– So all you’re gonna do, yep, so you’re gonna take that off here – All right. – And then you’re gonna pull off this transfer tape here. – [Kelly] Okay. – [Lauren] And vinyl’s like a sticker, so it’s really easy just to
apply to a glass base. And then you’re gonna actually peel the transfer tape.
– Okay, you go to him, and I’ll get this, I swear. – All right, you’ve got this. – [Brian] No, you’re doing
a great job. I don’t want– – Give me a minute.
– Okay, all right. – [Lauren] All right, we
made a funny bag for you. (crowd laughs) – All right.
– So, I’m gonna have you peel that off of the mat there. – OK, all right. Do I peel it?
– Hard. – [Lauren] Yep, so you’re
gonna peel this off just like that. – All right. – And then this is your transfer tape, you’re gonna grab that just there. – All right. – There you go. We’re gonna grab this
whole design over here. – [Kelly] Oh here, ooh! – [Brian] I’m ruining
everything over here. – Great, it’s great. – [Lauren] Yeah, girl! Yes, you got it!
– So then I– – [Kelly] I didn’t get the I– – [Brian] So I turn this
over now, and put this… – So, first we’re gonna
heat this real quickly, – [Kelly] Oh, there’s bubbles. – [Lauren] So lift up
your design real quick. And then, if you’re going
to lift that up real quick. – Okay.
– Is this for bubbles? – [Lauren] Yep, yeah. All
right, now we’re gonna go ahead and put the design on like that. – All right. – Place it wherever you want, – [Kelly] It’s going to be great. – [Lauren] And then all you’re gonna do is you’re gonna take your EasyPress – What?
– Yeah. – [Lauren] Put it on top and press the Cricut C, which is the
green button right there. – [Kelly] This is so, this is so easy. – Can’t wait.
– I’m not making this look easy. – [Lauren] There we go. All right, Lopez – All right. – [Kelly] Okay, here we go. – I mean,
– So, – Not to brag, but mine, it’s– – You got this. – Mine is so bad. – [Lauren] Put a little bit
of pressure on ’cause we want to make sure it transfers. – Oh my God this is gonna look like a– – Then, Lopez, the earrings– – [Kelly] Five-year-old did it. – Yeah, we’re doing earrings.
– So, these earrings, you guys, are actually made out of faux leather, which is really cool. – Mh hmm. – So, you can pick, what design do you like best for your wife? – Well it’s Christmas time,
so we’re gonna go with– (Kelly screams)
– No, actually snowflakes. – [Lauren] Yes! Woo! – [Lopez] We’ll do snowflakes. – Sorry! Sorry Lopez. – [Lauren] Perfect. – [Kelly] I’m just nailing it down here. – Nailing it. (Lauren laughs) – And after you do your bag you can embellish it
(crowd laughs) with lots of glitter, I
know you love glitter. – I love glitter, yeah.
– Oh, we get to glue, I like glue. – Um, I never thought about putting bells on a glass, that’s a great idea. – Or putting wine in a wine glass, – It’s perfect. – Or touching hot things.
– You know what, I’m a little bit class and
a little bit trash, so. – [Lauren] I love it. What you’re gonna do is
just pull this off here. – Yep. Start down here, or?
– I just do me, like my momma said. – All right, grab those off here. – We’ve got these guys
here you’ve already cut? – Yep just like that. – [Kelly] Okay how’s his going? – [Brian] So now take this off, yeah? – [Lauren] Take that off and we’re gonna put it back in the safety base here. – God, I’m so glad I didn’t touch that – So that was the safety
base thing we were touching? – Yes, it’s really, really hot. – Yeah, I noticed when I
tried to pick the bell. (Lauren laughs) – [Brian] The base of safety. – [Lauren] So what we’re gonna do is we’re just gonna let this
kinda cool for a few seconds. – [Kelly] Okay. – Isn’t it, every time
we make a craft like this people want to rip it off
’cause it’s so exciting. – [Kelly] Oh, you mean how
I did and it’s all bad? – [Lauren] Your wine glass looks awesome. – [Brian] No, you did a great job. – Wait, what are you doing?
Did you make some earrings? – Strings and all.
– He’s making earrings. – You made her snowflake earrings. – Yeah, we’re doing snowflake earrings. – Nice.
– Yes, which is so fun. – [Kelly] I love this
guys. It’s still snowing. – [Brian] It’s still snowing, yeah. – [Kelly] It’s great, yeah. – [Lauren] Which is perfect. – [Brian] It’s very ah,
very magical out here – Exactly. – So you’re gonna pull that off right? – [Lauren] You’re gonna pull that off. – Pull it off! – [Lauren] You’ve got it. – [Kelly] Rip it off.
It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be fun. – Yes!! (crowd cheers) – And then that’s it? – That’s it! I know, I
gave him really good– – Yours looks really good. – [Brian] It really does, right? – [Kelly] Do not zoom in on this cup. Lopez how’s it going? – [Lopez] Uh, I’m struggling. – [Lauren] Okay. (Kelly laughs) – [Lauren] We could show
them the Cricut machine ’cause it just cut the snowflake. – Oh, okay. Show us. – [Lauren] See, we’ve
got all the snowflakes. – So wait, you rip it
off and then it comes– – Yep.
– Ohh. – [Lauren] So the machine
it actually cuts it which is really cool. Intricate cuts. – I love that. Yes! – It’s fun. And you can do everything. – Well thank you so much,
this was awesome Lauren. We need to go to break, all right? (Christmas music)
Oh! Do you know what that music means? Everyone in the audience
is going home with a fuchsia Cricut Explore Air 2. (crowd cheers) Plus, all the supplies
you’ll need to get started. This early Christmas gift–
Cover your glass! – is worth nearly $500.
– Cover your glass! – Merry Christmas y’all!

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