Good morning guys. Today I go
completely alone to a convent piled up which is sadly famous
for some terrible deaths that they happened a few years ago inside
the convent is completely isolated to several kilometers around and the
roads that access it are semi-noises due to the latest
rains so get to him in vehicle is very difficult remember we say
with the challenge with the city channel the last channel that reaches 100,000
subscribers and therefore lose the challenge will have to pay the other one a trip
to an amazing abandoned place that then we’ll show you on the channel
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each description and I have no more we start well guys i’m completely alone in
an abandoned convent as you see it is very large not only until
here is the church but all that up there, now we’ll see that there are
some wineries and so on I enter here first. It is a site with a
quite tragic story, because in 2011 here two 18 and 20 year old boys died doing a rave or illegal party and another boy was seriously injured by
take a hallucinogenic herb that mixed with drugs called
witch grass or stramon in Madrid Here is the church, it is
spectacular, notice that even still There is a window left. Of the ones here
there are still crystals left in any. And we can see what the surrounding rooms were. The main altar We are going to
come closer to see, here you see the vestiges of the parties that have been
done and I think they are still done at the end of the year
for the cotillon sure they have been made Here is the altar, there is a lot
people even as they occur Psychophonies and others in this place. Here
come the altar up the crucifix and all this is the main altar and this must be
A kind of sacristy. We will continue to see the place. Here some
convent rooms, many quite destroyed and there is a part of
wall that has recently fallen it may also be that
has happened due to the storm that has happened recently in all rooms the ceiling
enough is quite destroyed and I have to be as a dining room for the nuns let’s go to the convent It is quite large, the building very tall here stairs and all this too
It is part of the convent I will try to see everything, as much as possible. Hello There’s a door still here, it’s funny
Let there be any door the arch is spectacular but it can be dangerous because of the structure like this it seems that people usually stop by look up, it’s spectacular what columns … this is the cellar, notice
my hand notice what is the height of the wine jars are immense …
I raised the iso a little because practically nothing was seen. Come the
jars … I hope the roof is fine. Below are some catacombs seems to be boarded up Yes, as I said, here are just more jars It is a place for more wine barrels as for the reserve wines This is spectacular. The top
it should have been able to climb and the railings are still there I go carefully, because I don’t know what can happen it’s all very old look at that! I put the creeps on that face and horrible impressive, very well done because it gives a bad feeling notice how the jar is supported, if it moved it would die immediately I will try to climb a little The convent is all damaged, you can’t pass … I’m going to use the spirit box here Hello It seems to say “hello” anyone here? Did something happen in this place? Do you want to take advantage of the spirit box to
communicate with me? I don’t understand what you mean, it seems like a half word I have the creeps, it was a medium stop Now we will climb the stairs let’s go here first these walls are very bad despair I must be very careful, here already
there is practically nothing, it was a kind of ship I’m going up the stairs this is very nice here, there is a
tower there is a tower behind I don’t know what it will be here are the rooms of
convent this is what we saw before it has collapsed I’m hearing a whistle hopefully have no problems This is a growing area and that is an abandoned electric tower anyone here? seems to say: “you are alone” Can you tell me something else? I will see if there is anything else this looks like a well it’s a very deep well I go back to church to use the spirit box It’s very strange, it doesn’t start this has never happened to me, only in this church it’s the first time it turns off I will try it again thats weird after several minutes I get it to work Can you tell me something please? Don’t you want to talk to me Why didn’t you let me turn on the spirit box? you are with me? it seems to say: “pray for me” I am cold it’s you? I’ve noticed cold now and outside there are 35 degrees (very hot) are you here?
I’m alone? seems to say “alone” Do you want me to leave well guys, here’s today’s video
as always I will highlight one of the comments from among all those
They answered the question of the week past: would you spend only one night in this hotel
abandoned? In this case I highlight the Antonia Hernández’s response that we
He says: “If I went there I think I would go crazy out of that place, I find it creepy, from the nerves I think I felt they chase me, that
my ribs prick and I would listen more normal noise, maybe even look
shadows chasing me “So many thanks for your comment Antonia and a
greeting. Yes, as she wants you to comment be featured respond to
Question: would it be able to use the ouija board in this convent
abandoned? Remember that we continue with the challenge with the Jasogurbex channel, the last
channel that reaches 100,000 subscribers and therefore lose the challenge you will have to
pay the other one travel to an amazing abandoned place that then you
We will show on the channel. No more thank you very much for being there and you
I hope in the next video, greetings

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