How do we let the world know that MANCAN is AWESOME wine in a can. I’ve got it! Let’s make a rap video. That’s a terrible idea. Everywhere I go they want to know, What’s in your hand, man? This that brand new stuff that gets you drunk, wine in a can fam. Canned and, Cali grape and rich have a taste of this MANCAN Find a way out in San Fran, from the bay to the land, DAMN! MANCAN I’m dripping, MANCAN I’m sipping, I don’t care about the year, I don’t care if its vintage I don’t care about the year and I don’t care what variety Cabernet, Chardonnay, and Merlot, it’s all wine to me, No time to be concerned with all these different kinds of wine you see I’m kind cheap, no finding me wine and dining in wineries. High-end wining’s a crime to me. Why get fined just keep buying these? They’re less than 5 a piece It’s so convenient, no bottles or glasses or corkscrews needed it’s the easiest, It’s genius Previously the chore was tedious, the
cork and pour’s no more Just tab and give that thing a lift. Poppin’ tabs on that rosé, This MANCAN tastes so great Im gone, 12.5% makes your head spin They got a fizz and a white and a red blend Everywhere I go they want to know What’s in your hand, man? It’s a MANCAN. And I drink that watching bands jam in the grandstands, with the band’s fans Hands when I’m getting tan in the sand, got my cooler cram-jammed Wam-bam MANCAN goes hand in hand with any planned plan You know, that I take them everywhere I go I bring ’em on the boat and drink it when I’m soaked I bring them to the pool and drink ’em on a float And I keep a bunch at home, and I drink it all alone but I keep it on the low, but I drink them on the throne Drink it with the bros then I drink them with the popes And I drink it with the pope so I think we gotta toast Maybe we just make a video people
enjoying the wine


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